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Awaken With Yoga--Carol A. Stall
My Yoga classes are designed to foster the union of body, mind and spirit through yoga postures, breath awareness, and relaxation techniques. Students experience increased strength, flexibility, balance, and general well-being. They find inner awareness awakening, and they are able to establish improved breathing patterns. Deep, restorative relaxation deepens the benefits at the conclusion of each class.

I teach Yoga as a synthesis of discoveries made by Vanda Scaravelli, about the interaction between breath, groundedness, and the resultant release of the spine, and the yoga techniques taught by my teacher, Donna Farhi. Donna's work focuses on the refinement of natural and universal movement principles that underlie all yoga practice. This concentration on fundamental principles allows students of all levels of experience and from all traditions to build their own authentic yoga practice.

The work of these two yoginis is the most important evolution of Hatha Yoga practice I have ever experienced in over 30 years of practice and study with some of the world's leading yoga teachers. Hence it is foundational to how I teach.

Donna's use of essential movement principles harmonizes beautifully with Vanda Scaravelli's approach, which is designed to work with the natural movement of the body through the interaction between breathing and yielding to gravity. Students learn to initiate movement from the core of the body, naturally unfolding from within and saving themselves from the burden of overwork, strain, and possible injury.

This way of practice Yoga fosters freedom of movement and the experience of ease, which according to the YOGA SUTRAS, is an integral requirement of authentic Yoga asana (posture. Legs and feet become strong and well-grounded like the roots of a tree. Students are empowered to discover a freedom--a natural wave movement in their spines. In turn, minds becomes focused and bodies, free of tension.

Group, corporate and private Yoga classes for all levels are available. I also offer Yoga Workshops, including Moving from the Inside Out (a Breathing workshop); Yoga for Colds and Flu; Twisting from the Inside Out, and others focusing on categories of yoga poses. Please call for the current schedule of Yoga Workshops, including Yoga Teacher Training and Certification.
Carol A. Stall, M.A., E-RYT 500
North Dallas, Plano, Richardson
Richardson, TX 75044
United States
Phone 469/441-7064

Balanced Essence
Energy therapies and Pastoral Care are ancient healing methods that assist in balancing and supporting your body energetically and spiritually. When this occurs you are more likely to feel relaxed and your body’s natural healing abilities are utilized. These techniques can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the experience of deep relaxation. They can also help you to compliment or enhance your current medical plan.

Other techniques such as meditation and guided imagery are used.

Barbara Fasulo
Saint Francis Hospital
Hartford, CT 06105
United States
Phone 860-416-5288

My work centers around Native American Sprituality and Wellness. I work with seekers to find a fulfillment and purpose within themselves through offering a Shaman Apprentice Program. I also offer healing sessions with crystals, herbs, and chakras. I am certified Reiki 2 and can also work on the individual for healing in this realm. I offer crystals/stones for individual needs and healing. I do individual divination in finding answers to questions or inner guidance through the form of tarot and the runes.

Pamela Norman
Southwest Missouri
Willard, MO 65781
United States
Fax n/a

Hundreds of crystals and minerals from

around the world, direct from Mother

Earth....from $1 to grade "A"

collector's pieces. Extensive

information on the healing,

metaphysical, chakra, astrological

properties of stones. Sterling silver

jewelry set with semi-precious stones,

meteorites, fossils, geodes, fountains,

pendulums, books, and more.

Secure ordering and

world-wide shipping.
Pisces Trading Company, LLC

Portland, OR 97203
United States
Phone 503-285-4078
Fax 503-283-2855

Beth Budesheim*Painted Journeys
Beth Budesheim~

Intuitive Guide * Angel Therapy Practitioner© * Artist * Energy Practitioner * LMT * RN

Through energy medicine, intuitive readings, art, and bodywork, I assist others to expand the presence of their well-being, inner Light & possibilities, to open the pathways to flow & their own rhythm, and access greater peace, clarity, creativity, well-being & inspiration. Feel better ~Live better.

