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Grief Therapy - Healing Arts
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A Power Journey Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy helps you enhance health and well-being by using the power of your mind to create release of negative patterns and messages so you can feel the FREEDOM of letting go. I am a certified hypnotherapist practicing 5PATH hypnosis, EFT and other modalities to free you from the blocks to your success. I help you get to the root cause of your discomfort and neutralize it so that your symptoms release and are gone forever.
Los Angeles
Lynda Malerstein, C . Ht.
2211 Corinth Ave. #309
Los Angeles, CA 90064
United States
Phone 310.228.3160

Ace, Tricia, MFT - Psychotherapy, Berkeley & San Francisco
Specializing in psychotherapy with individuals who wish to create lasting, positive changes in their lives and relationships.

My personal style is interactive, empathic, and respectful of individual values. I am bicultural and enjoy working with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Some of the issues I can help with are depression, anxiety, grief & loss, relationship problems, self esteem, family-of-origin issues, bicultural concerns, life transitions/adjusting to change, academic concerns/career choices. I especially enjoy working with younger adults (20s/30s) and those who are new to therapy. I have specialized training and experience in grief counseling.

For additional information (including insurance and other frequently asked questions) please visit my website: http://www.TriciaAce.com

Call or email me with questions or to set up an initial appointment.
Tricia Ace
115 Sansome St.., San Francisco (Financial District) and 1760 Solano Ave., Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94707
United States
Phone 415/281-8464

Amplified Prayer Therapy, Inc.
APT offers The Healing Church program to congregations and teaches The Jesus Healing System to other groups such as HIV/AIDS, hospice, fibromyalgia support, etc. who want to start a healing circle or other form of hands-on healing group. For more information, see www.amplifiedprayer.com or email mvh@amplifiedprayer.com (please include JHS in subject of message).
Michael Van Hecke
P.O. Box 1228
Davidson, NC 28036
United States

Animal Communicator, Judie Herman
All animals communicate with pictures, feelings, or words. I provide you with insights and recommendations to help resolve any issues, behavioral problems, nutritional questions or questions you might have about alternative therapies.
I will help you enhance your loving relationship and learn more about your animal companion’s point of view.
Judie Herman
POBOX 381052
United States
Phone 941-456-9331

Balance U
I use a holistic approach that integrates mind, body and spirit into our work together. Talk helps to clarify issues and insights and energy and body work gently lets go of blocked energy. Sessions include all of the above and are tailor made for each client. Can work in person or long distance.
James Colvin, M.Div.
111 Quimby St.
Westfield, NJ 07090
United States
Phone 908-233-8698

BayStar EquiCenter
Bay Star EquiCenter is a place to Explore, Discover and Learn about yourself and others in a friendly, relaxed country setting. After discussing your goals we will design an activity to be completed using a horse or horses. Horses are able to reflect our true emotions back to us thereby creating metaphors which can assist in greater self understanding and enlightenment. The experience will be yours to define and interpret as you wish. Our staff will be guiding you but not determining the outcome. Because there is no riding and all activities are done on the ground, it is a safe, fun environment to explore what our gentle giants have to offer. Whether you want to just have some fun with friends or seriously explore an issue we can accommodate you. If you are in therapy and would like to include your therapist in a session we can do that. We also have a mental health specialist on staff as well. Please visit our website for a complete listing of our services and don't forget to visit the testimonial page to see what others said about their experience! Please call with questions-we would love to hear from you.
Loni Sander
Shandon, Ohio
Shandon, OH 45063
United States
Phone 513-738-4463

Bernd C. Leygraf
Sacromonte 4, Granada
Bernd Leygraf
c/Patio de la Acequia, Urb Carmenes S. Miguel
Sacromonte 4, Granada, 18010
Phone 958270334

Beyer Yvonne
Holistic/transpersonal psychotherapy-
Client oriented and body based therapies
Trauma work related to past and present abuse (physical, verbal, sexual) and Addictions Counseling with emphasis of family of origin dysfunctions and abuse.
I believe one way of coming back to center and HOME to your authentic self is through the inner wisdom of your own body's memories. In facilitating your process, I use various modalities, such as EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Focusing, meditation, art and play, and body-based therapies. Please contact my website @ www.earthcirclescounseling.com
Yvonne Beyer
560 Oakland Ave
Oakland, CA 94611
United States
Phone 510-601-1929
Fax 510-601-1947

Brenda Russell, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Brenda Russell, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Frisco, TX and Dallas, TX specializing in Women's issues, grief/bereavement counseling, marriage and relationship therapy. She also specializes in working with teenagers and their families.

