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Barbara A Walbridge, LMT, RM, KMH
I am a teacher of consicous living concepts. This will include energy and how you can make it work for you, how to use ancient energy focuses for your healing, how your breath can release tension, headaches, stress and tiredness. Classes on how to empower yourself through emboding archetypes and how keeping certain items around you will help you to heal or create what you desire in your life.

After many years of working with healing energies
I have become a certified facilitator/teacher
in many energy fields. Learned to combine
these fields to bring about the highest level of
healing possible. I believe in self empowering
a student, thereby freeing them to be able to heal
themselves in the time span chosen by them.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher that ran healing
clinics in Florida, a Nationally Licensed
Massage therapist, a Certified Hypnotherapist,a Qigong
Master, a Kamadon Healing Master using holographic healing
techniques and an I Am Master Certified Facilator. I also do classes with Breath work, Goddess Empowerment and sell energized candles, crystals and cards.

I teach classes, holds clinics and also do
vibrational healing for common diseases.

Barbara Walbridge
PO Box 680401
Charlotte, NC 28216
United States
Phone 704-391-0981

Baum Healing Arts Center
The Baum Healing Arts Center has both a Basic and Advanced Massage Therapy Program. The Basic Program prepares the student to pass the local and National licensing tests. The Advanced Program provides continuing education for licensed therapists wishing to expand on their expertise. The Center also operates a student massage clinic where students in the program provide massage to the general public at a discounted rate.
Carson City
Vinnie Baum
1800 Hwy. 50 E., Ste.14
Carson City, NV 89701
United States
Phone 775-884-1145
Fax 775-884-9010

Baum Healing Arts Center
The Baum Healing Arts Center has both a Basic and Advanced Massage Therapy Program. The Basic Program prepares the student to pass the local and National licensing tests. The Advanced Program provides continuing education for licensed therapists wishing to expand on their expertise. The Center also operates a student massage clinic where students in the program provide massage to the general public at a discounted rate.
Carson City
Vinnie Baum
1800 Hwy. 50 E., Ste.14
Carson City, NV 89701
United States
Phone 775-884-1145
Fax 775-884-9010

Bella Haven, Well Being Center, For The Body, Mind, Spirit
We Offer You A "Well Being Center". It is our desire to be COMPLIMENTARY TO WHAT THE OTHERS HAVE..by offering a place to Refresh ones...Body, Mind, Spirit...and to inhance any other treatmetn protocol. Utilizing all that you can to expedite your bodies ability to heal...
Betty Skalitzky
806 John Dodd Road
Spartanburg, SC 29303
United States
Phone 864-439-0565
Fax 864-439-0565

bend studio
Bend Studio is a Yoga Studio superbly located smack dab in the middle of the most happening neighborhoods of Central Dallas. This intimate setting offers over 30 classes per week, mainly of Iyengar instruction, with some hatha and prenatal classes as well. Regular workshops with Upper Level instructors such as Elise Miller and Rodney Yee, ongoing classes in Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates, and Massage and Rolfing fill out the schedule, and make it more of a full service space. The boutique features mainly local vendors and all the yoga props you could ever need. Namaste!

allison david
5014 mckinney ave
dallas, TX 75205
United States

Betti Balcker
Betti has been teaching groups and individuals for 15 years. She teaches Integral Yoga and Yoga Therapy combining various methods, breathing technics, relaxation, meditation and prayer. Guiding her students to find peace and joy within at the same time stretching, toning and energizing the body. Bringing calm and harmony to mind and spirit.

St. Petersburg
Elizabeth Balcker
1045 9th Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33712
United States
Phone (941) 758-1650

Bhavna Bhen
Raja yoga meditation is a study for self mastery.Raja means king, sovereign or supreme. Yoga means link or union. It is this very link which cleanses the soul of the rust which has accumulated over time. In raja yoga we learn to connect with our true state of peace, bliss, love and power. We learn to recognize ourselves as souls, separate from the body and thereby in a true and natural way remove ourselves from the pain and sufferings of the body. We learn to think the thoughts we WANT TO think, rather than the thoughts we're USED TO THINKING , because the thoughts we are used to thinking often times cause us sorrow. We learn to understand the law of karma fully and thereby remove the root cause of all disease such that we come into a time of complete freedom from disease.
Delray Beach
Bhavna Bhen

Delray Beach, FL 33445
United States
Phone 561-637-9905

Blue Mountains Reiki Centre
Reiki-Seichem Treatments and Workshops.

Gentle, non-intrusive healing energy to balance mind, body & spirit.

Learn to channel the healing energy of Reiki-Seichem in our intensive workshops to heal yourself, friends, loved ones, others and pets.

We teach Reiki-Seichem, incorporating the Usui Reiki from Japan and Seichem which originated in Egypt and is a high vibration healing system that works beautifully with Reiki.

Judy Sweeney
Kangaroo Street
Lawson, NSW 2783
Phone 61247593528
Fax 61247593528

Bob Worthington, Naturopath
Services include Metabolic Respose Testing, Nutritional Counseling, Detoxification, Hormone and Metabolic Testing/Balancing and Karmic and Emotional Clearing. Please visit http://spiritcentral.net for additional information on our services.

