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Charles Silverstein
Integrated Kabbalistic Healing (IKH) works at the spiritual soul level. In Jewish teachings, there are three levels of the soul: the physical body (Nefesh), the emotional body (Ruach), and the spiritual body (Neshamah). Medicine works at the Nefesh level, energy healing such as Reiki at the Ruach level, and IKH at the Neshamah level. Healing at the Neshamah level can have a profound positive effect on the Ruach and Nefesh bodies.
West Hartford
Charles Silverstein
26 Westcliff Drive
West Hartford, CT 06117
United States
Phone 860-523-9718

Donna Stein
Integrated Kabbalistic Healing is a powerful, transformative practice that can help improve your relations with family and friends...deepen your understanding of self...reduce stress and anxiety...and accept and work with physical and mental discomfort.

IKH is an alternative healing modality based on the ten sefirot (or aspects of God or Reality) in the Tree of Life. Healing sessions invoke different states of consciousness to reveal the true self.

Donna Stein

Peapack, NJ 07977
United States

Eileen Marder-Mirman
Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH) is based on a new paradigm that heals the totality of our being, our physcal, psychological and spiritual self. It simultaneously works as a path to awaken us to our True Nature and in that way, become more human and joyous while still being deeply connected to the world and it's suffering.

It is a path of deep personal transformation that helps you with your everyday life and embraces all that it means to be human. The everyday and the spiritual are not separate.

We engage with each other in a specific way that brings us into Presence through the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah, with Buddhist thought, the insights of quantum physics, and the Western psychological understanding of the human condition.

We work with healing the ego, which is the sense of a separate self. As the ego heals, it becomes a place of great holiness and wholeness.

New York
Eileen Marder-Mirman

New York, NY 10016
United States
Phone 516-763-1841
Fax 732-780-0343

Universal Force Healing Center
Divine Spiritual Wisdom at taught by Joseph Michael Levry

“We acquire knowledge of the higher worlds via that

spiritual body. These higher worlds of soul and spirit,

are just as real as the world we see with our physical eyes

and touch with our physical hands. However, one can

only receive guidance as to how to go about awakening

the advanced powers of spiritual perception by those who

already possess these gifts. The method of safe awakening

within the soul is exact, and can be found in our sacred

science. Moreover, those who have been initiated into

the nature of the divine spiritual wisdom know that only

those who have been experientially exposed to it can truly

gain understanding. You must live the truth to experience

it as your personal truth. Spiritual wisdom is not something

acquired through casual spiritual window shopping.

Rather, the divine spiritual wisdom will find you under

all circumstances if you provide the universe with proof

of your earnest and worthy desire to attain this higher

knowledge in order to heal yourself, uplift others, and serve

humankind.” – Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)


“Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I make changes

gracefully in my life? Why do the same issues keep coming up?”

The fact is that there are immutable Universal Laws which order

and regulate all aspects of our lives. This includes our karmic

patterns, our identity, career choices, health issues, unconscious

behavior patterns, relationship issues, hobbies, idiosyncratic

likes and dislikes, and even our fulfillment. These fundamental,

yet all-encompassing laws can be learned and worked with in

order to raise your consciousness. When mastered, the Laws of

Nature can assist us to overcome any challenge in life. Through

this science, one can learn how to create prosperity, beautiful

relationships, health and fulfillment. Taking actions without

understanding which way the immutable forces of nature are

going is like getting behind the wheel of your life completely

blind. When you cannot see the unseen, getting into an accident

is inevitable. The Divine Spiritual Wisdom teaches you how

to see the unseen. It teaches you who to work with, when to

act, when not to act, where to do it, and the motive to apply to

the situation, so that you know before you begin that you will

achieve your goals! Our science makes the unseen visible, the

unheard audible, and the unknown able to be perceived.



Our work contains a real science; it is founded on pure and

genuine truth. This golden path is for those who want to achieve

self healing, serve others, and contribute to a positive evolution

of humankind. The practice of our divine spiritual wisdom

is the fulfillment of the divine union with the children of

man. The divine spiritual wisdom which flows from Universal

Kabbalah is of a nature which can improve one’s life, restore

one’s health, solve the many problems of one’s existence, and

lead one to happiness; that is why it is authentic.

Those who work with our divine spiritual wisdom are

linked to the invisible community of light, which has a school

in the higher world in which the spirit of wisdom itself teaches

those who thirst for light. In this school all the secrets of God

and nature are kept for the elect of light. Perfect knowledge of

God, perfect knowledge of nature, and perfect knowledge of

man are the knowledge of instruction of this school—from it

comes all truth in the world.

New York
Chris Merrill
7 W. 24th St
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone 646-240-4221

Voice of Thoth
Voted "Baltimore's Best Psychic" by City Paper.
Priest of Yoruba arch-divinity Obatla.
I combine Tarot, Astrology and Kabalah to provide the best in divination.
I also use the Yoruba Dilogun oracle for people open to an African healing practice.
I am available for divination, healing, and counseling.
Also, I do commissioned artwork, such as illuminated astrological charts, guardian angel paintings, orishas.
Eric K. Lerner
20 South Ellwood Avenue
Balitmore, MD 21224
United States
Phone 410-768-1749