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A Connecting Thread
Inanna's Challenge: Choosing Change. A paradigm for understanding change and the role it plays in our growth, individuation and integration. Inanna promises to be a powerful experience to inspire new ways of thinking about change as well as teach useful techniques that can be put into practice. Specially designed for women committed to their own personal growth & understanding life changes, transition and the unfolding of the human soul.
April 14-17, 2003. Millboro Springs, Va
Kay Montgomery
1004 Gunstock Creek Road
Bedford, VA 24523
United States
Phone 540-586-1271

234 chemin du Genêt
Sète, 34200
Phone +33467511522

AromaSoundBalancing is a process I have worked within and is created utilizing many other methods in use, and running them through my filters. A client is able to work on the Physical, Emotional, Mental, or Spiritual level determined at each session. They will experience stimulation of the 5 senses. An original 30 minute digitally produced CD of channeled music created on a Kurzweil keyboard, and a nature sound background to affirm a safe place zone, & approx.1 month supply of essential oil is given at the end of the session. The client experiences a visualization process, and the music & oils help them remember what was discussed at that session.
Craig Evans
232 Phoenix Hills Drive
Phoenix, OR 95476
United States
Phone 541-535-1918

Reiki III Master Teacher
Specializing in balancing of chakras by putting the energy system into a state of calm & balance combined with healing with Harp Sounds~ Owner of Celestial Soulutions, Inc. we sell small lap size harps at an affordable price, to be played by anyone due to a special tuning process without any formal instruction necessary~ the harp is small enough to sit on the lap & play ~ through Reiki healing & the harp healing vibrations, the body achieves instant vibrational harmony and ease for healing to occur on all levels!
Crown Point
Deonna Pogorzelski
Ordained Minister Since 1999
Crown Point, IN
United States
Phone 219-663-8756

Craig Evans
A compilation of original songs old & new. Mostly using keyboard sounds of piano, various keyboards, trumpet, sax, trombone, guitar, flute, vibes, drums,& voices. "I Found You" was recorded by Frankie Laine in 1966, the rest are waiting to be discovered. Five of the ten songs on this album have lyrics.
Craig Evans
232 Phoenix Hills Drive
Phoenix, OR 95476
United States
Phone 541-535-1918

Dr. Judith Alstadter
Spirit on Wings of Music

Experience the power of music to heal, inspire, calm, uplift and thrill us. It brings us closer to our inner selves, to God and to one another.

Workshops and Retreats on Spirituality, Meditation and Music.

Guided musical meditations, piano performances, group singing, journaling, quiet time and sharing.

Half and full day retreats and weekend retreats available.
Judith Alstadter

Wantagh, NY 11793
United States
Phone 516-735-7596

Dr. Philip McBee Dmus Dsc ND PhD
Dr Philip Marquez McBee is an educator /sonic acupuncturist/alternative health consultant, board certified by the American Association Of Drugless Practitioners as a Naturopathic Practitioner.(#58902405) Dr McBee holds a DSc in Therapeutic Acoustics, a PhD in music from the UNIVERSITY OF CANTERBURY,UK and an esoteric degree in MUSIC PHYSICS from THE AMERICAN PACIFIC University of ADVANCED STUDIES. Dr. McBee is a jazz composer and occasionally performs with his band The Almighty Avant-Garde Jazz Ensemble.Known for his love,and use of swirling, sureal,pulsating tones and textures in his music compositions, and in his research/practice,PHILIP is affectionately known as "THE SONIC SHAMAN" by his clients and fellow musicians. Jazz/ Blues guitar legend JOHNNY"GUITAR" WATSON " gave DR.MCBEE the name(title) in 1978 at a concert in NEW YORK CITY.THE ALMIGHTY CELESTRIAL JAZZ ENSEMBLE featuring PHILIP was the opening act for GUITAR WATSON.With the exception of a slight change in the band's name, and the loss of 2 departed band mates(R.I.P. SMITTY SMITH &THOMAS "T-BONE" NORTH) these 8 guys are still performing music that is beneficial to the mind, body, and soul.
Philip Marquez Mcbee
27 Chestnut Ave
Irvington, NJ 07111
United States
Phone 908 242-2069

Ed Long Self-Applied Kinesiology
The help you need to heal yourself. Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques reduce depression, trauma, allergies, physical pain, tiredness, increase vitality, and improve healthy life energy. Meridian/Muscle Balancing - Lymphatic - Oxygen therapy - Radionics.
Ed Long
16234 NE 29th
Bellevue, WA 98008
United States
Phone (425) 885-1993

Emmanuel Comte, Sound Healer, Researcher
Emmanuel COMTE - MedSon center

Medical use of sound and music.

Sound healing and music therapy training and

research centre.

The purpose of the MedSon Research Center is the use of vibrations, sound and music (Sound Healing, Vibrational Therapy, Medical Music, Healing Music) to bring well-being and harmony.

The MedSon research Center was created in Valcourt, Quebec, Canada, in 1994. The director is Emmanuel Comte, Sonologist, researcher, teacher and creator of the Therapeutic Music .

