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A Celestial Perspective
Pamela Cucinell uses astrology as a tool to help you make better choices by understanding yourself and the people in your life.

Pam provides clear information you can really use. Horoscope wheel and audiotape provided.

Pamela Cucinell is a certified professional astrological consultant, tarot consultant, teacher, artist, psychic sensitive and writer. She is also a Reiki Master.
Cucinell Pamela
Westchester, NY
United States
Phone 800-571-0239

Alaska Nature Connection
Nature Counselor, Educator, Author, Photographer, Botanical Artist


ISBN 0966919203

Volume 1

Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants, Alaska, Canada & Pacific Northwest Rainforest

ISBN 0966919211

Volume 2

Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants, Alaska, Canada & Pacific Northwest Rainforest
Carol Biggs
PO Box 20271
Juneau, AK 99802
United States
Phone 907 586 2453
Fax 907 586 2453

Andromeda Astrology - Samantha Kane-Kennedy
Samantha, an intuitive astrologer, lecturer and teacher specialises in spirituality, reincarnation, karma and soul work as well as preventative health alternatives.

Samantha's astrological services and professional consultations offer great insight and remarkable imagery. She will bring your chart to life! Samantha can help you in many areas of your life, follow this link to read more ...

Samantha Kane-Kennedy
4794 West Saanich Road
Victoria, BC V8Z 3H3
Phone 250-382-8443
Fax 250-382-8447

Angie Aparo
Rock&Roll and Other Regurgitations
West Hollywood
Angie Aparo

West Hollywood, CA 90069
United States

Arrachme Art



The Global Village Women promote random acts of kindness. The purpose is to show appreciation, which creates a chain reaction of active demonstration of more love and more kindness in the world. Resulting in revealing the hidden door to our positive nature.

Our world is shifting back to a place where we are “one”. Frequencies are rising. Automatically, many people are choosing to end dead-end relationships and surrounding themselves with other like-minded people. People are able to access what they call gifts which is simply a natural process of consciousness. When one becomes more “awake” they can see. More and more, people all over the world are experiencing incidences of oneness to the extent that the instances can no longer be considered coincidence.

Those that choose to follow the negative people and negative things, like sheep, will be left behind, meaning we experience what we expect, positive or negative. Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com As the shift is happening, humans are experiencing a DNA upgrade. The activation sequence or bridge to ascension causes people to awake to what is real and help guide others to a new way of living, into a greater love. This is the difference between what you “know” and what you “believe possible”. Knowing is constant like consciousness. That which changes is not real. Beliefs can change, they are rooted in what might be possible but you are just not sure. Fear and love can not exist at the same time. These two words are opposite. One pushes the other out of a given space.

For years and a lack of a better word, we have used the term, light-workers. These people are awakening rapidly to lead the way though there discovered personal skills, whether it is art, music, nursing, healing, humanitarianism, a mom kissing a child an extra time, a sister calling up a sister to say thank you, and the list goes on. More love in the world creates more peace. This passion to create selfless-service in ones life, will continue to grow. Gratitude is a parent to positive action. Do not worry about making a mistake because when coming from a place of true love there are no mistakes. Guaranteed, you will find the strength to speak the truth and the language of kindness.

In the new world, strife and suffering which are man made will disappear, if it has not already done so in your world. As the vibration continues to lift more and more positive experiences will emerge for all. The Global Village Women use words and kind eyes to help the spark of inspiration for family love and a positive personal spiritual journey of love.

Those that are activated will be more inclined to give, be kind, help and live in the grace of gratitude. Your can count on the Global Village Women to always have a kind word to say to one another. The sole creation of these women is for more people to come to a conscious place where they can take part in the positive side of the planetary vibrational shifts.

Please click on the newsletter then click on subscribe. You will find articles on lifesytle, spiritual travel, art, inspiriation messages, recipies, and you can ask a question. The Global Village Women will answer you in the subsequent issues. it's alot of fun and we can't do you withot you. You are important to the girls. The girls are middle aged and have alot of wisdom. Could you be a Global Village Woman?



