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Diversify Skills and Income - Become a Certified Life or Executive Coach

Create an additional income stream

Empower others to achieve more now!

Coaching is a strategic partnership in which the coach empowers their client to set goals, change habits, overcome barriers, create opportunities, and naturally achieve.

Coaching relationships start with a commitment to a pre-determined number of sessions over a period of time. Great coaches understand how to work with their client based on the client¡¦s primary mode of communication and personality. Coaches explore new possibilities with clients so that they expand their options.

The Certified Coaches Federation offers the opportunity for those with experience and education to earn the esteemed Certified Coach Practitioner designation in a two-day experiential course.

The Certified Coach Practitioner course covers:

„« Ethics

„« Identifying and working with client¡¦s primary mode of communication and personality style

„« Neuro-Linguistic Programming as it applies to coaching

„« How-to steps for coaching sessions

„« Experiential learning of effective coaching

„« A business model for rates and time with clients

„« Marketing for coaches

Visit www.CertifiedCoachesFederation.com or call Coach Cathy at 843-209-2641 now!

Cathy Liska
United States
Phone 866-455-2155
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