I love observing, gazing upon and painting the Light and Great Mystery within everything (including YOU!) and by doing so turning up it's volume, supporting it's potential and fuller expression.

I currently live in New Mexico and works with clients both in-person and by email and phone.

Beth Budesheim

Tesuque, NM 87574
United States
Phone 505-796-4033

I've set up this web sight in an attempt to make myself and my artwork more availible to the public. For along time I sold prints of my work all over the country, each one personally by hand. The web offers a much more convenient and extensive communication base for me to reach people. The websight consists of images I've created throughout the past ten years. I have also included some music that I wrote recently. I also play the guitar and write.
Blais Bellenoit

Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828-552-0370

Blue Angel Healing
Welcome to Blue Angel Healing, a place where anyone can come and begin their healing process. Each person is given and treated with the utmost care, respect and confidentiality. I offer Reiki Healings and Chakra Balancing by Appointment, Conduct Meditation Workshops, Reiki Practitioner Workshops, Reiki and Shamballa classes - all levels, and work with Angels and Spirit Guides to bring one into balance.

I Work on the mind body connection, with the use of my modalities to restore positive energy in the body, and release negative energy.

I am available by appointment for healings, readings and spirit drawings; and offer a variety of classes and workshops to help those begin to take charge of their own healing process.

Please check out my events as my classes are always updating and changing. For more information about classes and what I have to offer. Please feel free to contact me either via phone or email at: 1-774-283-4566 or BlueAngelHealing@yahoo.com.

I would also like to say Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hi.

Blue Angel News and UPCOMING EVENTS

Brightest Blessings Everyone,

Remember Reiki is great at relieving almost any ache or pain, as well as helping in emotional instability, restoring positive balance throughout your whole body system.

Healings are given on an appointment basis to cut down on wait time. However if you get the opportunity to call ahead, don't let that stop you from stopping in. We have an open door policy and will make room for you. No matter what. :-)

This event is being held at Incantations, 345 Court St., N. Plymouth.

For those who are unable to make it to this weeks Clinic, I am also available for private sessions. Offering 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions to help bring your body into balance. Here I will review your energy and how your chakras are working. Facilitate Reiki to remove any blockages, Restore your chakras to a balanced state, as well as ways to help reduce stress and help bring your self into balance. Contact me via phone to set up a private session today. Call Jodi at 1-774-283-4566

Also, before I forget. Wednesday, March 11, 2009 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. I will be hosting a Meditation Night at Incantations: Egyptian Pyramid Journey - Light Activation Meditation
Come in, relax, and have fun; learn some basic mediation techniques. During this meditation, Jodi will bring everyone through a journey back in time to when the Great Egyptians ruled. Jodi will lead you through a journey filled with mystery and healing as you visit the Sphinx and Great Pyramid. Meet your own Egyptian Diety to guide you. Receive messeges of love, and guidance. This is a great workshop for those who have an affinity for Egyptian Culture and Mythology. Great for reconnecting. Dress Comfortable..Bring a Pillow....Light Refreshments Served... Please RSVP to hold your space. Call or Email me to Pre-register. Thank you.
Please RSVP, Cost: $25.00

Location: This event will be held at Incantations, 345 Court St., LL-B, N. Plymouth.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon, and Thank you for forwarding these events to friends and family you feel would benefit from my clinics and workshops. :-) If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me via email at blueangelhealing@yahoo.com or contact me via phone at 1-774-283-4566.

Many Blessings, and Much Gratitude


Jodi St.Onge

Blue Angel Healing508-789-0597

This is just a reminder: Signups for Reiki I and Reiki II Certifications are now being scheduled for March and April. Please contact me to Pre-register and save your seat now.