Brenda Russell
6924 Main St
Frisco, TX 75034
United States

Centering (TM) Tools for Self-Healing and Development
Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Development offers a unique, integrated approach to helping people heal, develop, and reach their peak performance, both professionally and personally.

Centering Tools include:

* relaxation, imagery, and meditation

* hypnotherapy

* present and past life regression

* inner child, breaking addictions, and recovery therapies

* reiki, energetic healing, and therapeutic touch

* crisis intervention and grief counseling

* behavioral and insight-oriented counseling

* journaling and creative expression techniques

* stress management, wellness and lifestyle balancing

* shamanic healing and Goddess work

* channeling and intuitive/spiritual counseling practices

* multiple related groups and workshops, including Level I, II, and III Reiki certification; channeling and oversoul; ongoing women's spirituality groups (for complete current listing, visit "my events")

* guided meditation and hypnosis healing, development and achievement audio books and courses (for complete description and to order, visit "view products")


"There are many tapes on meditation, visualization, contemplation.Price is a Registered Nurse and a hypnotherapist with wide background in health care and creative writing.She speaks well. Her voice creates ripples of possibility... very superior tapes." -From the Book Reader, "America's Most Independent Review of New Books"

"Marjorie Baker Price can help! I heartily recommend you contact her about setting up a workshop in your community, ordering her tapes, books and affirmation cards, and your opportunity for personal, telephone counseling." -Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

"I have attended and enjoyed Marjorie's bi-monthly support group for almost two years, experiencing a major shift in my life on every level. I now realize the relevance of the many learning experiences I gained over the months and how these are significant in my current growth and transformation." -Marie N.

"Student evaluations [of Marjorie]... were overwhelmingly positive and so many expressed the value of their experiences. On behalf of the Leadership Week planning team, thank you again for making this a successful week." -Terry Martinez, Leadership Week [1997], Office of the Dean of Students, Wells College

"Guided imagery and relaxation training provided by Marjorie Baker Price were consistently evaluated highly by patients in the program. She adapted her methods to meet the unique needs of persons in recovery." -Douglas L. Bufano, PhD., CAC, CRC Former Director, NYS Certified Alcoholism Outpatient Clinic

Marjorie Baker Price
P.O. Box 68015
Rochester, NY 14618
United States
Phone 585-244-6210
Fax 585-244-6210 *

Cheryl Kaper
Currently, I regularly lead workshops, as well as maintaining private practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I've been teaching students ages 3 to 89 for over 30 years. Currently, my focus is on grief recovery as well as personal growth.

"Cheryl Kaper is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider."
Cheryl Kaper
DBA Human Relations Center 970C Mill Pond Road North
Valparaiso, IN 46385
United States
Phone 219-462-6109

christine m. zimbelmann

new york
christine zimbelmann

new york, NY
United States
Phone (212) 627-1626

Creative Healing Arts
LIVE Your BIRTHRIGHT with PASSION! Hypnosis, NLP, Awareness Counselor, Archetypal Astrologer, Past Life Regression ~ Couples, Individuals ~ Shamanic Soul Retreival, Women's & Men's Issues, Eating disorders, Grief, Sexual Issues, Addictions and Transpersonal Awareness Coaching to forward my clients into Profound Results!!

Hello this is Stephanie Stone. My job as an Transpersonal Awareness Counselor is to assist you concisely past your issues & into your lifepath's calling. To guide and awaken you to all the possibilites you have at your disposal! Within each of us there is a knowing of who we are. That knowing gets buried with all life's pains and wounds. My work is to assist you in accessing that knowing & actualize it. Allowing you to live your vision,your purpose in awareness, moment to moment. This is not therapy as normally experienced in our society. It is a process of owning & actualizing the full expression of Your soul's gift.~

I work with all issues

Stephanie Stone has been a Transpersonal Awareness Counselor for over 26 years. Her deep study of human growth has taken her through many healing and leading theraputic modalities. Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mediation Consulting, Gestalt, Energetic healing, Psychodrama, Emotional Body Healing, Awareness Work Archetypal Astrology & Tantra.

