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A Balneotherapy: detoxifying Moor Mud products and Saprox antifungal
Torf Moor mud (also known as Balneo peat), is used daily by European medical doctors to restore people's health. This moor mud health spa therapy works from the inside while most therapies only alleviate surface symptoms. Tight sore muscles, joint stiffness and eczema are not surface problems. In order to effectively treat these conditions, the therapy must be penetrating, consistent and full body. A moor mud does this. The benefits from one moor mud bath last for days and may resolve the condition. An increase in flexibility is typically seen after the first treatment.

The natural acids and nutrients in peat are the driving force behind its healing abilities. As one aspect of peat opens the skin pores allowing nutrients in and acids out, another aspect actively draws out lactic acid and metabolic wastes from tissues. Humic substances, abundant in moor mud, are very effective chelators - they bind with toxins such as heavy metals and remove them from the body for effective detox.

After just one treatment, your muscle aches, joint stiffness and skin health may be markedly improved. No drugs. No ointments.

Thanks to its effectiveness, Torf Moor Mud (BALNEO-Peat) has become increasingly popular with spas, and naturopathic practitioners in North America and recently with many Pittsbourgh Steelers players to quickly recover after a game.

Saprox is Torf's natural antifungal clay. Rich in sulphur it helps to treat many types of skin disorders. Toenail fungus, Tinea Versicolor, Psoriasis, Ringworm, persitant foot odor, insect bites ...

To see more Torf products click here ...

"Torf Balneo-peat is our treatment of choice for Moor Therapy at Clifton Springs Hospital"

Dr. Les Moore,ND - Director, Integrative Medicine,Clifton Springs Hospital, Clifton Springs, NY

"My partner and I massage professional athletes and using Torf Single-foment moor mud detox pack and a matching hydrocollator pack has proved invaluable during their football season. We were able to relieve aches and pains due to the high level of stress put on their bodies at game time, we were able to work the tissue and muscles deeper due to the heat and detoxification of the packs and they experienced less injuries from their tissue becoming healthier."

Angela Baney, PT, CMT - owner of Centre Ave. Massage & Spa, Pittsburgh, PA

Lubomir Danes
184 Joy Road
Middlebury, CT 06762
United States

A Power Journey Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy helps you enhance health and well-being by using the power of your mind to create release of negative patterns and messages so you can feel the FREEDOM of letting go. I am a certified hypnotherapist practicing 5PATH hypnosis, EFT and other modalities to free you from the blocks to your success. I help you get to the root cause of your discomfort and neutralize it so that your symptoms release and are gone forever.
Los Angeles
Lynda Malerstein, C . Ht.
2211 Corinth Ave. #309
Los Angeles, CA 90064
United States
Phone 310.228.3160

Achieving Health Chiropractic & Massage
-Full service staff includes; Multiple Chiropractors, Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, & Registered Dietitian (Nutritionist).
Doug OBryan
40020 Five Mile Rd
Plymouth , MI 48170
United States
Phone 734-420-3434

Acupuncture Advantage Care
Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and N.A.E.T. allergy elimination treatment. We treat a wide variety of illnesses including neck, back pain, gastro-intestinal disorders, insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, sciatica, sinus problems etc.
Jake Avancena L.Ac.
626 Grant Street, Suite J
Herndon, VA 20170
United States
Phone 703 834 9754

Acupuncture Center of Ann Arbor
I work with people helping to facilitate the natural & instinctive healing process of the human body. I have M.S. in Oriental medicine, which includes both acupuncture,Chinese herbal formulas and various nutritional supplements. I have been in practice over 7 with a focus on pain management, woman’s health, chronic conditions, stress & anxiety.

Please call to Schedule a Free Consultation & Evaluation.
Ann Arbor
Gary Merel
180 Little Lake Drive, Suite 4
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
United States
Phone 734-222-8210

Acupuncture Center of New York
Acupuncture clinic located in Union Square New York.

