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Carole Seaver, MA, NCC, D.CEP
Holistic Spiritual Counseling and Energy Psychology for living authentically by aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with your soul's intent for optimal health/healing. Meridians and Chakras are seen as Maps of Consciousness and interpreted with a specific symptom and/or issue in the Field. This aids us in making the 'unconscious' conscious and allows clearing and healing of imbalances and disruptions that may be manifested physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Every emotion is seen as a signal that life is going well or that it's not! Every symptom is a message from the body and is understood as an attempt to regain or maintain balance and harmony in a certain area of one's life. The body is the subconcious mind and works for us to keep us on track or get us back on track for healthy, joyful living.
Toms River
Carole Seaver
555 West Earl Ct.
Toms River, NJ 08753
United States
Phone 908-278-2729

Goy, Psychosomatic Therapist
Practice psychosomatic therapy using acupressure, jin shin jyutsu, cranial sacral therapy, reiki, massage, flower essences and psychosynthesis. Specialized in stress management and emotional balancing. Teach stress management workshops as well as tarot for personal growth, retreats for inner work and purification with fasting. SInce 1988 I conduct a radio show called New Age that supports spiritual awareness and can be heard thru www.radiovision.com.ec
Wrote a book: Reflexiones de un Despertar. Launched a Cd of guided meditations called: Introspecciones Guiadas.
Quito, Ecuador
gloria paz
Carlos Montúfar E13-361 y Monitor
Quito, Ecuador,
Phone 593-2-2447-981
Fax 593-2-2447-981

Melissa Privett - Pathworks Center for Life
Pathworks Center for Life is dedicated to healing our planet one soul at a time through Spiritual Coaching, Healing Workshops, Educational Seminars and Personal Growth Work for the "whole" person; physical, emotional spiritual and mental. We provide programs for adults as well as youth to teach healing principles through a myriad of healing Study Groups and Workshops.

We explore Guided Imagery, Meditation, Stress Reduction, Creative Visualization and of course the greatest tool of all-Prayer! Giving you a treasure box full of tools and techniques that will enable you to become empowered to who you are in the eyes of God and to help you reach that level of consciousness where you are expanding on all that you are and all that you are to become. "What we believe is what we receive~!" Awaken to that power that is within you!

Oakland County
Melissa Privett
Pathworks Center for Life
Oakland County, MI 48237
United States
Phone 248-231-8018