Healing Circle

Monday, March 2, 2009
6:00 -8:30 p.m.
Walkins Welcomed or call ahead to book your session and save wait time. Appointments are taken to better accomodate all of you.
Light Refreshments Served!!
Location: Incantations, 345 Court Street, LL-B, N. Plymouth, MA

See my Events Calendar for more complete listings of classes and workshops, or check out my website at www.freewebs.com/blueangelhealing/index.htm.

For More Information, please contact Jodi @ 1-774-283-4566

Thanks for stopping by

Blessings and Namaste

Jodi St.Onge
P.O. Box 748
Carver, MA 02330
United States
Phone 508-789-0597

Blue Moon Herbals
Blue Moon incorporates ritual, magickal and wise woman traditions producing formulas that stir the spirit, soothe the soul and heal the body-vibrational essences, chakra oils, aura mysts, ritual potions and more drawing on the healing powers of essential oils, herbs, flower & gem essences & charged crystals. All crafted without harm to others; Reiki charged,in harmony with nature.

Debbi, our aromatherapist and Indian Head massage practitioner, is available for lectures, workshops and consultations.

Seaside Park
Debbi Quinn
P.O. Box 95
Seaside Park, NJ 08752
United States
Phone 732-793-6656

Bob Worthington, Naturopath
Services include Metabolic Respose Testing, Nutritional Counseling, Detoxification, Hormone and Metabolic Testing/Balancing and Karmic and Emotional Clearing. Please visit http://spiritcentral.net for additional information on our services.

Servicios incluyen Pruebas Metabolicas, Desintoxicacion, Planes Nutritivos, Determinacion de Alergias, pruebas y Balance Hormonal y Liberacion Emocional y Karmica. Por favor visite nuestra pagina http://spiritcentral.net para informacion adicional.
Bob Worthington
2906 David St.
Riverside, CA 92506
United States
Phone 951-784-7863

Bodyworks Healing Arts
I offer Craniosacral Therapy,SomatoEmotionalRelease,Massage Therapy , Energy Healings,Lymphatic Drainage,and Clairvoyant Readings.I also teach Clairvoyant Meditation Classes.

Maureen Balluff
1565 Maple Suite 309
Evanston, IL 60201
United States
Phone 847-864-8144

Breakthrough with The Energy Coach
Susan Bailey Stambaugh

The Energy Coach & Ordained Interfaith Minister

You are invited to try something NEW. It is possible to break through Energetic Barriers that may be holding you back.

The service we offer is unique and powerful. Simply described, it is a combination of Personal Coaching and Personal Energy Clearing. We call it Energy Coaching.

Go to our site to receive self coaching tips and a 15 minute **FREE** Energy Coaching Session!
Susan Bailey Stambaugh
4729 E. Sunrise Dr. #240
Tucson, AZ 85718
United States
Phone 520-390-9540

Bridge of Life Coaching & Counseling Services
Fisher, Mara L.C.S.W., M.C.C.,
International Telephone Coaching
Web site: http://www.BridgeofLife.com
E-mail: mara@bridgeoflife.com

Telephone Coaching: 305.754.7246
Individulal, Couples & Groups

Is it time for you to leap to the next level of success, satisfaction and personal fulfillment? My purpose is to serve and assist you to create possibilities and the action steps to achieve your desires. As partners we co-invent your future. I coach & counsel via the phone and find this method to be extremely effective. By integrating the session into your day it encourages motivated, positive, thinking in your environment. Be connected wherever you are!

My expertise:
*Couples Communication Skills
*Prioritizing your needs
*Challenge self defeating behavior
*Imago Relationship Work
*Ericksonian Hypnosis
*Past Life Regression
Mara Fisher
Design district NE
Miami, FL
United States
Phone 305.754.7246

Carla Mary
'Connecting the tools to heal the mind/body/spirit'

Carla Mary has been a professional medium channeler and spiritual teacher for the past decade. She is a messenger for those on the other side to those here on earth. Being born with the gifts of healing and intuitive, she has used these abilities to assist and teach those who come to her needing assistance on their path.