Servicios incluyen Pruebas Metabolicas, Desintoxicacion, Planes Nutritivos, Determinacion de Alergias, pruebas y Balance Hormonal y Liberacion Emocional y Karmica. Por favor visite nuestra pagina http://spiritcentral.net para informacion adicional.
Bob Worthington
2906 David St.
Riverside, CA 92506
United States
Phone 951-784-7863

BodyTalk Health Research Center- William E. Dewey
The BodyTalk System combines the best of Eastern and Western medicine into a protocol that heals essentially any physical, mental or emotional condition. It utilizes your innate wisdom to heal from the inside, using safe, non-invasive yoga techniques. At the BodyTalk Health Research Center we continue to study the problems behind the symptoms of poor health, and using a combinatioin of modalities that work directly on the subtle human energy fields, create shifts that result in improved health. We have been obtaining spectacular results using methods that are totally safe and non-evasive. Our work is funded by donations only. For detailed information, go to www.bodytalkrochester.com .
Canandaigua (Rochester ar
Bill Dewey
BodyTalk Health Research Clinic---2235 County Road #28,
Canandaigua (Rochester ar, NY 14424
United States
Phone 585-394-9114
Fax same

Brandenburg Equine and Canine Massage
Enhancing the life of your horse and dog
Martins Ferry
Becky Brandenburg
610 Hickory St.
Martins Ferry, OH 43935
United States
Phone 740-633-6639

Brass Unicorn
The Brass Unicorn established in 1980, is a metaphysical bookstore based in Fresno, Ca. Our website is designed to provide our customers with the same quality merchandise we stock in our store, as well as offering workshops and courses in a variety of subjects. We employ on-site Divination specialists, Pranic healers and Spiritual counselors, and offer long-distance healings through our internet contacts. We sell a variety of books, herbs, incense, essential oils, clothing, statuary and much more.
Kathryn Barile
845 E. Fern Ave.
Fresno, CA 93728
United States
Phone 1-877-441-7107

Brutus of Windhorse Healing Arts & Holistic Academy
Brutus of Windhorse Healing Arts & Holistic Academy

  • Home Study Courses

  • Certification

  • Degrees

    If YOU are interested in redefining your life,

    Reclaiming your birth-right as a healer and improving your life,

    Learning the sacred metaphysical arts and energy healing,

    Finding a better path to peace and wholeness,

    Making a difference in our world,

    Then you have found your path to home!

    See our complete course listings on the brutusofwindhorse.com website

  • Gap
    Helen Solarz
    PO Box 460
    Gap, PA
    United States
    Phone 717 442 4655

    C. Devin Hastings
    Devin Hastings is a pioneer in the world of hypnotism with over 25 years of experience.

    He is the president of the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills (www.miacs.net) which is a state licensed school that certifies people in advanced persuasion fields including hypnosis and NLP.

    Devin is a Board Certified Hypnotist with, and a leading presenter for, the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and he is also a Hospital Certified Hypnotherapist with one of America’s Top 100 hospitals, Winchester Community Hospital located in Massachusetts.

    Devin is also the recipient of several prestigious awards granted by the NGH including the Ormond McGill Award and the NGH Hypnosis Research Award for his groundbreaking work in successful applications of hypnosis for diabetes.

    As well as numerous audio self-help programs and training programs, Devin has also authored 4 books:

    “21st Century Medicine: Clinical Evidence for the Healing Power of the Mind”

    “Control Your Diabetes With Hypnosis”

    “Anxiety, OCD and Hypnosis: New Answers for Those Who Suffer In Silence”

    “Become A Certified Diabetes Motivational CoachTM —A Training Manual”

    Devin’s custom created, award winning seminars and workshops have been presented all around the United States as well as overseas for organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, AT&T, Florida Law Enforcement Agencies, The AARP and The Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

    Devin Hastings
    10560 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 19
    Minnetonka, MN 55305
    United States
    Phone 612-730-2789

    California College of Ayurveda
    California College of Ayurveda. Founded by Dr. Marc Halpern. We offer a state-approved program leading to certification as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. The Ayurvedic profession is exploding and more practitioners are needed. CCA is the nation’s leader in Ayurvedic education. Our program exceeds all national and state standards. Founded over 10 years ago, we are the oldest Ayurvedic college in America. Our experience insures the quality of your education. Full-Time, 732 hour and Extended-Weekend, 624 hour trainings available in 4 California locations. All students who complete our program receive hands-on supervision meeting with clients in a clinical environment.

    In addition we offer week-long intensives in Ayurvedic Body Therapy (geared for Massage Therapists)including Marma and Pancha Karma, and Ayurvedic Yoga.
    Grass Valley
    Dr. Marc Halpern
    1117A East Main St
    Grass Valley, CA 95945
    United States
    Phone 530 274 9100
    Fax 530 274 7350

    Capital Region Wellness Center, LLC
    The Capital Region Wellness Center held its Grand Opening on February 26, 2004. It has been designed with the intent of developing a healing community of practitioners and seekers who are looking to improve their health and well-being. A community that utilizes natural healing methods with a focus on treating the root cause of a patient's symptoms, instead of just the symptoms themselves. Our team has been selected based on their credentials and experience our practitioners and instructors look at a person as whole, or holistically, considering the physical body, the mind, emotions, and spirit of the client.

