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Jules Kennedy
Enlightened readings for the evolving soul. Design your destiny today. Jules Kennedy, world renown psychic advisor is back in private practice. Let Jules help you decide your destiny today with an in-depth soul reading. Relationship issues, twin soul, soul mates, sexuality, help with career and business decisions, ascension and clarity of mind, peace of heart can all be addressed in a soul reading with Jules. Let the healing begin.
Jules Kennedy

, IN 47201
United States

Kathleen Tucci
In her new book Vibrating To Spirit, Kathleen illustrates for us what lies beyond our own visible world and presents inspiring stories with testimony of her amazing psychic ability to communicate with loved ones on the other side. Kathleen also shows you how you can make that connection with the spiritual realm on your own, giving you the tools necessary to empower you on your own spiritual journey and tune into your own psychic abilities.
Kathleen Tucci
PMB 131, 2220 Coit Road, Suite 480
Plano, TX 75075-3797
United States
Phone 972-985-9465
Fax 972-758-1157

Kris Chronicles
"The web site for the channeling of the multi-dimensional personality matrix (Spiritual Entity) called Kris since 1980,

helping many people from all walks of life. Experience Ageless and Timeless Wisdom and Explore the Human Journey with some of the most interesting and thought-provoking channeling since the late Jane Roberts and Seth".

The Kris Chronicles web site showcases materials from KRIS, one of today's most Inspiring, Motivational and Clear non-physical intelligences.
Serge Joseph Grandbois
2412 Danforth Ave. #1
Toronto, ONT M4C 1K9
Phone 647-439-5076

Lifelight University
An Esoteric College of Light and Community of Lightbearers, Lifelight University provides a "Living" Space for healing and spiritual awakening.
Arlene Colver
44030 Dodd Dr.
Cable, WI 54821
United States
Phone 715-794-2638

Lift Your Spirit- Transformational Healing
Angel Light offers you the most advanced and ancient transformational methods to help connect you to your heart center and divine energies. Clear the source of physical, emotional and relationship issues and see your life take off to new levels of growth!

Angel Workshops bring in the power of the angels in your life! Transformational Healing works with divine consciousness to clear the karmic cause of issues in your life bringing you to the highest levels of joy and clarity. See how your life shifts after one session!

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone and at a distance.

Client comments:

Donna Joyce

Potomac, Md 20854
United States
Phone 1-877-543-2546

Linda Drost
I am an accredited member of Born Free Now, LP and for the past several years have studied closely with Master Teacher & Spiritual Healer, Derek O’Neill. Derek has personally trained and initiated me as a More Truth Will Set You Free facilitator, which is a powerful meditative workshop. He has also lovingly initiated me into the Rising Star Healing System & Prema Birthing, two very profound and high-vibrational energy healing modalities. I offer each of these modalities, as well as training for the Rising Star, in CT, NYC & various locations around the US. Please check my website under “Workshops” to see my current schedule or go to www.BornFreeNow.com for more information about these modalities.

Private healing sessions are available by appointment, and remote sessions are also available. If you are not familiar with distance energy work, please contact me for further information.

In addition to the Born Free Now modalities, I offer Reiki sessions as another healing option. Also, I am a verbal channel for the Angelic Realm and can answer a question for you via email, over the phone or in-person. Many people find that the spiritual insight provided in an Angel Message is exactly what they need to understand their situation in a new light.

If you need to shift the energy of your home or office, another service I provide is Space Clearing & Purification. This process helps tremendously in feeling a sense of peace and calm in your environment. Have you ever walked into a room and knew that an argument had just taken place because of the tension in the air? This is because the energy of that argument was still present. Likewise, our homes & offices absorb our energy & emotions. Clients contact me to clear space not only to help the sale of a property, but also post-divorce, illness or any traumatic event that has strong emotions attached to it.
Please contact me for further information about any of the modalities I practice. I look forward to serving you in any way that I can.