She specializes in providing personalized treatment to her clients using her gifts and abilities of healing and the intuitive. This assists the individual in the personal healing of the mind/body/spirit connection. She is blessed with a number of intuitive gifts and abilities. Her intuitive/spiritual readings are channelled communications and insights from those that have crossed over, including Spirit Guides, Angels, your Higher Self and Spirit.

Carla Mary is also a trained Reiki Master and has taught all levels of Reiki for over the past decade. Reiki is the philosophy of channeling healing energy with the purpose to heal and enhance life on all levels. Reiki is used to

heal all levels of the energy field that deal with the mind/body/spirit. To find out more about Reiki, please go to the Reiki page her website.

Carla Mary is also a trained Licensed Massage Therapist and has been licensed in the State of Florida #ma35225 and also nationally certified since 2001. If you are interested in CranioSacral therapy, Carla Mary has trained to level two with the Upledger Institute. She provides many different ways of healing and therapies, including spiritual and intuitive, to assist you in your journey to healing and awakening. Carla Mary teaches a number of classes in various locations throughout Florida and is available for private and group appointments.

Carla's personal philosophy is that spirituality is the most important ingredient to achieving inner peace, harmony, balance and enlightenment. She strongly believes the importance of meditation for healing and spiritual growth.

Carla Mary also does not pressure the client to schedule appointments. She believes that the person who is receiving the treatment is the one that should be in control of their treatment and healing process. We all have the ability to heal at some level. If its on a mind, body or spirit level or a complete level. That is totally up to the individual and when they need to completely let go and heal. Also, she believes if a person is told that it will take

more than one, two or more treatments to heal then a seed is planted telling that persons inner self it will take that time. Some times things can happen with one session or more. But that is totally up to the individual. If you would like to schedule more appointments, that is up to the client, never will Carla Mary pressure a client to book or schedule consecutive sessions. If you are looking for her to do maintenance or to have a number of sessions please let her know to schedule accordingly.

Carla Mary's compassion to teach others but also to assist in the awakening of all.

Carla Mary offers many wonderful classes. Check her class schedule to find out what classes are for this month.
Palmetto Point
Carla Mary Russell

Palmetto Point, FL 34221
United States
Phone 941-729-5142

Carla Whitaker-Positive Paws
Carla has had 30 years experience working with pets such as dogs, cats, birds and horses. She has always loved working with people and animals.  Beyond clicker training, she has looked for ways to provide positive methods that help to improve the quality of life for humane and canine family members.  She provides TTouch and Reiki balancing and is an animal communicator.  It is the combination of applying the techniques listed above and being open to learning new things that make her a unique and well-rounded trainer.

She believes that a well-rounded program begins with the relationship between the owner and their dog. Her methods are designed to help you and your family establish goals that work for your family to strengthen the bond for everyone. She has certification from Purdue University for Principle and Techniques of Behavior Modification. She was fortunate to have been mentored by Ted Turner, a trainer from Sea World, receiving the education of a lifetime. She uses these tools to customize training for individual needs. . .even in a group class setting.

She is also a Traditional-Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher (spiritually based) working for Universal Balancing and The Highest Good. She practices and teaches this ancient Asian form with humans and animals and strives to live her life by the five Reiki principles.

West Chester
Carla Whitaker
8651B Cincinnati Columbus Rd (St Rt 42)
West Chester , OH 45069
United States
Phone 513-312-6596
Fax 513-777-0807

Carol Pomplun, B.D., B.F.A
Carol has done extensive study and research in the spiritual and healing traditions of world cultures to bring forward a model for healing and spiritual wholeness that she applies in her work as a holistic therapist, counselor, and spiritual guide. Carol has been a pioneer in the holistic movement and has thirty years experience in the practice and teaching of meditation, tai chi, holistic health, energy healing, counseling and body work. She maintains a holistic healing practice in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia.
Carol Pomplun

Philadelphia, PA 19118
United States
Phone 215-242-0904

Carol Thresh
Everything is energy which is pure intelligence and consciousness. Thoughts, feelings and even the physical body is 99.9% energy. Although energy is dynamic, thoughts and feelings often combine to form beliefs that prevent life from being lived in alignment with the authentic self. Healing is the process of becoming whole or one, re-membering and integrating the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of life. All healing involves a change in consciousness.

