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Air Software & Astrological Institute of Research
Alphee and Carol are both certified counseling astrologers, Ncgr Level IV, and have been offering counseling services for over 40 years. Their company, AIR Software, offers a full line of over 19 pieces of superb astrological software, as well as their exclusive Fortune Hunter's Mapping Service for Love,Career and Wealth, DVD courses to study astrology with Alphee, CD's for making life changes, and esssential oils blends. Please visit our website at http://www.alphee.com. Alternate e-mail address is moonangel@comcast.net.
West Hartford
Alphee & Carol Lavoie
115 Caya Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06110
United States
Phone 860 232 6521
Fax 233 6117

Amy J Volkers ~Astrological Insights
Astrological & Tarot Services of Amy J Volkers include confidential consultations for Personal and Business matters by phone/email - over 10 years experience.

Excellent Astrology Reports: Child Report, Teen Forecast, Relationship Analysis, Relocation Report & more. Free Celestial Gazette monthly enewsletter. Astrology, Spiritual/conscious development and other classes;

licensed massage therapist; ordained minister (ADL)

Delray Beach
Amy J Volkers

Delray Beach, FL 33445
United States
Phone 561-207-7233

Andromeda Astrology - Samantha Kane-Kennedy
Samantha, an intuitive astrologer, lecturer and teacher specialises in spirituality, reincarnation, karma and soul work as well as preventative health alternatives.

Samantha's astrological services and professional consultations offer great insight and remarkable imagery. She will bring your chart to life! Samantha can help you in many areas of your life, follow this link to read more ...

Samantha Kane-Kennedy
4794 West Saanich Road
Victoria, BC V8Z 3H3
Phone 250-382-8443
Fax 250-382-8447

Aquarian Vision - Astrological Counseling with Madalyn
Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, C.A. NCGR, is a nationally-known astrologer with over 20 years of astrological experience. Madalyn takes a compassionate yet practical approach to her consultations. She is a spiritually-based astrologer, conversant in 12-step recovery and specializes in relationship issues, relocation and choosing appropriate times to begin new ventures. You can reach her by email at Madalyn@alabe.com and by telephone at 508/896-8829 in the evenings or during the day at Astrolabe at 508/896-5081. Visa/MC accepted.

Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
90 Anawan Rd.
Brewster, MA 02631
United States

Astrology For The Soul with Moses Siregar III
I hope to serve you by sharing a beautiful perspective on your life through the liberating insight of astrology. My approach is a holistic balance of the psychological, spiritual, technical, and intuitive dimensions of astrology. I provide practical and concrete answers in the tradition of Vedic Astrology, as well as deeper understanding of self and relationships, in the tradition of Western Astrology. I also employ unique and advanced techniques of Relocational Astrology, and work with over 300 amazing flower essences. Please call my toll free number or email me if you have any questions, or to set up an appointment. You deserve it!

My website has so many features, it's impossible to list them all! Please check it out.
Moses Siregar III
PO Box 421
Prescott, AZ 86302
United States
Phone TF: 1-86-MORE-JOYFUL

Astrology Institute
We are a unique and very special Astrology school. The Astrology Institute has been training astrologers and devoted students of Astrology for over 14 years, with over 100 graduates.
The faculty all have a strong background in the educational field so you know you will receive top rate and enjoyable classes. The Institute offers a Holistic Astrology Certificate Program, Special Topic Workshops, training in Traditional Astrology, and tutorials in person or by phone and e-mail. Astrology consultations for individuals, couples and businesses have been a specialty for over 15 years.