We specialize in Infertility, Pain Management(Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury and Immune Disorders.

5 Major Reasons to be our Client/Patient

1. Experienced Licensed Acupuncturists

2. We accept Major Insurance

3. Enhanced Customer Service/Full-time receptionist

4. Great Union Square Location

5. Holistic Medical Doctors on-cite & all of the above.
New York
Mark Moshchinsky
200 Park Ave South #914
New York, NY 10003
United States

Advanced Options, LLC
Advanced Options, LLC uses psychotherapy and Neurofeedback to help people improve their lives.

What if you could treat these conditions without medication?




-Panic Attacks

-Sleep disorders

-Memory problems


You Can—with Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy!

Advanced Options, LLC provides outpatient psychotherapy services and Neurofeedback to clients of all ages. We start with a full assessment and then design an individualized treatment plan for each client. Our staff is foremost in the field for helping people feel better. We use traditional cognitive/behavioral talk therapy as well as state of the art Neurofeedback. We work with children, adolescents, adults, and couples. We help people improve their lives.

We help clients with depression, anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Stress, relationships, sleep disorders, medical illness, parenting, divorce, addictions, peak performance, life coaching, guided imagery, pain management, relaxation techniques, and more.

Debra Burdick,LCSW
Suite 314 567 Vauxhall St Ext
Waterford, CT 06385
United States
Phone (860) 439-0237
Fax (860) 439-0349

Holistic Dentistry *

Neuromuscular Recontruction*

Extreme Makeovers*

Head and Neck Pain Control*

Biocompatability *

Nutrition *

Body Scan *

Laser Dentistry *

KCP air abrasion *

Mercury Free *

Implants *

Cosmetic dentistry *

Family Dentistry *

Reconstructive Dentistry *

Neuromuscular Orthodontic Treatment *

Gentle Laser Periodontal Therapy *

State of the Art Guided Same day Implant Therapy *

Extreme Makeover Dentures *
Derek Fine
United States
Phone 973 627 3617
Fax 973 627 5069

Aileen Nobles - EFT Practitioner, Intuitive Meridian Psychotherapist
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that in private sessions you will: Lose Your Fear of flying, elevators, animals, insects, commitment, childbirth, auditions, exams, & public speaking. Meridian Psychotherapy can also:

  • Improve your life as you overcome stress and anxiety

  • Release grief, pain, and depression

  • Release lack of self-esteem and motivation

  • Facilitate weight loss

  • Heal aches and pains

  • Improve your golf or tennis game

  • Give you confidence as a speaker or actor

  • Inspire you to write, paint or play music from a deeper clearer place

  • Increase your intuition

    You can change ... and you will if you work with these cutting edge techniques. Your excitement and anticipation will increase as you realize EFT/Meridian Psychotherapy really works! And, you can do it yourself! EFT works quickly and painlessly and can be used on virtually any issue. You will see results even if you have never tried these techniques before.

  • Malibu
    aileen nobles
    PO Box 333
    Malibu, CA 90265
    United States

    Alan F. Bain D.O.
    Bringing the power of Bio-Energy into the mainstream of American medicine - the Center for Integrated Healthcare, Inc. (CIHCI)Holistic Practitioner providing multiple natural and complementary modalities like empathic emotional release, myofascial release, nutritional therapies, and various bioenergetic balancing techniques.
    Alan Bain
    111 N. Wabash, Suite 1005
    Chicago, IL 60602
    United States
    Phone 312-236-7010

    Allen, Rey - Certified Advanced Rolfer ®
    Rey Allen, Certified Advanced Rolfer ®


    Not to be confused with 'deep-tissue massage', ROLFING is the most effective way of getting to the source of a postural or structural problem.

    ROLFING is a hands-on approach to correcting posture. Through subtle reshaping of the soft tissue, ROLFING returns the body to its proper alignment.

