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Rita Teubner
Energy healing, Reiki Master, also Living Touch Healing training, and some training in Quantum Touch Healing, channeling, readings, also incorporate crystals, rocks and stones with the healing work.
Rita Teubner
171 Church Road, Wexford, PA 15090
Wexford, PA 15090
United States
Phone 412-721-9301

Energy Healing Facilitator: Shining Light Master, Rainbow Therapy Master and Karuna Reiki Master.

Channeling: I work with Hindu, Christian, Buddist and Jewish Divines including God, Jesus, Mary, the Archangels, Shiva, Brahma, Krishna, Lakshmi, Durga, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Lord Lanto are just a few of the Divines who choose me as their messenger.
Linda Routhier
5834 Windhover Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
United States
Phone 321-945-9959

Sarah Spector - SOUL HARBINGER
As a clear channel, I receive and translate conscious impressions about you. Working with me, you'll find yourself more self-loving, more peaceful, and you'll be able to make wise choices you can trust.

Miracles are real!

Sarah Spector
Soul Harbinger
Visionary Readings

I help you make clear decisions~and help you into greater states of awareness and wellness.

My seeing who you truly are frees you so you can better express yourself.


United States
Phone 510 234-3904

Shae Epps
Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Dowser, Crystal Healer, Angle/Fairy/Tarot Cards, Akashic Records, Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and SKHM Master/Teacher, Spiritual Counseling, Weddings, Space Clearing, House Blessing/Clearing, Teacher and Instruction in Intuitive Arts, Developer of DDR (c) Therapy.
Available by appointment. All credentials made available by request. Non-denominational Reverend with the Order of Melchizedek with World Light Fellowship Church.
Shae Epps

Middleburg, FL 32068
United States
Phone 904-294-7304

Sinead Flanagan
Meridian Healing, the practice, is the culmination of several years of working in the field of traditional psychotherapy, followed by much and continued exploration into mind / body healing, resulting in the psycho-spiritual healing practice it is today. Some time ago, I was asked by my guide to start doing hands-on healing. After much reluctance and procrastination, I began - with incredible results. While in a semi-trance state, I also channel my guide Hannibal directly to offer compassionate guidance. Healing of all sorts of physical and emotional pain, guided by Divine Wisdom, is my intention.

Santa Clarita
Sinead Flanagan

Santa Clarita, CA 91387
United States
Phone 661-424-1311

Soul Gate Mission
Welcome to a New Self, a New World

"The simple truth, Dear One, is that Life Itself wants you to succeed, to be fulfilled, to live in Joy. Life wants to cooperate with you. Life is speaking to you constantly. It is only a matter of knowing how to listen to the language of Life. You will be guided. And you will be free."

The Do'Hai Masters want you to embrace that loving Presence within, to receive Its gifts, and enjoy a fulfilling life. The Path of Oneness taught by the Do'Hai Masters awakens the willing through practical keys of spiritual evolution. This non-dogmatic approach emphasizes a balance of mind and heart, body and soul, and empowerment through spiritual understanding. Enlightenment (Ascension) is a consequence of consistently applying simple, proven principles. The mind (ego) complicates. The Heart (Soul) Liberates. There is a Power within you that knows the way. Do'Hai is a path to that Power.

"There is a Love within you that understands you. And that Love is calling to you each and every moment. With every breath, with very smile, with every bloom of the flower, with every caress of the breeze of upon your face, that grand and magnificent glorious Love that is You is calling your name."

“Spiritual growth from our perspective is just a matter of exercising perspectives conducive to spiritual growth. Proactive perspectives, optimistic perspectives, aiming to seeing the gift, see the positive, the advantage, the benefit … in everything.”

"Source knows what It's doing. And as you attune to that wisdom, you know what Source is doing, and things just naturally unfold from that point."

"Most people on a spiritual path try way too hard to make things happen. Eh? If you can be present enough with your Self, things happen all by themselves."

"A miracle is Love allowed to manifest."
Asheville Area
Jaraan Onai

Asheville Area, NC 28715
United States
Phone 828-348-0283

Spirit Medium Laura Socas
A Mediumship Reading Session is filled with emotions and healing. You are going to have the opportunity to hear from a deceased loved one (a friend, family member or a pet).

