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Change for life
I've been working as a therapist and workshop facilitor for around 20 years.

I offer a range of approaches aimed at helping people to reduce stress, overcome fears, phobias, stop smoking, become more confident, set meaningful, motivating goals and much more. Using some of the more effective and powerful techniques such as EFT and hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Quantum Touch, Metamorphic Technique, shiatsu, reflexology and healing.

I also teach workshops in EFT, Metamorphic Technique, Quantum Touch and Shamballa Muli-dimensional healing.
Maggie Pashley
153 Town Lane
Bradford, BD10 8LL

Deborah Saunders, Integrated Kabbalistic Healing Practitioner & SoulExpressionsDialogue Facilitator
The foundation of my healing practice, which I call A Soul Connection, is spirituality, psychology, and quantum physics. Within an Integrated Kabbalistic Healing session, I work with the client using wisdom and understanding from Kabbalah, an ancient mystical tradition. Within a Soul Expressions Dialogue session, I work with the client using a synthesis of Voice and Body Dialogue along with a Buddhist-centered process called Big Mind. As the curriculum designer and facilitator for Self-discovery Classes Etc., the material I develop for groups offers participants the opportunity to become more conscious about who they are, why certain things push their buttons, and how to live more authentically in the world.
Deborah Saunders
25118 108th Ave #
Graham, WA 98338
United States
Phone 253-875-6520

Maggie Pashley
I offer hypnotherapy,EFT and life coaching sessions as well as Metamorphic Technique, Quantum Touch, Shamballa Healing, Reiki/Seichem, shiatsu and reflexology. So whatever your problem is I'm happy to talk about an approach that would suit you. Please call me on 01274 617030 for an informal chat.

I also teach workshops in EFT, Metamorphic Technique, Quantum Touch and Shamballa.
Maggie Pashley
153 Town Lane, Thackley
Bradford, West Yorks
Phone 01274 617030

Struggling with accepting life changes? When there's no going back, the course “Starting Life Over” guides you through dark days to a brighter future.
A restlessness that won’t go away? Tools to re-assess your life, let go of the old, let the new emerge.
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Twelve week program (by e-mail) includes journal writing, resources, information and support.

Beverley Howden
155 2401 Cliffe Ave
Courtenay, BC V9N 2G9
Phone 250-897-0992