    Many of the techniques at the Capital Region Wellness Center are unique in that they assist the body in healing itself; jump-starting the body's innate healing wisdom. Some of these therapies have been developed over the past 100 years in Western cultures, while others trace their roots to India and China, and are thousands of years old. Natural healing therapies may be used alone; or in combination together, some are often used in conjunction with conventional allopathic medical care.

    The Center is designed to be full service, providing everything from Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga to journaling workshops, chiropractic, psychotherapy, meditation, Reiki and much more in one central location. We have an exquisite gift shop and also offer yearly memberships (members receive discounts toward services and select classes). Please visit our website for details at www.capitalregionwellnesscenter.com.

    We welcome you to visit the Center and experience for yourself a new level of well-being, let us assist on your personal healing journey!

    Andrea E. Mincsak
    Omega Plaza, 1315 Central Avenue
    Albany, NY 12205
    United States
    Phone 518.446.0200
    Fax 518.446.0002

    Carla Mary
    'Connecting the tools to heal the mind/body/spirit'

    Carla Mary has been a professional medium channeler and spiritual teacher for the past decade. She is a messenger for those on the other side to those here on earth. Being born with the gifts of healing and intuitive, she has used these abilities to assist and teach those who come to her needing assistance on their path.

    She specializes in providing personalized treatment to her clients using her gifts and abilities of healing and the intuitive. This assists the individual in the personal healing of the mind/body/spirit connection. She is blessed with a number of intuitive gifts and abilities. Her intuitive/spiritual readings are channelled communications and insights from those that have crossed over, including Spirit Guides, Angels, your Higher Self and Spirit.

    Carla Mary is also a trained Reiki Master and has taught all levels of Reiki for over the past decade. Reiki is the philosophy of channeling healing energy with the purpose to heal and enhance life on all levels. Reiki is used to

    heal all levels of the energy field that deal with the mind/body/spirit. To find out more about Reiki, please go to the Reiki page her website.

    Carla Mary is also a trained Licensed Massage Therapist and has been licensed in the State of Florida #ma35225 and also nationally certified since 2001. If you are interested in CranioSacral therapy, Carla Mary has trained to level two with the Upledger Institute. She provides many different ways of healing and therapies, including spiritual and intuitive, to assist you in your journey to healing and awakening. Carla Mary teaches a number of classes in various locations throughout Florida and is available for private and group appointments.

    Carla's personal philosophy is that spirituality is the most important ingredient to achieving inner peace, harmony, balance and enlightenment. She strongly believes the importance of meditation for healing and spiritual growth.

    Carla Mary also does not pressure the client to schedule appointments. She believes that the person who is receiving the treatment is the one that should be in control of their treatment and healing process. We all have the ability to heal at some level. If its on a mind, body or spirit level or a complete level. That is totally up to the individual and when they need to completely let go and heal. Also, she believes if a person is told that it will take

    more than one, two or more treatments to heal then a seed is planted telling that persons inner self it will take that time. Some times things can happen with one session or more. But that is totally up to the individual. If you would like to schedule more appointments, that is up to the client, never will Carla Mary pressure a client to book or schedule consecutive sessions. If you are looking for her to do maintenance or to have a number of sessions please let her know to schedule accordingly.

    Carla Mary's compassion to teach others but also to assist in the awakening of all.

    Carla Mary offers many wonderful classes. Check her class schedule to find out what classes are for this month.
    Palmetto Point
    Carla Mary Russell

    Palmetto Point, FL 34221
    United States
    Phone 941-729-5142

    Carol Burbank, Ph.D.
    Reiki and Storyweaving combine to support healing, deepen relaxation, and open creative focus. Reiki trainings, storyweaving journeys, workshops, coaching.
    Carol Burbank

    Accokeek, MD 20607
    United States
    Phone 301-891-7450

    Carol Wheelock - Feng Shui Vermont
    Carol is a certified teacher and feng shui practitioner who has studied in the United States and China. She offers private consultations for homes, businesses, schools, and libraries; clutter counseling and clearing; space clearing; dowsing; presentations; and teaches workshops throughout the United States. Carol uses a practical and western approach to feng shui.

    For more information visit www.fengshuivermont.com

    Carol Wheelock

    Waitsfield, VT
    United States
    Phone 802-496-2306

    Carole Keene
    Ecopsychology. Healing through deepening our connections to Nature. Guided activities and Reiki in natural environments for enhanced physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. I have recently added the Wild Animal Essences (TM) to my practice.

    In addition, my husband, Paul Myers and I are certified facilitators for the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Creating a Culture of Peace Workshop. http://www.forusa.org/programs/nvtraining/default.html

    Paul is well-versed in the non-violent communication work of Marshall Rosenberg. http://www.cnvc.org/

    Carole Keene

    Houston, TX 77007
    United States
    Phone 713-398-6785
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