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Neural Depolarization
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Carole Hoffman, CSPP, CNDP Neural Depolarization
Neural Depolarization is a new and innovative energy healing therapy and is the most advanced level of internal balancing of our chemical cellular structure. Working directly with our nervous system, this goes directly to the source of all physical, mental and emotional pain and disease. Our body and mind are facilitated in restoring their inherent self-healing abilities.

Spiritual philosophy assists us in our search for internal knowledge of self. As we open our mind to a higher level of understanding of why we feel and behave as we do, we learn how to develop our full potential as a creative being. This can give us a sense of freedom and independence that inspires us to change our thinking and state of being to one of peace and joy.

Carole Hoffman

Moncure, NC 27559
United States
Phone 919-542-7028

Kathy Oddenino
Kathy offers her own trademarked technique, Neural Depolarization,a unique method of working with the nervous system throughout the body to release negative lifeforce energy. Also Spiritual Tutoring, books, seminars, classes, and study programs designed to help others learn these skills by understanding their own Spiritual Human Design.
Kathy Oddenino

Pittsboro, NC 27312
United States
Phone 919-545-9937
Fax 919-545-9945

NEURAL DEPOLARIZATION and Spiritual Philosophy
The Most Advanced Level of Internal Balancing of Our Cellular Structure.

Neural DepolarizationTM is a profoundly effective, safe, non-invasive integrative healing energy approach to pain relief and disease prevention for both adults and children.

Neural Depolarization facilitates physical, mental and emotional self-healing by addressing the underlying cause of all pain.

Restore, Enhance, and Maintain Your Health!

Silver Spring
Jeanne Eastman, CSPP, CNDP
Silver Spring, MD 20902
United States