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Dr. Cynthia Juday, DVM, CVA
Learn how to process your grief and transform your life in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

Recovery from pet loss workshop is a weekend long empowering experience to learn how to heal from the grief of loss of a pet.

Do You.…

Feel “stuck” in sadness or stress yet don’t know how to escape from it?

Still grieve the loss of your pet?

Wish you could feel better but don’t know how?

Feel uncomfortable in support groups where you talk about your feelings?

Recovery from Pet Loss Workshops can be the solution. See our web page at www.Recovery-From-Loss.com

How is this workshop different from others?

Taught by a holistic veterinarian;

Uses expressive arts to enhance inner vision and healing;

Uses both private introspection and group dynamics;

Provides tools for continued healing after the workshop;

Establishes a safe environment for personal processing

Provides a positive pathway for personal transformation.

Cynthia Juday
19626 Swedetown Rd.
Clatskanie, OR 97016
United States
Phone 503-728-3330
Fax 503-728-3330

Frances Payn EFT Professional
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) was originally designed to reduce the psychotherapy process from months and years down to minutes and hours. From there it was discovered that astonishing physical healings also occurred. Symptoms faded for everything from Migraine Headaches to Cancer. Complete details are given on the EFT website at: http://www.emofree.com/a/?777

It often works where nothing else will.
Frances Payn
3008 Justamere Lane
Tampa, FL 33624
United States
Phone 813-933-6575

Karen Furr
Karen is a former Franciscan Sister living in Kingman, Arizona. Her love of Spirit and devotion to the healing charism of Jesus has led her into the way of alternative healing through Shamanism and Reiki. For her there is no separation of the realities of seen and unseen, and her work as a healer is rooted in the belief that it is not what we "do" that heals, but what we allow ourselves to become. As Jesus taught, the realm of the Divine is within each of us and it is there that we can access the infinite compassion of Mystery. It does not matter what tradition we are emersed in, but that we encounter that Mystery and Spirit within.

Karen holds a Masters degree in Social Work and has devoted much of her life to working with those who have experienced economic poverty, as well as abuse, addictions, homelessness and trauma.

As a Shamanic healer and Reiki Master Teacher, Karen understands wellness from a perspective of balancing essential power. Her work in alternative healing has met with success in providing the opportunity for people to heal in ways that working solely in "3-D" (as she calls it) cannot allow.

Karen is a former member of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. As a former Catholic sister, she walks the path of the mystic and healer, seeking and facilitating healing for self, community and the planet. She is aware that it is in bringing Light into the world that healing and wholeness can happen. She is excited about the emerging paradigm of Oneness and welcomes the challenge and movement of this evolution of Spirit.
Karen Furr
POB 4342
Kingman, AZ 86402
United States
Phone 928-606-4611

House, Soul & Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Shamanic practitioner, Soul Retrieval, Paranormal Investigator and worker, Portland,OR

The ancient arts of Ghost (spirit releasing), Space Clearing, Energy Clearing, Feng Shui, Shamanism & Dowsing are all tools I use to rid your home, self or business of unwanted negative energy.They are tools to help you.Shift The Energy - Change Your Life!

We have all walked into a home or business and felt like we wanted to leave or were immediately uncomfortable. You might even feel flu like symptoms in places, or around people who make you feel uncomfortable. We sometimes decide not to buy or rent a home or apartment because we don't like the way they "feel." Noxious vortexes or earth energies

can make you feel sick, angry and confused. Then we have predecessor energy, if you move into a home where there was divorce or a business that failed it is likely you will take on that energy.

Feng Shui/Space Clearing and soul retrieval can help you get a clean start. It is energetic clutter clearing.

We work with the Paranormal but do more than investigate, we will help release the spirits or ghost that are causing the activity.

We believe in ghosts and do not need to prove them to anyone. Many people have experiences with "Ghosts" , entities or thought forms .

You might feel a coldness in a room. The hair on the back of your neck stands up.There can be unusual smells, sounds or events that take place.My team and I are skilled in knowing the difference between these energies and helping trapped souls to cross in a gentle and kind way.
Happy Valley
Sharon Sinclair
10010 SE Vrandenburg Road
Happy Valley , OR 97086
United States

Spirit Medium Laura Socas
A Mediumship Reading Session is filled with emotions and healing. You are going to have the opportunity to hear from a deceased loved one (a friend, family member or a pet).

The deceased loved ones are eager to communicate with you as much as you are to communicate with them. They want to let you know they are doing well, that they are with you, and any other message they want you to know.

My mission is to help people reconnect with those who have passed on, bringing the messages from their deceased loved ones, and the opportunity to say good bye -- assuring them that life goes beyond the physical body, and that we are going to reunite with our deceased loves ones, when it's our time to go.