"Service to man is service to God." Sri Satya Sai Baba

Linda Drost

Milford, CT 06460
United States
Phone (212) 591-1162 voice mail

Linda Kay
Linda Kay studied with the Hopi tribe in Arizona and mystics in Korea, but she attributes her psychic ability mostly to messages she received at age 7 from an angel she simply calls Michael," and from messages given to her by Mother Mary and Jesus in 1997.

She now "channels" information provided by them. She uses various tools of divination in calling forth messages, which include numerology, astrology and tarot cards. She also says that we each have a psychic ability if we are only willing to accept that part of ourselves.

Linda has also studied the words and teachings of Edgar Cayce, Carlos Castaneda, Sai Baba, Deepak Chopra and others. She says she gets "pictures" and "feelings" when she talks with people either in person or on the phone. She also says she can tap into a person's past lives and also make a connection with friends and family of a client on the "other side." Linda is also well-trained in Feng Shui, doing private interior/exterior design for businesses and homes.

Linda is available in person every Saturday afternoon from 12:30 to 4:30 PM at Max & Rosie's Cafe in Asheville, NC and she is also available by appointment.

LInda Kay
60 Caledonia rd
Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828-252-6578

Lisa Campion
I am a psychic specializing in healing. Get a reading (Past life, relationship, money, health, career, your mission and the future) while recieveing an energy healing.

I work with Reiki, crystals, flower essences and other techniqies for energy healings.

I am also a medical intuitive and will help you meet your guides. Spiritual counseling for those in a spiritual or psychic crisis or opening.

Psychic develpoment classes and Reiki classes available too.

Come and check out my FREE Reiki Share! First Friday of every month!
Lisa Campion
208 Main Street
Milford, MA 01757
United States

Lisa Ely, Medium
Lisa Ely is a gifted Psychic Medium/Intuitive Messenger who is here to help those in need. She comes with great experience and training, as well as positive feedback. She is able to come into contact with those who have passed away, as well as speak with guides for those who come to her for guidance. Lisa has a strong connection with Spirit that allows her to be straight forward, yet loving, with the messages that come through. All of the messages received are from the highest vibration and are delivered with the utmost of compassion, love, respect and honour for those seeking guidance. Lisa is a beautiful woman, wife and mother and it is a blessing to have her share her gifts with the world. We are all One and it is her mission to have you feel your belonging in that.
Lisa Ely

Vancouver, BC
Phone (604) 868-9720

Loon Song Healing Arts
I incorporate the use of pure quartz crystals, quartz bowl, drumming and my voice to repair, clear and align chakras, the energyfield, and to remove karmic cords. Archetypal energies are cleared and aligned as well. Polarity energy work opens the pathways in the body and the energyfield,therefore raising the vibration, increasing the Life Force and bringing about health in the organs and systems.
Donna Lewis
2465 Hillstream Dr.
Rockville, VA 23146
United States
Phone 804-749-4907

Lotus Destiny
The Lotus seed, like a pure Soul begins its journey beneath the water in the womb of muck. As it blossoms, freeing itself from the river bottom it emerges into the sunlight, then floats in its DESTINY of ENLIGHTENMENT. Like the Destiny of a lotus, when YOU open up your HEART and HEAL, YOU too blossom and radiate your TRUE BEING!

LOTUS DESTINY takes you on a journey within, recovering your POWER, LOVE, TRUTH, GIFTS and TALENTS allowing for EXPRESSION in alignment of your TRUE POTENTIAL, The I AM vibration.

