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Centering (TM) Tools for Self-Healing and Development
Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Development offers a unique, integrated approach to helping people heal, develop, and reach their peak performance, both professionally and personally.

Centering Tools include:

* relaxation, imagery, and meditation

* hypnotherapy

* present and past life regression

* inner child, breaking addictions, and recovery therapies

* reiki, energetic healing, and therapeutic touch

* crisis intervention and grief counseling

* behavioral and insight-oriented counseling

* journaling and creative expression techniques

* stress management, wellness and lifestyle balancing

* shamanic healing and Goddess work

* channeling and intuitive/spiritual counseling practices

* multiple related groups and workshops, including Level I, II, and III Reiki certification; channeling and oversoul; ongoing women's spirituality groups (for complete current listing, visit "my events")

* guided meditation and hypnosis healing, development and achievement audio books and courses (for complete description and to order, visit "view products")


"There are many tapes on meditation, visualization, contemplation.Price is a Registered Nurse and a hypnotherapist with wide background in health care and creative writing.She speaks well. Her voice creates ripples of possibility... very superior tapes." -From the Book Reader, "America's Most Independent Review of New Books"

"Marjorie Baker Price can help! I heartily recommend you contact her about setting up a workshop in your community, ordering her tapes, books and affirmation cards, and your opportunity for personal, telephone counseling." -Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

"I have attended and enjoyed Marjorie's bi-monthly support group for almost two years, experiencing a major shift in my life on every level. I now realize the relevance of the many learning experiences I gained over the months and how these are significant in my current growth and transformation." -Marie N.

"Student evaluations [of Marjorie]... were overwhelmingly positive and so many expressed the value of their experiences. On behalf of the Leadership Week planning team, thank you again for making this a successful week." -Terry Martinez, Leadership Week [1997], Office of the Dean of Students, Wells College

"Guided imagery and relaxation training provided by Marjorie Baker Price were consistently evaluated highly by patients in the program. She adapted her methods to meet the unique needs of persons in recovery." -Douglas L. Bufano, PhD., CAC, CRC Former Director, NYS Certified Alcoholism Outpatient Clinic

Marjorie Baker Price
P.O. Box 68015
Rochester, NY 14618
United States
Phone 585-244-6210
Fax 585-244-6210 *

Fun & Healthy Lifestyles
Yoga classes, meditiation, reiki, weekend retreats, health and fitness, wellness coaching, mind body spirit classes, helping you find balance in your life. Namaste
Casey Samuel
P.O. Box 408
Dumont, CO 80436
United States
Phone 303-567-2330

Rev. Michele Lessirard, C.Ht.
Michele offers shamanic counseling. . .sharing journeys through creative play fostering community, healing and empowerment.

She is a wayshower and a transformer. An Artist and a Dreamer. Shared journeys is a heart centered process using shamanic journeywork and breathwork, extraction healing, soul retrieval and divination. Michele trained with Sandra Ingerman in Soul Retrieval and is a Medicine for the Earth Teacher.
Fort Lauderdale
Michele Bailey-Lessirard

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317-3209
United States
Phone (954)791-9541
Fax (954)791-9541

Rocky Mt. Retreats & Workshops for the Mind & Spirit
Do you need to get away and relax, and look at your health, spiritual and life goals? Come away to our mountainside B&B Retreat near Estes Park (Rocky Mt. National Park) and attend one of our Workshops which are educational, fun, warm and friendly. Enjoy a 4-day weekend; fee covers workshop or treatments, lodging, and fresh meals (as indicated). WORKSHOPS: =Creative Writing= =Journaling= Creativity exercises and art are often a part of the workshops. RETREATS: The Wellness Retreat offers a treatment each day and lots of time to relax, go on walks and hikes, maybe some horseback riding or shopping in the quaint town of Estes.
Lyons (near Estes Park)
Kathleen Spring
P. O. Box 512
Lyons (near Estes Park), CO 80540
United States
Phone 303-823-0997

Light Touch Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Guidance/Counseling, Dream Analysis, Energy Repatterning, Intuitive Healing Therapy, Chakra Balancing
West Fargo
Carol Fritz-Saville

West Fargo, ND 58078
United States
Phone 701-282-0678

Struggling with accepting life changes? When there's no going back, the course “Starting Life Over” guides you through dark days to a brighter future.
A restlessness that won’t go away? Tools to re-assess your life, let go of the old, let the new emerge.
Stuck? Get unstuck here!
Experience a true metamorphosis!
Twelve week program (by e-mail) includes journal writing, resources, information and support.

Beverley Howden
155 2401 Cliffe Ave
Courtenay, BC V9N 2G9
Phone 250-897-0992