The Villages
Arrachme Art
2221 Derringer Ave
The Villages, Fl 32162
United States
Phone 828-230-6613

Art By Dianna
This watercolor is 22" x 28" and was accepted into the Lexington Arts Association Juried Show(2003). The price is $400.
Dianna Simms
235D Valley Grove Rd., Rt. 6
Charleston, WV 25311
United States
Phone 304.746.8416
Fax 304 746 8400

Ash Riot
If you happen to like rock n' roll, and are inspired by the rebellion of punk rock, past and present, if you like to dance and jump, have a broken heart or one on the mend, Ash Riot has something that you can relate to ...... This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again is the full length album from Vancouver Canada singer-songwriter Ash Riot."This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again" is the story of a 21 year-old artist with true rock ‘n roll spirit whose poetic lyrics could stitch the wounds of any hungry soul, rising from one experience to another, whether it be painful, beautiful, pensive or observant.

Ash Riot

Surrey, BC V3S8V6
Phone 604-306-7540

Awakening Woo
Awakening Woo books, art, and music create a whimsical look at spiritual modalities and experience that anyone can relate to and leave with a good belly laugh. Your true life stories are requested by email and may be used in future editions. The art is available for purchase. It creates a shift of conciousness to joy. Anyone that has ever worked on personal growth will find "Woo" to be a fun reflection. Don't Suffer-Laugh.
Arrachme Uddin
P.O. Box 7095
Asheville, NC 28802
United States
Phone 828-230-6613

Brian Ashley Jones
Brian Ashley Jones is a versatile americana singer and songwriter with a variety of influences... rock, blues, country, and bluegrass. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, B.A.J. averages 225 live shows a year as a solo artist, member of Donna Hopkins Band, and sideman for others.(guitar, bass, and mandolin)

2005 finds B.A.J. hard at work writing and recording songs as well as producing demos for other singer/songwriters in Nashville, TN. and Atlanta, GA.

Brian Ashley Jones

Nashville, TN 37206
United States
Phone 404-277-1744

Brother Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD, DNM
BEING WHO YOU ARE: THE UNIVERSAL VOCATION is Brother Bernard's latest book. This one is focused on personal growth and spirituality and not part of his monastic mystery book series. Please scroll down a few panels to see more. Available as an e-book now, with print books to follow. Here's a Universal Book Link you can cut & paste or type in to order if you like.


VIRTUAL CONSULTS available for PENNSYLVANIA, MARYLAND, & VIRGINIA residents through Amwell.com, Teladoc.com, HealthTap.com & SecureVideo.com. You must be in one of the above states during the time of the session.

ESTABLISHED PATIENTS can obtain nutritional supplements through the mail or through my virtual dispensary on FULLSCRIPT. Feel free to be in touch as needed.

(As a healthcare provider, I am also continuing to provide in-person sessions during the pandemic w/the usual precautions.)

The links above tells you about my virtual practice and provides some of my answers to patient questions. Then you can login/create and account to schedule an online session if you wish. (Insurance companies cover virtual sessions by way of exception rather than the rule. Blue Cross / Blue Shield is currently covering for virtual sessions in most cases and other carriers as well. Virtual sessions can save time and gas, which may help balance things out.

Research indicates the effectiveness of virtual care.)

If you would like to help us when you purchase AMAZON PRODUCTS, just click this link and a .05 donation will come to us and not impact your purchase prices.


THE DIGITAL AGE MAKES IT EASY TO READ on your computer, Kindle, or iPad. It's inexpensive ($2.99 per book in this case) and saves a few trees. You can even set your device to read the book to you as you close your eyes and relax. (The volumes are also available in print form.) Scroll down a few panels to see a copy of the cover art for all six monastic mystery e-books. Each book is complete yet the characters evolve along with the book plots. Readers say they learn about spirituality, medicine, and journey to far away lands through the books. The press has called this author the "Mystery Monk." Have fun!






