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Chef to Go
Chef to Go offers online ordering and meal delivery to the Seattle and Eastside areas. We specialize in Whole Foods and offer both a Spa and Restaurant portion size. We also offer a Nutritional Cleanse and Detox with meal support with a 9 day or 30 day system. We offer an organic/free range option.

We offer weekly meal delivery to your home, office or gym. Order online at http://www.mychefdelivers.com
Debra Lane

Bothell, WA 98021
United States

Dr. Elizabeth Guimont, Chiropractic Physician
www.thechirostore.com carries vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies, braces, pillows, aromatherapy and essential oils. Get the free report on NATURAL FLU AND COLD REMEDIES and another report on MAKING YOUR OWN NATURAL MOISTURIZER.

Elizabeth Guimont
6284 NE Brighton St.
Hillsboro, OR 97124
United States
Phone 503/640-8032
Fax 503/640-6901

Dr. Paul Conyette, N.M.D.
The Yuma clinic is one of two centers in the state that belong to Arizona Prenentive Medicine Clinics,(APMC). The clinic's focus is to blend various disciplines of science and medicine by merging conventional therapeutic methods with wellness treatment options. My goal is to demystify the whole concept of medicine and to teach you how to take a proactive role in your health. I use cutting edge technology to root out the causes of your illness. I believe in supporting your immune system, improving your energy, and helping you achieve a higher state of welleness.
Paul Conyette

Yuma, AZ 85364
United States
Phone 928-782-1379

Edgar A. Guess Jr.,MD
We are an Integrative, Holistic and Alternative Wellness Center. Our Medical Director is a Board Certified Physician. Our Services include Complete Colon Therapy (Oral and Colonic Hydro-therapy), Detoxification Therapies, Cancer and HIV/AIDS Immune System Building, Weight-Loss and Management, Natural Hormone Replacement with out prescription drugs, Fibromyalgia Therapies, Male Potency, Acupuncture, Reflexology, etc. Nutritrional Supplements recommended rather than prescription drugs. Consultations with a Medical/Integrative Doctor Available.
Beverly Hills
Edgar Guess
328 S. Beverly Dr. Suite A
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
United States
Phone 800-311-9202
Fax 310-286-0797

Elysian Dream
Natural Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin and Chemical Sensitivity handmade using natural oils, butters and herbal infusions. We have a large selection of Fragrance Free products. Handmade Castile Liquid Soap. Olive Oil Liquid Soap. SuperMild Liquid Soap. These soaps are chemical free, fragrance free and preservative free. Great for Sensitive Skin or the Chemically Sensitive.
Trisha Kernan
13827 39th Dr NW
Tulalip, WA 98271
United States
Phone 360-652-1608

Feminine Options
Feminine Options offers our Comfort Curves™ washable cloth menstrual pads in organic cotton and cotton prints. Our leakproof Comfort Curves™ design offers a unique, original style for better comfort, fit, and use. We also offer the DivaCup re-usable menstrual cup; Oxy-Boost cleaner; the Fertility Tracker; Lunar Phase Chart; herbal and essential oil soaps, salves, tinctures, and perfumes; and books; with more products for your natural lifestyle coming.
Lisa Armstrong
207 Westview Ave.
Columbus, OH 43214
United States
Phone 614-477-1567

Good Living Enterprises
Good Living Enterprises offers top-of-the-line natural products for Health & Nutrition, Anti-aging, Skin & Hair Care, Diet & Weight Management, plus enzyme-based cleaning products, water filtration, oil/gasoline remediation and much more! For your convenience, our site offers a shopping cart so you can surf and shop at your leisure. New products and product lines are added often, so please check in regularly to see what's new!
Bryan Scott
5 Peaceful Lane
Charlton, MA 01507
United States
Phone 508-873-9149
Fax 775-890-8073

H3Environmental, Corp.
We offer environmental lifestyle products to help people create healthier, nurturing homes and environmentally friendly interior design services. We carry natural, metal free bed systems, water purification and non-toxic cleaning products.

Please visit our web site for more details.
Los Angeles
Mary Cordaro

Los Angeles, CA 91607
United States
Phone 818-766-1787
Fax 818-766-5882

Health Freedom Resources
The finest and most effective natural healing through cleansing, diet and herbal remedies. Providing both education and product support.
Ronald Radstrom
611 - D South Myrtle Ave.
Clearwater, FL
United States
Phone 727-443-7711
Fax 442-4139

Herb Cottage By The Sea
Our herbal furniture oils are high quality and nature based. They are the best product for all the wood in your home, and for the people who live, and visit there. Try them once, and you will use them always.

Available in three herbal scents:Lavenderwood, Country Rose, Rosemary and Roses

Mail Order Only.

Phone - (858)794-4998

Fax - (858)794-4067

Email - info@herbcottagebythesea.com

Wholesale inquires welcome!

