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Angela Monti Fox, LCSW
Birthing with Hypnosis allows you to create an atmosphere of

intimacy and privacy for you and your birth partner to share

in this most important life even. Our childbirth education

course provides you with essential training in self hypnosis

so that you can birth your baby without pain and fear.

Birthing with Hypnosis will give you the best possible

chance for a natural unmedication labor and birthing.

Group and Individual sessions may be insurance reimbursable.

Home study course in this alternative birthing approach is

also available through our website.

New York
Angela Fox, LCSW
20 West 20 Street, #311
New York, NY 10011
United States
Phone 1-800-414-6274 or 646-519-1076

Debra Burns Troy
I am a certified advanced clinical Hypnocounselor, and am also certified through The HypnoBirthing Institute as a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator(HBCE)and Fertility Enhancement Specialist (HBFS.) I currently teach HypnoBirthing classes privately to one couple at a time in New Jersey at my office, Integrative Wellness Services where I also do private clinical hypnosis for I.B.S., Fibromyalgia, Fertility Enhancement, Pain control, Anxiety and Phobias, Allergy Elimination and much more.

HypnoBirthing is a birthing method that most closely mirrors nature, gives the mother to be and her birthing companion confidence, connectedness and greater comfort before, during and after labor. HypnoBirthing babies are often born calmer, sleep and eat more easily and seem to produce babies with happier dispositions.

HypnoBirthing also has been useful in turning breech babies and releasing fears associated with birth often from external "well meaning" sources such as relatives, friends and the media.

No matter where you choose to have your baby HypnoBirthing gives you the best state of the art tools to "let go to your birthing body" and have the best birth you possibly can.

Debra Troy
62 North Main Street Suit A
Lambertville, NJ 08530
United States
Phone 609) 397-1844

Eric Heydemann
Eric Heydemann
50 West Montgomery Ave Suite 115
Rockville, MD 20850
United States
Phone 410-382-5437
Fax 666-2729

Hypnotherapy For You
“If you can imagine the birth you want, You can achieve it.”

“If you dream the birth you want, You can have it.”

Victoria uses her hypnotherapy skills with clients seeking stress management, pre/post surgical anxiety relief, speedy recovery from injuries or surgery, restful sleep, and easy and comfortable childbirth.

As a Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor, Victoria teaches a 5 week "complete childbirth education course" which includes techniques from Master Hypnotist Gerald Kein's famous Painless Childbirth program for expectant mothers and their partners.

Please see http://www.hypnotherapy4u.us and www.faerytalebirthing.com

Victoria Allen, C.Ht, HCHI
PO Box 10697
Burbank, CA 91510
United States
Phone 866-706-2229

Joyce Moxley Thomas, MHA, CPM
AquaNatal Birth Spa invites you to enjoy the essential pregnancy care experience!

Nestled among the most beautiful new areas in Chino Hills on the edge of the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire, a Sanctuary for the most special time in a woman's life.

Experience this exquisite pampering during your pregnancy, with techniques and products developed for your comfort and safety.

You can enjoy the ultimate birth experience with licensed midwives.

We provide comprehensive prenatal care -- our visits are at least 1/2 hour! You may choose from waterbirth, VBAC, homebirth. And we have the following excellent opportunities for learning about birth, networking with other pregnancy couples, and new mothers:

* Hypnobabies Complete Childbirth Education

(limited to 6 couples, new class begins every

6 weeks). Call 909-591-2924 for registration or go to www.Amazing-Babies.com

* AquaNatal Pregnancy/Birth water exercises -

1 hour every Tuesday and Thursday morning at

the new Ivy Gardens Senior Clubhouse -- indoor

heated pool! Warm water provides great

benefits for your pregnancy!

Call 909-591-2924 for registration.

* BellyDance for Birth - Dance the oldest dance,

developed thousands of years ago for childbirth preparation! Really! Held every Wednesday and Friday morning at the Delight Dance Studio, 13788 Roswell Ave, Chino, CA Call 909-591-2924 to register.

* Breastfeeding Cafe - Every Monday morning! 9am-10am at the Tea Station, 13788 Roswell Avenue. Meet other breastfeeding moms, share ideas & solutions, hang out with new and experienced moms. Casual, no registration required. We'll be there -- hope to see you, too!
Joyce Thomas
13768 Roswell Avenue #209
Chino, CA 91710
United States
Phone 909-591-2924


Silver Spring
Laura Marks
804 Tanley Road
Silver Spring, MD 20904
United States