TEDx Talk Brother Bernard did on "Prejudice & Religious Values" http://https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=XRCRl8g2LLY&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DqvhNMI_43nE%26feature%3Dshare

PODCAST RADIO INTERVIEW with Brother Bernard (one of his favorites) http://www.shrinkrapradio.com/?s=seif

A more recent radio interview can be heard by clicking on the "Audio" tab on the upper-right side of this page.

The National Catholic Reporter newspaper ran a well done article, primarily about by work with monastic interreligious dialogue. Here's the link http://http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G1-159921679.html

Chinese medicine, meditation, and neurotheology captivate me. I use these modalities clinically, along with additional behavioral approaches to health and wellness, in my clinical psychology practice. Clinical Hypnosis and lifestyle assessment, for example, may also be utilized.

Advice on Asian medicinal herbs and Western nutraceuticals may be among the exclusively natural and non-invasive options offered. Saliva, urine, stool, and hair testing through certified clinical & research laboratories is available as needed.

Medical Qigong and other forms of Eastern / Western Bodywork Therapy are utilized when requested and appropriate. I give workshops throughout the country and abroad when time permits and as invited.

Brother Bernard's Chinese name, Cai De Ren (Chinese characters are above under English name), is a goal he strives for. It can loosely be translated as "the Doctor who practices virture, especially compassion toward patients."

PHOTO CAPTION: Oriental Medical Doctor Jampa Mackenzie Stewart (Austin TX), Qigong Master Duan Zhi Liang (Beijing China), and Brother Bernard around a campfire at a gathering of the National Qigong Association USA.
Brother Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD, DNM
420 Frantz Road - Salesian Monastery (Not 414, which is an internet error)
Brodheadsville, PA 18322-7722
United States / e-mail: monk@epix.net
Phone (570) 992-3448
Fax (570) 992-3448

Carl Ramesses McDonald
The New World Crisis CD is Adventurous,Playful,and Relentlessly Captivating

Listen to an Artist who throughout his years of legacy has

let his originality speak through his music.

Carl Ramesses McDonald latest release entitled "World Crisis" of fourteen Dynamic and Explosive tracks will certainly touch the depths of your heart,soul,and mind.
Anthony McDonald
Sunrise, FL 33313
United States

Carmela Cattuti
Artist’s Statement

My paintings are about what is underneath the cityscape, landscape, and still life. I explore the subterranean world by representing what sits on top. My work questions what holds objects in place; what stabilizes form. Even the most watery of landscape, such as Venice, Italy, is held in form by energy. In my paintings I explore the substance behind the form and how it directs movement. Through the purposeful application of paint movement can be uncovered.

Over the past twenty years I have explored the use of color and its affect on the body and mind. I have found that mixing and applying color on a canvas permanently alters one’s perceptions of the world. I bring a blend of curiosity and movement to my canvases. Vitality can be created by the action of applying paint.

Cities inspire me, particularly Boston, Venice, Florence and Paris. The Renaissance painters have had a dynamic influence on my work. Their curiosity, adventurousness, unique perspective, and spirituality are revealed in their paintings in a way that is palpable on the surface.

I am a practitioner and teacher of yoga. Through a daily practice of movement I am able to access what lies under the surface of places and objects. This awareness is what I capture on canvas. I also do this for clients who commission works for their home or business.

I also explore the theme of footwear through time. Shoes represent how we walk through life and our feet help us move forward. They record our life experiences. I also examine the feminine through objects that are closely related to the concept of femininity. I am also interested in putting inanimate objects in cityscapes such as vintage shoes to make it part of the flow of the buildings and streets.

I work in oils and pastels and use a glossy medium. At times I use oils on decorative paper to represent a certain element or mood. The Venice paintings are an example of the use of paper and oil. I use a palette knife and small beads to create texture. My vintage shoes are an example of this technique.

Carmela Cattuti
160 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02116
United States
Phone (617) 970-5320

Coaching for Arts Professionals
GATEWAYS: Coaching for Arts Professionals.

CLARIFY new goals, EMPOWER creativity, OVERCOME obstacles, take ACTION NOW to produce results. I coach professionals to reach goals infinitely faster than they would on their own. Gateways has
guided designers, authors and journalists, ad creatives, artists, photographers, healing arts and media professionals, architects, lawyers and others into deeper alignment with
Creative Calling and new levels of success. Gateways is for those in Arts fields and others who seek greater goals.