The I AM vibration is the highest and purest of all, it is the TRUE SELF in that contains all the DIVINE attributes.
Baljit Rayat

Vancouver, BC v6e 3w6

Madame Violet
Madame Violet is a spiritual advisor, professional psychic, metaphysical facilitator, lightarian facilitator, and reiki grand master. She teaches many courses in energy healing and metaphysics. In addition to her teaching abilities, Madame Violet guides her guests to spirtual happiness with her truthful and compassionate psychic revelations.
Violet Paille
465 Ferry Rd.
Winnipeg, MB r3j 1w5

Marilya PC
Marilya P.C. es la creadora de la Técnica de Alineamiento del Campo Energético Humano, una herramienta que asiste y facilita el cruce hacia la Nueva Energía de la Tierra. Además ofrece talleres en los que enseña "Cómo Canalizar En La Nueva Energía Planetaria","Cómo Conectarse a la Nueva Energía de la Tierra" y "Conocimientos Sobre Alquimia y Nueva Energía Planetaria". Es la autora de "Alquimia del Humano Divino", y regularmente publica mensajes canalizados de Saint Germain, El Morya, y Jeremías. Actualmente trabaja en el libro "El Código Bob Marley", en donde El Morya explica su relación con la enigmática superestrella de la música reggae y las implicaciones que tiene para toda la humanidad la activación del "Código 808" implantado en el nombre de BOB.
Rio Piedras

Ave. Américo Miranda 1306
Rio Piedras, 00703
Puerto Rico

Marisha Diaz
Angel Channel and Ancient Wisdom Activator

A gifted healer and channel for over 15 years,

Marisha brings clear Angelic Connection from the Higher dimensions

to give guidance, Activate Ancient Wisdom and dissolve energy blocks.

The information that comes through Marisha during a channel is designed to meet the needs of the individual, with loving clarity and insight to the degree that an individual is willing to receive it. Many times loving Angelic helpers, Guardian Angels and Archangels that are working with an individual will speak with the intention of assisting, supporting and loving us as we walk this earth plane. To the degree that an individual is ready to move forward, new chakras are being activated and energies are being given to open more areas of personal empowerment. All information provided is confidential and respected at the highest level. Readings are tape recorded for personal reference.

Sessions also offered for Emotional Clearings and Energy Healings.

Marisha Diaz

Westminster, CO 80030
United States
Phone 720-496-4336

As a former mental health therapist turned Spiritual Healing Facilitator, I'm here to tell you this is real. I work, over the phone, directly with the energetic aspects of your DNA for quick, lasting changes in your whole being. Clear away genetic and even past life issues easily. Clear karmic cords, soul contracts, vows of poverty and more.
Marlana Lytehaause

Portland, OR
United States
Phone 503-636-1671

Mary Beth Wrenn
Professional Psychic/Medium located in the Charlotte, NC area for in-person, telephone and online readings using Tarot Cards, Aura and Energy Readings, Psychic Detective and Clairvoyant.
Mary Beth Wrenn
4401 Colwick Road # 707
Charlotte, NC 28211
United States
Phone 704 566-8300

Mary J. Getten
Mary can facilitate a direct conversation between you and your animal to create more harmony and understanding in your relationship. Are you dealing with behavior problems, health issues, death and dying, changes in your lives? Mary will get the answers you need and help you solve problems, often with flower essences.

Mary also teaches How to Communicate with Animals and Reconnecting with Nature workshops.
Mary J. Getten
PO box 1392
Eastsound, WA 98245
United States
Phone 360 376 7606

Psychic messages in channeling from Ascended Masters. Books channeled from Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and guides.

Private channeling sessions available, books and watercolors of Princess Diana.
Marcia McMahon

Taylorville,, IL 62568
United States
Phone 217 824 2722
Fax 217 824-0418


Michelle Guidone
Michelle is a natural Clairaudient Psychic who is able to help bring forth validation from those that have passed on as well as assistance with daily challenges. She is an Intuitive Counselor and believes in the power of positive resolutions in helping her clients. She has practiced for over 14 years, earning her degree locally in Clearwater, Fl. She is available for in person, on line and phone readings. Michelle also does free chat room reads and weekly email reads. Check the web site for details.
Please contact via email for requested readings. Your reply will be answered in 24 hours.
Michelle Guidone

United States
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