Van Nuys, CA
Stephanie Stone
5843 Buffalo
Van Nuys, CA, CA 91401
United States
Phone 818 988 9451

Cristal Essence
Dawn Critchley practices Namikoshi Shiatsu and teaches and practices Tera Mai Reiki. Working on the West Island of Montreal, she offers treatments that are uniquely designed for individual needs for stress management, pain relief, energy and chakra balancing, and healing work. Many clients find the combination treatments of Acupressure, Reiki and Sotai (used to promote body alignment) to be very beneficial.

Shamanic journeying is used to find your power animals or guides when requested. Dawn also offers Grief Therapy and Emotional Release.

Please see website for more information.

Baie D'Urfe
Dawn Critchley
90 rue Morgan, Suite 205
Baie D'Urfe, QC H9X 3A8
Phone 514-947-1346

Croydon Kemp - Spiritual Counselor, Shaman
Croydon Kemp comes to this work as a result of a 30 year search for his power and life work. He spent many years in the Corporate world and also owned and managed several business ventures. In 2003 Croydon entered into the Four Winds School and continues on his learning and healing journey every day.
Sturgeon Bay
Croydon Kemp
P.O. Box 150
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
United States
Phone 1-920-743-2800
Fax 1-920-746-5303

Deborah Angyo Gorman M.A., M.F.A.
The Year to Live Project offers ongoing workshops in Richmond, Ca. (Bay Area) as well as on line coaching, classes and Ethical Wills. To learn more about these offerings go to www.deborahangyogorman.com or email me at artransforms@aol.com
Deborah Angyo Gorman

Richmond, CA 94804
United States

Dennis Atkinson, Hypnotherapy
Dennis Atkinson
2801 Waterman Blvd., suite 190
Fairfield, CA 94534
United States
Phone 707 428-3444
Fax 707 428-4679

Diane Lynn Gelinas, M.S.W., CH
Southern New Hampshire. Close to Boston, Portsmouth, Concord and Manchester N.H. . Traditional Reiki taught, tuition fees reduced. Monthly Healing Circle/Reiki Clinic. Private and group hypnosis sessions for weight loss, smoking, stress, past life regression, conquering fears, and more. Emotional Freedom Technqiue, Meditation Classes, and Manifesting Workshops.
Diane Lynn Gelinas
Canida (Southern) New Hampshire
Candia, NH 03034
United States
Phone 603-483-0132

Dr. David Hanson, TFT-Dx, RM
Dr. Hanson specializes in the RAPID treatment of anxiety, stress, and personal problems causing emotional pain.

"RAPID treatment" means that the problems being treated are resolved VERY QUICKLY - - sometimes in just one treatment.

TFT is a modern therapy based on ancient acupuncture principles - - although needles are NOT used in this therapy. THIS THERAPY OFTEN WORKS COMPLETELY WHEN NO OTHER THERAPY WILL.

It is a revolutionary technique that provides rapid, effective, natural, drug-free help for:

• Anxiety

• Child Abuse Victims

• Panic / Anxiety Attacks

• Irrational Fears

• Guilt

• War & Other Traumas

• Public Speaking

• Phobias

• Anger

• Love Pain and Grief


• Rape Trauma

• Fear of Heights and Flying

• Self-Sabotage

• Rejection

• Sexual Problems

• Surgical / Medical / Dental Fears

David Hanson
9311 Bridgeport Way SW
Lakewood, WA 98467
United States
Phone 253-202-2959

Dr. Karin Granstrom
The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® (RSM®) is a gentle but powerful mind-body-spirit approach to personal growth, stress reduction and healing. Its unique essence is the simultaneous use of gentle touch, imagery, reflective listening and dialogue.

These ingredients work synergistically, and many individuals, who have found regular talk therapy ineffective, have been able to quickly access and work through core issues with this body-centered therapy.

Emotions that we suppress or deny do not go away. They stay inside and affect our health and well-being. When you feel stuck in life and sense a need for change, your own body can be trusted as an invaluable source of wisdom.

With RSM you learn to listen to the body. Body awareness gets you in touch with your essence, your authentic self, and allows you to experience deep relaxation. Decoding the messages of aches and pains, tension and fatigue helps you resolve old issues, reconnect to your inner power and find clarity and inspiration.

A typical RSM session is an inward journey in a safe environment. You'll remain fully clothed, comfortably sitting in a chair or lying on a padded table. You'll experience deep relaxation, new body awareness and a sense of calm.

Karin Granstrom

Seattle, WA 98115
United States
Phone 206-706-3744
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