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Aura Photography
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OBGYN RN, Reflexologist with a Master Level, (NCTMB) Massage Therapist/Bodywork, MEDICAL INTUITIVE PRACTITIONER,Sole Proprietor of ANGELIC HEALING HANDS, in NEW MILFORD, NEW JERSEY, BERGEN COUNTY. Specializing in Prenatal and Postpartum. Infant massage, polarity, acupressure, shiatsu, swedish, deep tissue, cancer massage, geriatric massage, mediation, guided imagery, chakra balancing, hot and cold healing stone massage therapy.
Medical massage, whiplash, frozen shoulder, upper and lower back pain. carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, gofers elbow, Sciatica, plantar fascitis, tinnitus, TMJ. Parkinson's and Muscular Dystrophy.

Angie Merkiche, RN,CR,NCTMB,LMT(N.Y.
140 Henley Avenue
United States
Phone 201-261-7155
Fax 201-261-4583

Athena the Witch
Athena the Witch offers different forms of Divination at Angelic Healing Hands. She gives Professional Intuitive Tarot Readings in-person or via phone, Stone Crystal Readings and Palmistry. She also offers Aura Chakra Photography with Reports and an Intuitive Reading, Energy Work (Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing) as well as Astrological Reports for sale. Athena the Witch can also perform Ceremonies & Weddings (Handfasting, etc).
New Milford
140 Henley Avenue
New Milford, NJ 07646
United States
Phone 201-261-7155

Aura Center
Aura Center uses biofeedback and aura imaging photography in offering aura and chakra photos and written analysis. We also offer energy therapy (Reiki, Esoteric, Ama Deus) with visual confirmation, and are distributors of the Aura Video Station.

We specialize in offering a unique alternative for wedding showers, graduations, and other events. We are flexible, and will develop a program specifically for your needs. We also offer personal consultations.

Contact us at daiken@match.org or call Donna at 517-625-4750.
Donna Aiken

Perry, MI 48872
United States
Phone 517-625-4750

Aura Imaging
Using biofeedback technology our systems will show the before and after effects of several healing modalities, including: Aromatherapy, Reiki and Chakra Balancing. An Aura photograph is produced showing the subtle effects of the application of these healing arts with reports of the information displayed. Our system is designed to show the interaction of two individuals. You can see the energy transfering from one person to another.
Redwood City
George Coggins
116 Stambaugh Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
United States
Phone 1 800 321 2872
Fax 650-261-0195

Dolphins & Angels
Dolphins & Angels provides UK based Aura Soma training, consultations and a full selection of products including the Equilibrium sets, colour essences, pomanders, quintessences, books, etc.
Simone Rosenberg
8 LLoyd Park Avenue
Croydon, Surrey cr0 5sa
Phone +44-208-680-9228

Empowerment Center and Seminars
Personal Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Past Lives Regression, Past Lives Therapy, Addiction Treatment, Habit Control, Spiritual Treatment, and Personal Growth and Spiritual Seminars, Phone consultations available. Aura Photographs
San Diego
Ronald Hestand EdD
3443 Camino del Rio South Suite 112
San Diego, CA 92106
United States
Phone (619) 521-0045
Fax 619-521-0126

Laura Kaye

Lake Wylie
Laura Kaye
Lake Wylie, SC 29710
United States

The services I offer are:
Counseling (Personal/Phone/On-line),
Healing/Spiritual Guidance,
Vibrational Medicine,Reiki, Emotional Healing
Aura Photography,Nutritional Supplements, Reflexology
Web Page Design and Hosting.
(Choose Web Page Design from my web page menu.)

Toronto Area
Toronto Area, Ontario
Phone 416-339-9081

Pyramid Aura Photo
Full body aura photographs with 7 chakras live and in motion.

Helping hand devise that shows healers healing client's aura in motion - Watch the aura change and chakra's open with healers loving touch intent.

Parties, workshops, holistic healing fairs

Mary Beth Spitz
1948 Washington Valley Rd
Martinsville, NJ 08836
United States
Phone 732-868-0581

Radiant Journeys "Healing Yourself from Within"
Radiant Journeys unique and integrative ways of assisting you along your personal path for a healthy, joyful and stress-free life with clarity include:

*Biofeedback Enhanced AURA Imaging which allows you to watch how your thoughts & emotions affect the aura and chakra energy systems, showing where your blocks and inconsistencies lie. Break the cycles of dis-ease manifestation!

*Q2 Energy spa allows you to relax while you hydrate your body in a 35 minute foot soak and become de-stressed, de-toxed and revitalized

Sandi Buchanan
15613 SE 1st Street
Vancouver, WA 98684
United States
Phone 360.904.7888
Fax NA

Radiant Massage & Reiki
Aura photography and analysis report through biofeedback computer system. Learn what your personal energy says about your career and personal life. Chakra Healing.Usui Reiki Master energy practitioner. Licensed Massage Technician offering therapeutic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Reflexology modalities. Specializing in Women's Health Care. Read more at www.radiantmassageandreiki.com.
Annette AuBuchon
935 Crescent Bend
Fallbrook, CA 92028
United States
Phone 760-723-3564

Reiki Rocks Enterprise
Welcome to Reiki Rocks!

Our mission: Striving to provide high quality Reiki sessions and classes, in a safe environment, with ongoing support, aura and chakra analysis through BioPulsar Technology along with nutrition coaching to reach optimal levels of health, yet keeping it simple to integrate into your individual life style choices.


PS: We're looking for Vibration Machine Dealers all over North America. If you are interested in making good profit for your business, feel free to contact me for more information.

PS2: Our Himalayan Crystal Salt Products are available wholesale and retail, along with our greens and neti pots. Ask for pricing for your store/business. (For Canada ONLY!)
Norja Vanderelst
P.O. Box 8099
Canmore, ALB T1W 2V2
Phone 403-688-1137