Free brochures available

Del Mar
Charlene Magana
730 Ramona Place
Del Mar, CA 92014-3905
United States

ISIS Holistic Clinic
Confidential, caring and certified, we are the oldest holistic clinic in Boston. ISIS has successfully treated more than 3500 patients since 1944. 80% of our new patients are sent by someone we have already treated! We provide ever-evolving therapies beginning with a Personalized Holistic Assessment, a one hour private appointment with us to determine how best to help you. It includes Contact Reflex Analysis muscle testing, symptomology analysis and nutritional therapy. We provide many body therapies including colonic hydrotherapy, bodywork, internal detoxification programs, spa therapy, women's naturopathic advice, energetic healing.
K. Sterling Clickner
1652 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02445
United States
Phone 617-734-4708

Kathryn Radi, Co-Founder Foundation for a Healthy Ameri
I am a grass-roots activist, who's mission is to help people become more aware of thier health. Health can be defined as "when the body acts as it's supposed to to heal itself". Join me in this plight!! Our society is being brain-washed by big drug companies who come into our homes, telling us which drugs we need and why. I suffered incredible trauma from withdrawal from a very common prescription drug. I spend an entire six weeks in physical hell. After experiencing this nightmare, I decided to dedicate my time to telling people about the lies we are being fed by big money making entities. Our group meets every Saturday to discuss these issues. We are also marketing an all-natural health beverage in order to give people a different health option.
Kathryn Radi
W289 N8509 Northbay Rd
Hartland, WI 53029
United States
Phone 262-538-1018

Kurt D. Hawkins
Nutritional and Herbal counseling.
Have been an herbalist for over 25 years with emphasis on diet.
Currently work at a holistic clinic along with a naturopath, massage therapist and chiropractic acupunturist
Kurt Hawkins
1638 19th St
Parkersburg, WV 26101
United States
Phone 304-428-1024
Fax 304-4287431

Lila Waterman
Discover...wild crafted botanicals from deep within the pristine Amazon rainforest carefully blended into specific life energizing formulas that are recommended by holistic practitioners for humans and animals alike!

Make a difference in your life and in the lives of our indigenous partners in choosing products that contribute to planetary balance. Whether you choose our Health Pak that addresses the major body systems,the natural home cleaner or our pure skin care line, you will experience the difference-in your body,mind, and spirit.

For the eco-conscious entrepreneur: be involved in a business you can be proud of!
Lila Waterman

Moundsville, WV 26041
United States
Phone 888-810-1110

NuDa Ways to
FREE healing councel and mentoring to increase consciousness and acheive the perfect ALKALINE pH required for healing. Our goal is for you to eliminate emotional and energetic imbalances, understand their causes and the healing proccess. We offer information and new CHOICES to achieve and maintain the perfect ALKALINE pH. Recomendations are focused on the SEVEN ESSENTIAL AREAS of CHOICE and are meant to increase LIFE FORCE which is the body's healing power. You're the HEALER! We FACILITATE the proccess joyfully.
Jo Solem
PO Box 2353
Boulder, CO 80406-2353
United States
Phone 970-692-0128
Fax 449-3922

Perfect Waters, LLC
We provide full body evaluations via electrodermal screening and through radionics testing. We offer energy healing sessions through BioGenesis tools, both in person and remotely. In addition, we carry a line of bio-energetic products for balancing, detoxing and addressing specific healing issues for you, your pets and your home. We have seen people's success with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, lupus, MS, mercury/chemical toxicity, radiation and many other challenges. We also carry beauty and weight loss products.
New Lenox
Sue Mount
P.O. Box 162
New Lenox, IL 60451
United States
Phone 877-890-7709
Fax 877-890-7709

For over six years SAFEWASH has been supplying homes & businesses in the U.S. and 22 countries abroad with the most advanced hypoallergenic, earth friendly & cost effective laundry detergent alternative available today.

Whether your first concern is our planet’s clean water (I hope), allergies to detergents, fragrances & dyes, or just saving money (you save aprox. 70% over conventional laundry detergent, bleach & softener), our T-Wave Laundry Capsules & Tsunami Papaya Enzyme, with our 60 day, no-hassle money back guarantee is just right for you!

And now with EVERY set of T-Wave Laundry Capsules you purchase you receive a FREE QUART (that's our $14.95 retail size) of our Tsunami Papaya Enzyme!
Frank Yantosca
1426 John St
Baltimore, MD 21217-4222
United States
Phone 410.383.2063
Fax 383.0718

The Four Winds of Paradise Valley
The Four Winds is nestled in the very Heart of Paradise Valley, Montana. A beautiful walk-in metaphysical Gift Shop, customers, spiritual seekers, tourists and locals are greeted with lovely and interesting works of art and crafts from local artist and artisans. Artifcats from all over the world, including religious; one of a kind stautuary, jewelry, gemstones and natural rocks and crystals

Our Health Food Store promotes vibrant health, with authentic and integral information and with organic and elegant beauty products.

"on-site/mail order"

We are opened all year round and we delight in enhancing your Journey whether it be thru Paradise Valley or Yellowstone Park, thru Cyberspace and the E-shop Phenomenon...or simply thru Life!

Everyday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Service Area:
International/Worldwide Mail Order
Brands Carried: top quality,
Organic/Natural products
High-Quality Merchandise. Guaranteed

Credit Cards:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover/Novelus, Diner's Club

Paradise Valley / Emigran
The Four Winds
P.O.Box 1199
Paradise Valley / Emigran, MT 59027
United States
Phone 406-333-4926
Fax 333-4927