    There is a growing amount of mainstream scientific research documenting the effectiveness of Rolf therapy. A 1988 study published in the Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association indicated that Rolfing greatly influenced the parasympathetic nervous system, which can help speed the recovery of damaged tissue. Other studies done in the 1980s concerned the effectiveness of Rolfing in treating figure skaters, self confidence and children with cerebral palsy. In 1992 a presentation was made to the National Center of Medical Rehabilitation Research regarding Rolfing in the treatment of degenerative joint disease. A 1997 article in The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy reported that Rolfing can provide effective and sustained pain relief from lower back problems. The Department of Movement Behavior at UCLA in conjunction with the California Department of Mental Hygiene has shown with Rolfing creates a more efficient use of muscles, allows the body to conserve energy, and creates economical and refined patterns of movement.

    Basically, ROLFING provides real and lasting relief for chronic or recent aches and pains, including:

    ~ Poor posture

    ~ Muscle tension

    ~ Injuries

    ~ TMJ

    ~ Neck pain & Headaches

    ~ Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    ~ Carpal Tunnel

    ~ Helps with poor digestion (Visceral Manipulation)

    ~ Low back pain

    ~ Tight hips

    ~ Foot pain from breaks, high or low arches

    Professional History:

    Professional Bodyworker for 14 years. Certified Rolfer for 8 years.

    For the last 2 years I have been an assistant teacher to a prominent Rolf Instructor on the subject of BioMechanics assisting in over 20 classes to Rolfers internationally.

    Sept 08 to May 09, I’m enrolled in multiple classes abroad to receive my advanced certification with the European Rolfing Association.

    In addition to my advanced certification, I am currently enrolled in a 2-year certification in Visceral Manipulation with The Barral Institute.

    Specialized skills: BioMechanics, Visceral Manipulation.

    Please forward this to anyone you know that might benefit from these services.

    New York
    Rey Allen
    145 East 16th St. (at 3rd ave) Ground FL.
    New York, NY 10003
    United States
    Phone 917.539.1707

    Alpine Wellness Center
    Alpine Wellness Center is an organization of independent practitioners in various fields of natural medicine working in cooperation to offer patients high quality personalized health care.
    Treatments provided in the Alpine Wellness Center include: Acupuncture, Oriental Herbal Medicine, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Feng Shui, Feldenkrais Movement Therapy, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Reiki, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Sports Medicine.
    Please join us in celebration of the many paths to wellness.

    Salt Lake City
    Kris Justesen
    545 E. 4500 S. Suite E230
    Salt Lake City, UT 84107
    United States
    Phone 801-263-9380

    Alternative Therapy and Treatment
    Practice consist of Nutritional Consulting and Custom Nutritional Programs, following individual assessment. Weight loss programs, Detoxification Management, Metabolic Balancing, Magnetic Accupressure for pain. Consulting focus on Natural Healing process. Alternative and Intergrated recommendation for Cancer and Chronic disease, aim at balancing and supporting the body.

    Service offered programs, Personal Nutrition, Hair Analysis, Digestive tract rebuilding,Immune disease,Chronic Constipation, Amino Acids,Enzyme Therapy,Vitamin Therapy, Dietary Supplement,and Chelation Therapy.

    Special interest in Consulting Sports Athlete Nutrition and Fitness.

    For more Information and Consultation please call the office
    King Mason, ND
    3920 FM 1960 Suite 240
    Houston, TX 77068
    United States
    Phone 281-587-8191
    Fax 281-587-9591

    Alyce Payne - Theta Teacher
    Alyce Payne, Theta Teacher

    Theta healing sessions with Alyce Payne are given over the phone or in person. Also available, Advanced & Basic Thetahealing™ 3 day Seminars. Be certified as a Thetahealing™ Practitioner in a 3 day workshop that is fun and a touchstone for amazing changes. See www.thetateacher.com for more info.
    North Richland Hills
    Alyce Payne

    North Richland Hills, TX 76180
    United States
    Phone 817-514-3008

    Amethyst Moon
    Walk ins and appointments for Mediumship, Angel Readings, Tarot Readings, Spiritual Guidance.