I have the ability to communicate with the Other Side, with a combination of clairvoyance (clear seeing); clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling).

The session may be digitally recorded on MP3 or WAV format upon request, at no extra cost. I will email you a link for downloading the reading. Then you may burn it to a CD or add it to your music library for use on their iPod‚ or MP3 player.

You can also have your sitting recorded on CD and mailed to you rather than the free MP3 download. There is an additional $12.00 charge for this service which includes shipping & handling. MP3's, CD‚ and cassette tape recordings are not guaranteed, therefore I highly recommend you to take notes during the session.

Mediumship readings are available in person or by phone -- with the exact same results, by appointment.

Extra participants: Up to two extra participants are allowed to connect with the same deceased loved one for an extra fee of $40 per extra participant. The session time is increased to 1 hour and 30 minutes. For more than two extra participants please see Private Family Group Session.

In the case of parents trying to connect with a deceased child, no extra charge will be made for attending together to the same session.
Laura Socas
Third Line & Pine Glen area.
Oakville, Ontario L6M0C6
Phone 905-9011471

Star of the Way Shower - Spiritual Guidance & Healing
Tapping into our many psychic and multi-dimensional gifts and experiencing Divinity is each soul's birthright. Our range of services can increase clarity and light in the energy body, leading to natural progressions of spiritual healing and development including opening of psychic gifts. Feeling seperate from source can be healed. Self mastery is a result self-healing. As we heal ourselves we also heal our Mother the Earth.

Star of the Wayshower provides the following services: Grand Master Teacher of Golden Isis Sekhmet Secheim, in person or via distance. The Holy Grail Annointing Rite Channeled by The Great White Motherhood, and initiation into "The Divine Order of the Rose". Egyptian Shamanic Energy Healing via Golden Isis Sekhmet Secheim, Tarot and Spiritual Guidance Readings, Energy Healing Sessions, Spiritual and Psychic Development Course Work, and "Tarot as a Modern Day Mystery School" tarot course. All services available in person and via distance.

Nancy Fanara-Berrian, Grand Master G
Chicopee, MA
Chicopee, MA 01020
United States
Phone 413-636-3454

Transition Guide Training
This Transition Guide Training Program for Trainers is a 6 week self-study course with an optional weekend certification course (offered monthly) teaching the art of conscious dying from the near death experience perspective. An ideal course for intuitive healers who are interested in expanding their clientel to include terminally ill and dying clients. If you already do reiki, massage, yoga, light/energy healing, acupuncture, hypnotherapy; if you already balance charkas, cleanse auras, work with angels and spirit guides; if you are already highly intuitive; or if you have had a near death experience or other spiritual experience, teaching others to become Transition Guides by integrating it into your current modality is a natural progression. Students will learn a method to teach others the Art of Conscious Dying into the Clear Light, which includes a breathing/meditation/relaxation exercise, guided imagery to do a life review including forgiveness and gratitude work, and how to help a person write their own personal Guidebook to the Light. Those who complete the certification course will be licensed to teach others to become Transition Guides for the dying.

Certification also includes web directory listing, discount on licensed training materials (textbooks and CDs), and follow up support to develop your own program.

Self-Study Course $60 USD (Training Manual and audio CDs)

Certification Course Level 1 (6+ hours) - Transition Guide Trainer: $201 USD

Certification Course Level 2 (6 months) -Transition Guide Master Trainer: $381 USD

For more information, go to www.transitionguidetraining.org
Diane Goble
14774 Bluegrass Loop
Sisters, OR 97759
United States
Phone 310-489-0862

Wellness Workers Holistic Health LLC
Wellness Workers teaches a full range of holistic healing courses and programs at many local Camden and Burlington County New Jersey college and community sites. You can choose to expand your holistic health education by registering for our certification courses in Reiki I, II or III, or our introductory Reflexology, Shiatsu, Massage, Aromatherapy or Crystals Healing classes. Take up Yoga, or Tai Chi, QiGong or Belly Dance and integrate these practices into your lifestyle for increased energy for everyday living. Learn how to work with your angels and spiritual guides. For a schedule of Wellness Workers Programs, call 856-435-3427. Experience an individual massage, intuitive energy sessions, hypnosis, guided imagery, Aura Reading, Bionic Foot Detox sessions, or Reiki one-to-one healing sessions in Haddonfield, Cherry Hill and other Southern NJ locations. Call our office at 856-435-3427 for referral to integrative health practitioners offering services such as stress management, nutrition counseling, aromatherapy, shiatsu, reflexology, swedish and deep tissue massage, Reiki, shiatsu/ acupressure, self empowerment, and energy healing sessions.

PO Box 191
Berlin, NJ 08009
United States
Phone 856-435-3427
Fax 856-988-7426