Energy Rebalancing restores you to a state of inner-piece and well-being by getting straight to the underlying causes of disharmony. As a healing facilitator, I use dowsing rods and agate crystals to realign your energetic field, balance your chakras and connect you to your inner wisdom while you lie on a massage table, watching your energetic responses to what is being said. In this state of expanded awareness, you piece together the information as it comes to the surface. Suppressed feelings, or trapped emotions, are detected and released as part of the process.

I am here to guide and support you in your transformation. My intention is to for you to receive that maximum benefit possible in the time we spend together as well as to empower you to create well-being and lasting change. If this work resonates with you, I would consider it an honor and a privilege to work with you.

Carol Thresh

Charlotte, NC 28278
United States
Phone 704-608-9009

Caroline L. Calisto
A session of Angelic Healing can guarantee only one thing... CHANGE! The Angels will clear out endless mind chatter and stress, relax your muscles,clarify the thought process. It is a through spring cleaning of your body and mind. It can help one to determine life purpose, and facilitate a return to child-like joy and innocence. This healing works on all levels, emotional, mental,physical and spiritual. A session is very comforting and loving, taking you to a profound place of bliss.
Caroline Calisto

Albuquerque, NM 87111
United States
Phone 505-332-9344

CDM Psychic Institute
Psychic Readings - Meditation - Healings - Books - Weddings

PSYCHIC READINGS - At CDM Psychic Institute, we read three aspects of your energy. A rose reading symbolically represents you as spirit and your relationship with the God of your heart and this Earth. The chakra reading indicates how you are relating to and using your various psychic abilities. The aura reading indicates how you are manifesting your energies at this time on the physical plane.

MEDITATION - Meditation is recommended by all of the health gurus; encouraged by stress managers, doctors and spritual teachers. It is free, easy and can be fun. Everyone agrees that meditation can be benefical, so why isn't everyone meditating? Two meditation tools, grounding and centering, can assist you to quiet your body to help you meditate which will aid you in your day to day activities. Meditation is practical because it heals you and brings you to life. You are here to live a full, healthy life and meditation is an important ingredient in any formula for living. Learn to be focused, relaxed and in charge by turning within with meditation to discover your strengths and capabilities.

HEALINGS - You are spirit and your body is your vehicle. You, the spirit, have the information and ability to heal yourself and your body. You need courage to recognize that you are spirit in this physically oriented world and to manifest your spiritual information into your physical body.The power to heal comes through you, the spirit, and your God. CDM Psychic Institute teaches people how to enhance their healing energy to change anything in their lives.

BOOK STORE - CDM Publications specialises in the sale of books and CDs related to Meditation, Healing, Chakras, Clairvoyance and many related topics. Please visit our bookstore at www.cdmpublication.com and find the tools to transform your life.

2402 Summit Avenue
Everett, WA 98201
United States
Phone 425-258-1449

Reiki III Master Teacher
Specializing in balancing of chakras by putting the energy system into a state of calm & balance combined with healing with Harp Sounds~ Owner of Celestial Soulutions, Inc. we sell small lap size harps at an affordable price, to be played by anyone due to a special tuning process without any formal instruction necessary~ the harp is small enough to sit on the lap & play ~ through Reiki healing & the harp healing vibrations, the body achieves instant vibrational harmony and ease for healing to occur on all levels!
Crown Point
Deonna Pogorzelski
Ordained Minister Since 1999
Crown Point, IN
United States
Phone 219-663-8756
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