Joseph Crane, M.A. NCGR IV

Lexington, Mass 02472
United States
Phone 781 674 0044 ext 4

Beth Strong, MA, LPC
Beth Strong is a holistic psychotherapist, life/professional coach, and astrologer with over twenty years experience in the healing field. With a strong spiritual background, she works with individuals, couples, (occasional) groups, and businesses to support a rich and soulful life. Her gentle style evokes both feelings of safety and encouragement to go for what one wants most, in life, love, work, and play, using a variety of approaches, includeing "voice Dialog," or subpersonality work, dream therapy, and transpersonal therapy. She offers psychotherapy, astrology readings (both in person and on telephone) and life/professional coaching (also available by telephone.)
Beth Strong
234 Columbine Street Suite 300
Denver, CO 80206
United States
Phone 303-322-4224
Fax 303-322-2626

Blue Moon Astrology
Blue Moon Astrology is about a professional, client-centered, and empowering approach to astrology. An opportunity to explore relationships, career, and creativity with an astrological perspective.

Whether in the midst of stressful times, in the doldrums, or looking for new opportunities for growth, astrology can help by lifting us "above" our ordinary way of looking at ourselves and our lives. It's a wonderful stress-reliever to see current issues in the perspective of larger life patterns.
Brooklyn, LI, Manhattan
Armand Martire Diaz

Brooklyn, LI, Manhattan, NY 11215
United States
Phone 917-216-1541

Carol St. James & Assoc
Carol St. James & Assoc. is a psychic entertainment company specializing in personal intuitive consultations (by phone) and live psychic entertainment.

Carol Maurus

Coatesville, PA 19320
United States
Phone 1.866.358.5009

Chinese Astrology/Feng Shui - Pam Case
Chinese Astrology gives me insight so that I can help my clients in many ways. As an emotional intuitive, Four Pillars Astrology provides the vehicle for guiding my clients to find their purpose. It helps to make peace with the past and find the treasures in their future.

Feng Shui gives an additional advantage by manipulating our environment to support our every endeavor.
Pam Case

Tulsa, OK 74132
United States
Phone 918-512-6833

chrissie blaze
Chrissie Blaze - international speaker/author/healer gives in-depth monthly horoscopes -- and much more! Visit her popular website for latest astrology news, Your Year Ahead 2005, lunar phases, mercury retrograde periods, online charts, free book contests, articles and latest news and views. Also, read in-depth articles on healing, metaphysics and spirituality, as well as upcoming healing workshops, lectures and events. Purchase books, CDs and online charts via her website. Subscribe to her free monthly bulletin.

Los Angeles
chrissie blaze
Los Angeles, CA 90038
United States

Clare Coriell - Star of Wisdom
I offer unique and powerful Soul Path Astrology Readings, based on the ancient star wisdom of the Mayans, to shine a clear, loving Light on your Soul's Purpose and Destiny Path. Readings for individuals, couples, families and groups. Very intuitive answers to your life questions.

Lumina Meditation Sessions to quiet your mind and connect with the peace and beauty of Spirit, your Higher Self, and spiritual beings such as angelic hierarchies, power animals, star beings and the ancient ones. Heal and transform emotional and spiritual issues. Receive your personal Soul-Path Guided Meditation for daily use.

A line of educational and meditation CDs on the Mayan 2012 prophecy, personal growth, seasonal festivals, angels, and more. I also publish a Mayan Galactic-Earth-Sol Calendar in spiraling wavespell format.
Clare Coriell

Franklin, NC 28734
United States
Phone 828-225-1189

Clare Goodwin
Are you getting what you want in your life?

Believe it! You can get what you want -- your ideal job, your soul mate, your dream home -- you name it. With 25 years of professional experience as a reader and therapist, I can help. Using tarot, astrology and intuitive spiritual counseling, we will explore and expand your possibilities, finding ways to manifest your dreams. Much more potent than “fortune telling,” my approach will empower you. Take the first step on your journey toward a more joyous life experience. Call now for an appointment.

Clare Goodwin

Belchertown, MA 01007
United States
Phone 1-800-990-8290

Complete Harmony
Jin Shin Jyutsu is an art of harmony balancing body mind and spirit

Astrology is the art of understanding the impact of the universe on our lives.
Sonya Anderson

Brampton, Ontario L6S 3W8
Phone 647-223-1005
Fax 905-453-3757

Creative Healing Arts
LIVE Your BIRTHRIGHT with PASSION! Hypnosis, NLP, Awareness Counselor, Archetypal Astrologer, Past Life Regression ~ Couples, Individuals ~ Shamanic Soul Retreival, Women's & Men's Issues, Eating disorders, Grief, Sexual Issues, Addictions and Transpersonal Awareness Coaching to forward my clients into Profound Results!!