    At Amethyst Moon we conduct workshops such as Usui and Karuna™ Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Connecting to the Angels, Meditation Training, Healing of Emotions, Psychic Self Defense, Having the life you want, Women’s Circle, Psychic Development and more please see our website for a full list of classes, events and workshops.

    Louise Manning
    6 Wilkins Drive, Suite210
    Plainville, MA 02762
    United States
    Phone 508-699-0709

    Andrea Szabo, Subtle Energy Therapy.
    Color & Light Therapy, Aura-Soma, Subtle Energy Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Energy Field Healing, Space design & Home Energetics Analysis, Room Energy Balancing, Flower & Gem Elixirs, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Electro-Therapuetic Point Stimulation.
    Full Line of Aura-Soma & Colour Energy Products for Sale.
    Andrea Szabo
    Valrico, Florida
    Valrico, FL 33594
    United States
    Phone 813 323 4944

    Angela Monti Fox, LCSW
    Birthing with Hypnosis allows you to create an atmosphere of

    intimacy and privacy for you and your birth partner to share

    in this most important life even. Our childbirth education

    course provides you with essential training in self hypnosis

    so that you can birth your baby without pain and fear.

    Birthing with Hypnosis will give you the best possible

    chance for a natural unmedication labor and birthing.

    Group and Individual sessions may be insurance reimbursable.

    Home study course in this alternative birthing approach is

    also available through our website.

    New York
    Angela Fox, LCSW
    20 West 20 Street, #311
    New York, NY 10011
    United States
    Phone 1-800-414-6274 or 646-519-1076

    OBGYN RN, Reflexologist with a Master Level, (NCTMB) Massage Therapist/Bodywork, MEDICAL INTUITIVE PRACTITIONER,Sole Proprietor of ANGELIC HEALING HANDS, in NEW MILFORD, NEW JERSEY, BERGEN COUNTY. Specializing in Prenatal and Postpartum. Infant massage, polarity, acupressure, shiatsu, swedish, deep tissue, cancer massage, geriatric massage, mediation, guided imagery, chakra balancing, hot and cold healing stone massage therapy.
    Medical massage, whiplash, frozen shoulder, upper and lower back pain. carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, gofers elbow, Sciatica, plantar fascitis, tinnitus, TMJ. Parkinson's and Muscular Dystrophy.

    Angie Merkiche, RN,CR,NCTMB,LMT(N.Y.
    140 Henley Avenue
    NEW MILFORD, NJ 07646
    United States
    Phone 201-261-7155
    Fax 201-261-4583

    Animal Healer / Reiki Master Healer and Teacher
    Animal communicator, alternative animal healing practitioner and Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Alternative healing for animals, dog healing, cat healing and healing for horses. Reiki is a form of alternative healing and is not a religion. It does not require a belief system. Reiki for Animals works extremely well as animals live in the moment and have no preconceived notions to get over. We tune into the energy of the animal, as well as physical symptoms to determine the cause of illness. Distance healing is the transmission of Reiki energy to a person or animal without the Reiki practitioners being physically present. Reiki is not limited by time, space or distance, the healing energy channeled is as strong as that experienced during a personal visit.

    Santa Rosa
    Santa Rosa, CA 95409
    United States

    Anne Atkinson, LMT - Massage Therapist & Reiki Master Teacher
    Massage Therapist Anne Atkinson has in her bag of tools Swedish Massage, Foot Reflexology, Soft Tissue Release, Myo-fascial Release and Polarity Therapy. She works with Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Fitness Centers. For those immobilized for any reason and for the dying, Anne makes home visits.

    New Orleans
    Anne Atkinson LMT
    Massage Therapy & Reiki Master
    New Orleans, LA 70130
    United States
    Phone 504 - 234 - 7682
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