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Byron Katie Work
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Dr. Manon & Associates
Manon Bolliger
3345 West 4thth Ave
Vancouver, BC V6R 1N6
Phone 604-732-6222
Fax 604 732-6223

GreatDoor Shamanic Soul Work and Coaching
The work I do is great for solving problems, moving forward on goals and having better relationships, but it’s really about creating your life and nurturing your soul. Life comes with no remote – you have to get up and change it yourself. I’m here to assist you with that – to help you get started and to support you along the way. If you’ve tried to make progress in some area of your life and haven’t been as successful as you’d like, it’s often because you are somehow standing in your own way. Once we address that, through shamanic work, coaching, or a combination of the two, you can then move on to not just reacting to what happens, but to actually being the creator of your life.

Laura Luykx

Frisco, Texas 75034
United States
Phone 336-416-0606

Healthy Focus
Healthy Focus concerns just that. You cannot have a healthy focus and a sick focus at the same time. Optimal health addresses all of who you are: spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, socially, and physically. This is wholism. Healthy Focus provides: colonic therapy, whole-food nutritional counsel, essential oil treatments, iridology, and lifestyle coaching -- modalities that address all of you. We honor your "biological individuality" -- your uniqueness. Health IS a Law and also a way of life.
Newton E Bunce 3rd.
810 W. Gurley St.
Prescott, AZ 86305
United States
Phone 9284456859
Fax 7780218

Luis Angel Diaz
CELLULAR MEMORY RELEASE, or CMR, is a system that is designed to rapidly release energy blockages that create mental, physical or emotional discomfort. While being applied, it activates the three main transformational triggers that facilitate healing and empowerment: PRESENCE/AWARENESS, BELIEF SYSTEM INVESTIGATION and EMOTIONAL RELEASE. CMR can be self-administered or facilitated to others. CMR is for those who are ready and open for true life transformation.
Nevada City
Luis Diaz
11994 Marjon Dr.
Nevada City, CA 95959
United States
Phone 530-265-4766

Michael R Weir, C.Ht., CI
Hypnotherapy and energy work to help client's with Physical, Emotional and Spiritual issues. Current and Past Life Regression Therapy.

All Diseases, and emotional issues including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain, migraines, fears, phobias, public speaking.

Anger Management, Stress Management, Self Esteem issues.

Marriage and couple counseling - Forgiveness Therapy

Career Planning and Life Coaching. Past Life Regression for exploration. If you just want to know who you were in past lives.

Michael Weir
1186 North Main Street
Washington , PA 15301
United States
Phone 412-716-8894

Patty Alessi
Transformational Breath®

Virtual Format

Transform Your Life!

Private Sessions/Transformational Breath®

Dates: 1/27,2/3,10

Patty Alessi CTBF

Via Zoom

Clients will prepare their space with- Mat,Pillows [3],

blanket, water bottle,

dress comfy in layered clothing.

Set Your Intentions for Your Miracles!

Call Patty to register:



Eastern Long Island
Patty Alessi
Eastern Long Island, New York
United States
Phone 631.834.7066