Hello this is Stephanie Stone. My job as an Transpersonal Awareness Counselor is to assist you concisely past your issues & into your lifepath's calling. To guide and awaken you to all the possibilites you have at your disposal! Within each of us there is a knowing of who we are. That knowing gets buried with all life's pains and wounds. My work is to assist you in accessing that knowing & actualize it. Allowing you to live your vision,your purpose in awareness, moment to moment. This is not therapy as normally experienced in our society. It is a process of owning & actualizing the full expression of Your soul's gift.~

I work with all issues

Stephanie Stone has been a Transpersonal Awareness Counselor for over 26 years. Her deep study of human growth has taken her through many healing and leading theraputic modalities. Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mediation Consulting, Gestalt, Energetic healing, Psychodrama, Emotional Body Healing, Awareness Work Archetypal Astrology & Tantra.

Van Nuys, CA
Stephanie Stone
5843 Buffalo
Van Nuys, CA, CA 91401
United States
Phone 818 988 9451

Deborah Lynn Ackerman, M.S., Ph.D.
Deborah Lynn Ackerman, M.S., Ph.D.
Integrative Therapist and Life Coach.

Mind/body approaches to healing mind and body problems.

· Combining cognitive-behavioral, meditative, intuitive, and energy therapies to help people overcome fear, stress, and pain

· Combining insight with intention to help people see and realize their full potential.

“You’ve got to accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Latch on to the affirmative. Don’t mess with Mr. In-Between. You've got to spread joy up to the maximum. Bring gloom down to the minimum. Have faith or pandemonium is liable to walk upon the scene.” - Mercer/Arlen, 1944

Los Angeles
Deborah Lynn Ackerman
Westwood Village
Los Angeles, CA 90024
United States

Dr. HelenMary Thomas
I am a practicing chiropractor in Santa Rosa, Californis. My specialty is Ayurveda clinical practice. Ayurveda diet, dosha test and all aspects of Ayurveda are my speciality. I do phone consultations and specialize in vedic astrology also.
Santa Rosa
HelenMaey Thomas
2200 County Center Drive Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
United States
Phone 707-527-7313

Dr.Michelle N. Levan
Physical symptoms are your bodys way of calling attention to the disturbance of your vital force i.e., your mental, physical and emotional energy. I look for the root cause not just treating symptoms thus suppressing the problem. causes could be inherited patterns, drug suppression, surgical intervention and or emotional causation. Your belief structures become energy patterns locked in your subconscious. Healing involves the patient to take an active role in determine the why. Medical astrology profiles the mental and emotional and physical engergy patterns of the emerging soul at time of birth. The client can then get a visual of his life force. individual healing programs are then suggested.
sherman oaks
Michelle Levan
4419 lennox
sherman oaks, CA 91423
United States
Phone (818) 995-1017

Elena Lumen, MA
Intuitive astrology readings, astrological forecast & predictions, spiritual approach, astrological chart comparison and compatibility between two people, relocations, horary astrology (examples of horary questions: "Should I hire this person?", "Will my financial situation improve", etc. ), I-Ching, elective astrology (i.e. selecting a best date for weddings, operations, etc.). Using astrology as an empowering and spiritual tool to promote growth and healing.
Mountain View
Elena Lumen

Mountain View, CA 94043
United States
Phone 831 297 0567

Elizabeth Rose Campbell
As your guide, I have only one wish - that you recognize you are part of a larger plan. Your best instincts are always based in truth. Nature embodies that truth, and the solar system is nature in motion, carrying that truth. Knowing your birthchart is a catalyst to creativity, encouraging you to become who you always intended to be.
Elizabeth Campbell
PO Box 449
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
United States
Phone 845-876-3344
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