The deceased loved ones are eager to communicate with you as much as you are to communicate with them. They want to let you know they are doing well, that they are with you, and any other message they want you to know.

My mission is to help people reconnect with those who have passed on, bringing the messages from their deceased loved ones, and the opportunity to say good bye -- assuring them that life goes beyond the physical body, and that we are going to reunite with our deceased loves ones, when it's our time to go.

I have the ability to communicate with the Other Side, with a combination of clairvoyance (clear seeing); clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling).

The session may be digitally recorded on MP3 or WAV format upon request, at no extra cost. I will email you a link for downloading the reading. Then you may burn it to a CD or add it to your music library for use on their iPod‚ or MP3 player.

You can also have your sitting recorded on CD and mailed to you rather than the free MP3 download. There is an additional $12.00 charge for this service which includes shipping & handling. MP3's, CD‚ and cassette tape recordings are not guaranteed, therefore I highly recommend you to take notes during the session.

Mediumship readings are available in person or by phone -- with the exact same results, by appointment.

Extra participants: Up to two extra participants are allowed to connect with the same deceased loved one for an extra fee of $40 per extra participant. The session time is increased to 1 hour and 30 minutes. For more than two extra participants please see Private Family Group Session.

In the case of parents trying to connect with a deceased child, no extra charge will be made for attending together to the same session.
Laura Socas
Third Line & Pine Glen area.
Oakville, Ontario L6M0C6
Phone 905-9011471

Spirit of Sahina
TerriAnne offers a wide range of programs and services – which include; birthing guide, work with children of all ages, support to those with terminal illness, clairvoyant counseling, couples counseling, and classes in healing and channeling.
TerriAnne Gutierrez

Petaluma, CA 94952
United States

I am a Psychic Medium, who has the ability to connect to other dimensions, which exist in another space and time.

Your loved ones who have passed over to the other side are waiting for you to communicate with them. Your Guides hope that they may speak with you soon. Angels, who watch over and protect you each and everyday, wonder if you will ever hear them.
Robin Mueller

Armonk, NY 10504
United States
Phone 1-888-968-3521

Ann is a psychic medium who hears (clairaudient) and sees (clairvoyant) pictures that symbolize messages she receives and passed it on to you from the other side.

She is also a spiritual chanel. Providing you with personal and universal information, and assistance given by the Universal energy. During session, she will be in a trance to allow her guides (named Emerlinda) to give you information you ask.
Ann Calderon

Bothell, WA 98041
United States
Phone 425-830-1082

Star of the Way Shower - Spiritual Guidance & Healing
Tapping into our many psychic and multi-dimensional gifts and experiencing Divinity is each soul's birthright. Our range of services can increase clarity and light in the energy body, leading to natural progressions of spiritual healing and development including opening of psychic gifts. Feeling seperate from source can be healed. Self mastery is a result self-healing. As we heal ourselves we also heal our Mother the Earth.

Star of the Wayshower provides the following services: Grand Master Teacher of Golden Isis Sekhmet Secheim, in person or via distance. The Holy Grail Annointing Rite Channeled by The Great White Motherhood, and initiation into "The Divine Order of the Rose". Egyptian Shamanic Energy Healing via Golden Isis Sekhmet Secheim, Tarot and Spiritual Guidance Readings, Energy Healing Sessions, Spiritual and Psychic Development Course Work, and "Tarot as a Modern Day Mystery School" tarot course. All services available in person and via distance.

Nancy Fanara-Berrian, Grand Master G
Chicopee, MA
Chicopee, MA 01020
United States
Phone 413-636-3454

Starz Psychics
Live Psychics Online Now for 1-on-1 Readings!

Welcome to Starz Psychics, a community of gifted World Wide Psychic Readers offering Live Psychic Readings through our private chatrooms. Our network of Channelers, Tarot Card Readers, Clairvoyants, Spiritual Advisors, Clairaudients, Astrologers and Psychic Mediums can assist in answering your questions and guide you to a new level of spiritual health. Online Psychic Readings are a great way to find out answers you've always wanted to know from a psychic in the privacy and comfort of your home!