Valcourt, QC
Emmanuel Comte
C.P. 281
Valcourt, QC, Quebec J0E 2L0
Phone (450) 532-4831
Fax (450) 532-4831

Gorges Music Park
Gorges Music Park is one of the most up and coming venues on the east coast. With 250 acres surrounded on three sides by state park it offers an escape from lifes every day hastles. Gorges boasts beautiful views and waterfalls, bearwallow falls the largest drops a hundred feet. 3 miles of trails are prime for hiking and mountain biking.
Lake Toxaway
Jackson Wine
#307 Toxaway Views
Lake Toxaway, NC 28747
United States
Phone 828 508 9292
Fax 828 966 4999

Guru Singh
Sikh Minister, Yogi, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapist (Sahaj Shabd Therapy), Musician-Composer-Author
Los Angeles
Guru Singh

Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States
Phone 323-938-0611

Harp magic Music
"Impressionistic Music" is what Peter calls his unique style of blendiing an array of world and classical instruments into a seemless tapestry of sound rich in visual imagery and imagination.The sparkling sounds of his harp Sing to the heart of the listener inspiring,uplifting and rejuvinating.
Peter Sterling
PO Box 4621 Sedona AZ.86340
Phoenix, AZ ???
United States
Phone ???

Healing Arts United, Ltd.
My name is Juliette, and I would like to introduce you to Healing Arts United, Ltd.

We will be located in Lower Westchester, NY and opening in April or May of 2004.

Possible locations include Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley, and Yonkers. We have not yet decided on our exact location.

Our goal is to provide an upscale, clean, professional office space with multiple treatment rooms, offering hourly usage to therapists, new graduates, interns, and students.

Those who are just beginning their therapeutic careers can appreciate an inexpensive way to build a following of clients, and to practice in a private, convenient space.

What a perfect way to network with other professionals who share your commitment to make peoples’ lives better!
New York

Westchester County
New York, NY

Healing Hearts and Minds, Corp.
Clairvoyant and clairaudient healer, hynotherapist, ordained reverend,spiritual counselor,vibrational therapist.

I am a teacher of breathwork,sound and movement as a therapeutic tool for adults and children. As vibrational therapist I use the healing power of various sounds during a private session to transform that individual's energy field. I enjoy working with children and as an indigo child myself I act as a translator to assist them in understanding their role in this world at this time.
Michelle Barrial

Hollywood, FL 33023
United States
Phone 786-683-9700
Fax 966-5538

Hemi-Sync Source
Developed by the Monroe Institute during 40 years of research Hemi-Sync® tapes and CD's were designed to provide an avenue to alter and focus ones own brain wave patterns by synchronizing both sides of the brain to accomplish a desired mind body state. Common applications include: Health, wellness, personal growth, ADDHD, dehab/rehab, natural childbirth, learning, memory, pain management, surgery, sleep disorders, stress, relaxation, meditation, spiritual development, exploring states of consciousness, and out of body experiences.
Roy Wood
684 E Frontage Rd.
Livingston, MT 59047
United States
Phone 406 222 7843

Isaiah Toran
Dedicated to providing the best in original music•video•art; that is designed for theurepetic relaxation•meditation and self awareness.
Isaiah Toran
P.O Box 141382
Cincinnati, OH 45250
United States
Phone 513-478-9381

J.P. Winsor
Hemi-Sync is a sound therapy product that reinforces more beneficial brainwave patterns using a patented, non-intrusive binaural beat sound process. Users and practitioners alike have found numerous Hemi-Sync® titles effective for improving sleep, managing stress, exploring consciousness, and discovering and dealing with emotional blocks.
Julia Paris
PO Box 1207
McKenna, WA 98558
United States
Phone 360 458-2309
Fax 360 458-2421

Journey to the Heart/ Thermo Therapeutics
Journey to the Heart is a personal development organization dedicated to the upliftment of consciousness and the Well-Being of all people.

Our aim is to integrate, with practical tools for the New Millennium, the physical with the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. We are a personal development school with no walls.

We offer Psycho-spiritual Integration and Personal Development Workshops such as:

  • Trance Dance & Shamanic Soul Hunting

  • Basic Hot Stone Massage Therapy Workshops

  • Advanced Hot Stone Massage Therapy Workshops

  • Learn How To Read the Akashic Records

  • Akashic Records Intensive & Consultant Training

  • Sacred Geometry Workshops

  • Reiki Training on Karmapa Reiki Workshops

  • Shamanism Workshops

  • Integrative/Holotropic Breathwork Workshops

  • Trance Dance Workshops

  • Pendulum Dowsing Technique

  • Relationships workshops and more, much more....

Ernesto Ortiz
9199 SW 97th Ave
Miami, FL 33176
United States
Phone (305) 595-1668

Life Coach Karin
I help professionals develop a life plan that is inspiring, motivating AND successful! You've taken the first step towards success. In opening up to the internal possibilities, you will be able to see, feel, and experience the wonderful possibilities of your external world. No more "wishing and hoping" but "doing." The key is to be PRESENT. Are you ready to Open the Door of Possibilities? See: Living With Intention©/Happy Stories/Women In VoICE© and the Healing Circle.

Karin Peterson-Sitrin
P.O. Box 59
Marlboro,, NY 12542
United States
Phone (845) 236-2534

Mark Braunstein
I work with musicians who are injured or have difficulty with performance related issues.

I use a combination of movement and mental strategies.

Mark Braunstein

Redlands, CA
United States
Phone 909-748-7528
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