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Indigo Children
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Amy Vaughan / Living Limu / Give your body the nutrition it needs with LIMU and FUCOIDAN!!!
Original Limu™ is a liquid nutritional food supplement that is used to supplement the diet in the same way as wheat grass juice or aloe vera juice, both of which also have dozens of beneficial nutrients present in them. Original Limu™ simply happens to contain over 70 different nutrients. Unlike synthetic dietary supplements, Original Limu™ contains no added vitamins or minerals, just naturally occurring nutrients provided by Mother Nature ... so there's no need to worry about upsetting the body's delicate nutritional balance.

83% of each serving of Original Limu™ is reconstituted pure Tongan Limu obtained using a proprietary extraction process, blended with papaya puree, mango puree, apple concentrate and pear concentrate.

In addition to typical naturally-occurring quantities of beneficial vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, polyphenols, glyconutrients (glucose, fucose, galactose, mannose and xylose) and alginate, the proprietary Tongan Limu extract we use also contains an abundance of fucoidan. Research indicates that it is the presence of this powerful substance that differentiates Original Limu™ from other food supplements. Fucoidan, which is not found in land-based plants, is cited in over 650 studies found in the U.S. National Library of Medicine's PubMed database at www.pubmed.gov. This body of research appears to explain, in part, many of the fascinating anecdotal reports we have received from Original Limu™ users since the product has been on the market.

Please note that Original Limu™ is simply a nutritional food supplement, and The Limu Company makes no medical claims whatsoever regarding its efficacy. Furthermore, we do not fully understand exactly why so many people report such fantastic results when using it. However, anecdotal reports from thousands of people using our Original Limu™ nectar indicate many remarkable benefits without adverse side effects.

From a practical standpoint, the real-life anecdotal results experienced by thousands of Original Limu™ users here in the United States, combined with thousands of years of Limu use by the natives of Tonga, indicates a wide variety of exceptional health benefits without adverse side effects. We believe that it is the fucoidan in the product - not the other ingredients - that is primarily responsible for these amazing benefits.

Amy Vaughan

Arvada, CO 80005
United States
Phone (303) 456-0127

Ann Marie
Ann Marie, Certified Intuitive 36 years, shares her Divination gift with you. Tarot Channelings on Career, Romance, Creative Ventures and Politically Incorrect Hurtles are available. Give just your first name. See 9000+ Client Feedbacks. Energy Channeling’s on your Dreams and Angels are available. Crossing Over Phenomena will be carefully analyzed. Choose a Psychic Phone Reading, Email Reading or have a Psychic Computer Chat. Pay through Pay Pal, Keen or Kasamba. Don't believe a reading on an unseen future, without first asking for a reading on your present life. Your privacy is sacred.

Ann Marie O'Dell

United States

Charlotte Reznick PhD, Imagery For Kids
Helping children and adolescents develop the emotional skills for a happy and successful life through the power of their imagination.

Imagery For Kids works with children and teens to face the challenges and stresses of the 21st Century. Imagery For Kids gently and effectively teaches children how to help themselves by using the positive power of their imagination to understand and manage their feelings, creatively solve problems, and strengthen their self-esteem.

Dr. Reznick's therapeutic CDs, "Discovering Your Special Place" and "Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond," soothing guided journeys to inner peace, have been listened to and loved by thousands of young children, adolescents, and adults alike.
Los Angeles
Charlotte Reznick PhD
11911 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 240
Los Angeles, CA 90049
United States
Phone 310-889-7859

Gr. Chandra's Spiritual Healing Inc.
Cathy Parenti-Hammad
1237 E Susan Lane
Tempe, AZ 86281
United States

Healing Works
Healing Works offers counseling services for children, teens and adults for many issues including relationship and family issues, trauma/abuse, recovery/codependency, depression or a sense of spiritual confusion.

* art therapy * psychodrama * play therapy

* sand tray therapy * bibliotherapy/workbooks

Group therapy is offered from time to time, especially our PowerKids groupr for obese children ages 9 to 13.

Also, specialized workshops offered regularly for professionals/healers to nurture and recognize them and their growth needs. CEUs are offered at times.

Weekend retreats are offered several times throughout the year, including our Couples Connection Weekend Retreat.
Anne K. Crothers, M. Ed.

, 18102
United States
Phone 610-432-2168

Indigo Soul
Our true Self is much grander and more glorious than most of us can imagine. I have committed myself to helping others remove the obstacles that stand between them and their being all they came to the planet to be. Rooted in the "old ways", I offer various healing modalities and classes for personal empowerment and support towards that goal.
Redwood City
Shawn Jones

Redwood City, CA 94062
United States
Phone 650-366-1565

Lisa Bellini
Lisa Bellini is an internationally known Indigo Expert. Being an indigo forerunner, herself, Lisa grew up as an intuitive spiritual channel. This brought her to expand her abilities and she is now a medical intuitive energy healer, Ordained Minister, speaker, and teacher, Rieki Master, Crystal Healer Master, Guide on Holistic Wellness, freelance writer, Indigo child and adult Advocate and consultant. In 2006 she founded the Crystal Healing Foundation and created Peace Day / Kids Way to create public awareness for the Indigo Children.

Lisa is producing a documentary designed to assist others in understanding the Indigo Energy and has participated in an International Documentary on the Indigo Children. Lisa is a graduate of the Spiritual Mystery School and has developed and channeled in a new healing modality for those of indigo energy and holistic practioners and is available to everyone. Lisa holds classes and support groups for parents and teachers of Indigo Children.

Lisa is an intuitive channel with a gift of foresight, who is here for the love and growth of humanity. Lisa has been channeling and spiritually counseling for over 20 years. Lisa knows how difficult it is to raise an Indigo Child, but more importantly, Lisa knows what it is like to be an Indigo Child.

Lisa has been a guest speaker on Home Grown Radio, NJ, Seeing beyond with Bonnie, interviewed by Maria Clara Magazine of Milan, Italy and at Essex County College.

Lisa now has her own radio show dedicated to the Indigo Children and Forerunners. Lisa believes that if we help on person at a time, we can make a difference and create a better world.

Lisa Bellini
171 W. Main St
Rockaway, NJ 07866
United States
Phone 908-963-2628

Rebecca Armstrong C.C.Ht.
The mind and body are designed to move you towards wellness. Through tools of hypnosis, emdr, and counseling, I help adults, adolescents, and faimilies remove blocks, heal traumas and discomforts, and build resources and skills that help you create and realize a life you love.
Rebecca Armstrong C.C.Ht.
80 Garden Center, Ste. 220
Broomfield, CO 80020
United States
Phone 303-241-1848

Sarah Wood
This website offers tools for parents who are searching for perspectives on family spirituality. These tools are by no means a complete form or spirituality for your family. They are meant to complement what you already practice as a family. These tools include meditation techniques that help children find their own form of peace, promote better physical health and lead them to a better understanding of who they are. These meditations for children also help strengthen parent-child relationships when parents and children practice them together.
Sarah Wood
22 C New Leicester Highway, #159
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
Phone 828-242-0680