Starz Psychics is unique by giving personal attention to clients and psychic advisors to make sure each psychic reading is conducted professionally, with no wasted time, and the client's best interests in mind at all times. We carefully screen and interview all psychic advisors and monitor our web site at all times to give you the best experience possible! Please contact us if there is anything we can do to make your experience better!

Visit our Starz Emporium or view our Starz Psychics Blog all unique into themselves.
Natalie Sist

Bluffton, SC 29910
United States

Sunlight Alliance Healing Center
Sunlight Alliance has several different classes on a variety of different subjects such as Angel Classes, Spiritual Counseling Certification Classes, Reiki Certification Classes, Chakra classes, Labyrinth Classes, Heal Your Life Classes, Divine Guidance and many, many more......

We also offer many different services such as Angel Card Readings (Phone & In-Person), Reiki Treatments, Spiritual Counseling, Labyrinth Experiences and Crystal Bowl Healings. In addition we are available for Nationwide speaking events, lectures and workshops

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Glendale, AZ 85306
United States
Phone 602-375-6788


Terese Dombrowski
182 Reliance Place
Toronto, PA 18969
United States
Phone 215-703-0593

The Christopher Center
The Christopher Center offers training in Intuitive Arts and Metaphysics. An authorized teacher of the Masters of Metaphysics courses (www.Maitreya-edu.org), we feature private and group instruction in psychic development, healing, channeling, mediumship, astrology, aura soma, past live, meditation, chakras, and connecting with your guides and teachers.

We offer two core series: Personal Intuition 101, 201 and 301, and The Masters of Metaphysics which by level of intensity includes the Beginners, Advanced and Brotherhood courses.

Jill Christopher
PO Box 821295
Dallas, TX 75382
United States
Phone (972) 504 2650
Fax 214 722 0098

The Healing Angel Cancer & Alternative Therapies
For healing of body, mind and spirit. Learn how to heal from cancer and other diseases. We offer hands on healing/Reiki,hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling, cancer nutrition. I also do angel card readings and spiritual communication. I specialize in helping people with cancer to heal. By using hands on healing and nutrition for the body, spiritual counseling for the spirit, and hypnotherapy for boosting the immune system. With all three there has been much success in lowering tumor markers and raising the red and white blood cell counts. For many cases it has stopped the cancer in its tracks.
New Fairfield
Denise Farka, MHt, RM, OM
Two Inglenook Road
New Fairfield, CT 06812
United States
Phone 203-746-0823

The Healing Chrysalis
I call myself a holistic therapist because I work with individuals, couples, and groups on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I specialize in relationship work, hands-on healing work, and eating disorders/weight issues/body image work. I run workshops called the Body Beloved workshops,helping people connect to their bodies so as to end the abusive relationship they live with daily. I also do past life healing work, distance healing work, am often led to channel for clients, and do work with souls who have passed away. I also work with infertility and with infants in utero.
Isabelle Tierney
2038 Magnolia Road
Nederland, CO 80466
United States
Phone 303-402-9507

The Healing Connection
Muxcle Release Technique (R.U.I.T.)
Neuromuscular Therapy
Myofascial Release
Reiki Master & Shambala Reiki Master
Polarity Practitioner
Axiatonal Light Grid Therapy
Molecular Cellular Restructuring Therapy
Flower Essence Practitioner
Andrea T. Slesiner

Reading, MA
United States
Phone 781-942-9579

The Healing Garden
Diana Beuchert utilizes her intuition, personal power and training to help her clients lead healthy and happy lives - be they human or animal. She is a Reiki Master, a Shaman and a professional Animal Communicator. She reads Tarot cards, talks to Spirit Guides, journeys through traditional Native American Shamanic methods and channels loved ones in order to bring wisdom and healing into her clients' lives. Appointments are conducted in Diana's Japanese healing garden (or in the house during inclement weather) on her horse farm in Central Maryland or over the phone.
Mt. Airy
Diana Beuchert
3430 Watersville Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
United States
Phone 301-829-5048

The Huna Healing Center
Lorita Coppola
5 East Main St. Suite 28 B
Denville, NJ 07834
United States
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