Barbara Bowen
31 3rd St.
Brooklyn, NY
United States
Phone 347-661-2936

Frances W. Hoffman & Associates
Spiritual Healing ~ Life Skills Coaching

Frances has thirty years experience in business and leadership development with concentrations in the operational and life skills arena of human resources. She left a corporate position and went into private practice in 2002 to become an accomplished speaker, trainer, and published author. As a life path strategist and gifted channel, Frances powerfully directs an energy through her session work, whether in person or by phone, enhancing the intensive spiritual counseling that is provided in order to activate one's soul purpose and direction. As an international leader she has facilitated activations and classes at sacred sites in Peru, England and Israel and continues to support a growing international client base.

Frances Hoffman
P.O. Box 1209
Goodlettsville, TN 37070
United States

Greg Hottinger
I work as a registered dietitian, author of The Best Natural Foods on the Market Today: A Yuppie's Guide to Hippie Food, Vol. 1, co-owner of NOVO Wellness a weight-loss coaching business, nutritionist for the Duke University Center for Integrative Medicine, and a certified WellCoaches coach.
Greg Hottinger
PO Box 8651
Asheville, NC 28814
United States
Phone 828-279-3232
Fax 828-254-3425

Harry Potbelly Lord of the Onion Rings
What happens when you cross The Jerky Boys, Bob Newhart, song, satire, dance, nutty phone calls, entertainment, anchovy hunting, mysticism, peace activism, education material and an irreverent sense of humour? Harry Potbelly is an unusual artiste and his unprecedented double album of 36 tracks is written in code. There's even a mystical last track that optionally helps the listener understand the deep meanings behind what on the face of it may be seen as puerile antics.

Healing Stones Jewelry
I'm a Storyteller/Jewelry Designer using myth, legend, fairy tales, tarot, astrology, New Thought, I Ching,Feng Shui,ancient symbols and more as my gemstone design themes. My art jewelry inspires and motivates women. Soulmate, Diva, Star, Goddess, Leadershp, Dream are just a few of the ancient truths that become wearable art designs. These designs (basically short stories in gems) resonate with your soul and call forth your divine DNA. The soul is always trying to get our attention and when we are drawn to a stone or a symbol or a color, or the combination, there is a myth and legend that tells the story of what that means to you personally. My one-of-a-kind spiritual jewelry comes with a Theme Card and an affirmation affirming that theme.
Los Angeles
Elaine Maginn Sonne, PhD
105 N. St. Andrews Place
Los Angeles, CA 90004
United States
Phone 323-469-8098
Fax 323-860-7929

Iona Bruce
I am a writer based in London. I like to write amusing accounts of life in emails to my friends and in aticles.I have now incorporated my writings into my website. I also love entertaining people by telling them amusing stories about my experiences of life.
Periodically I travel to various places all over the planet and write up my experiences for others to read.
Iona Bruce
Suite 740, 28 Old Brompton Road
London, SW7 3SS
Phone +44 (0)20 7912 0697

John Fox, CPT and The Institute for Poetic Medicine
Poems stir us, encourage us to wake, breathe deeply and experience life! Poems are alive. They hold energy. You can discover this life and energy in your words, in the cadence of your voice, and the feeling inside your body upon reading a poem. There are indeed hints inside of poems that become available to you as you write and hear.
Palo Alto
John Fox
P.O. Box 60189
Palo Alto, CA 94306
United States
Phone 1-888-558-3451 ex.2
Fax 1-888-558-3451

Jules Kennedy
Enlightened readings for the evolving soul. Design your destiny today. Jules Kennedy, world renown psychic advisor is back in private practice. Let Jules help you decide your destiny today with an in-depth soul reading. Relationship issues, twin soul, soul mates, sexuality, help with career and business decisions, ascension and clarity of mind, peace of heart can all be addressed in a soul reading with Jules. Let the healing begin.
Jules Kennedy

, IN 47201
United States
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