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Alchemy of Sound & Mysticism
Sound Healing Workshops~
Facilitators~Christina Trevino & Anita Vaaranmaa Shewchuk
Through toning, chanting, drumming, ancient or light languages, we assist in healing & awakening our Divine Essence.

Activating your cellular memory and DNA. To promote well-being and the rememberance of our Mastery.

As Oracles we bring through sigils, communication, languages, frequencies from the unseen realms and our cetacean family. Having studied extensively with International Mystic Almine we incorporate mystical techniques and journey Meditations. As Belvaspata Grand Masters you will also experience group healing from this sacred & powerful healing modality from the Creator Goddess.

Our desire is to assist you in bringing forth your Divine Note and awaken to your Mastery.

Sound Healing~

"The use of sound as a healing tool dates back thousands of years. Now, the field of sound healing is gaining considerable attention, as sound pioneers promote the healing benefits of music, tones and instruments." Jonathan Goldman, director of the Sound Healers Association

Sound is the original creational tone. Everything is made up of energy at various frequencies. All things in nature vibrate to sound, light and color. Sound frequencies effect everything about us. The correct vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies.

Sound healing is the practice of using sound to realize and correct imbalances in the body. Sound healing works on the belief that the human body is not solid. Rather it is energy that is held together by sound. Any disease therefore indicates that some sound has gone out of tune.

"These workshops can be very profound, sometimes intense and quickly accelerate your personal journey and Mastery. We trust that if this is where you are at your heart will lead you here. Our mission is only to facilitate, assist and support as infinite beings of the One Life.~"

Christina Trevino

Toronto, ONT M4G 3S6
Phone 416-421-7354

Carolina Escalona

¡Don't search more your favourites!

Ask WHATEVER song!


I'll write especially for you any sheet music
San Francisco
Carolina Escalona
860 Eddy St.
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States

Deb Barrett

My intention is to teach you how to Create and maintain Well-Being. I use a sacred sound environment known as the DreamWeaver. I also use extensive dialogue to discover "What it is that you do want" and to set the intention for the energy work. Sound is very powerful, having the ability to rearrange molecular structure, harmonizing your entire field.

I am a spiritual council/coach with 8 years of experience as a Vibro-Acoustic facilitator. As a Reiki Master I have been running energy since 1989. I offer private sessions in a warm, safe and embracing style. This transformational energy work is based on building rapore with your own inner guidance so that you can remember how to "Plug In" and stay plugged in! 2 hrs $90


Applied Sound, Color and Sacred Geometry -

Adding a Sound Table to your energy practice.

Every 3 months I run this workshop on 2 consecutive Saturdays from 10 - 5. This is an indepth study intended to augment your energy practice concluding with personal time on the table. Includes beautiful hand outs and Light Language information packet and exercises.


Spirit Inspired Artwork based on the symbolic qualities of Sacred Geometry and Color. I specialize in Personal Energy Portraits, Business Logos and Book Covers. This is channeled imagery, see examples below.


Healing Music, Vibro-Acoustic Sound Tables and Energy Balancing products for your personal growth.
Brant Rock
Debra Barrett
PO Box 605
Brant Rock, MA 02020
United States
Phone 781-837-1703

Douglas Blue Feather
Douglas Blue Feather - 2002 NAMA (Native American Music Awards) Nominee

�Douglas Blue Feather�s music is some of the freshest and most unique Native American music I�ve ever heard.� Patrick Doyle - CEO of Native Radio.com and member of the Board of Directors for The Native American Music Awards.

Douglas Blue Feather, Cherokee, is a songwriter, recording artist, and performer of contemporary Native American flute music. He has released three CD�s of original music, Seventh Fire, Rise of the Star Nations, and Arrival, which have been featured on radio stations as far away as Melbourne, Australia and Moscow, Russia. Blue Feather has also been a featured guest on Fox TV�s Morning Show in Cleveland, OH, the Dayton Spiritual Channel in Dayton, OH, Channel 19�s Jeff and Christie Live in Columbus, OH, and has performed at numerous nationally advertised powwows and events.

Douglas Blue Feather

Dayton, OH
United States
Phone 937-236-8615

Dr. Judith Alstadter
Spirit on Wings of Music

Experience the power of music to heal, inspire, calm, uplift and thrill us. It brings us closer to our inner selves, to God and to one another.

Workshops and Retreats on Spirituality, Meditation and Music.

Guided musical meditations, piano performances, group singing, journaling, quiet time and sharing.

Half and full day retreats and weekend retreats available.

Judith Alstadter
25 Red Maple Drive North
Wantagh, New York 11793
United States
Phone 516-735-7596

Free Planet Radio
Asheville-based world fusion trio Free Planet Radio celebrates the release of their debut CD New Bedouin Dance. Combining musical ideas and instruments from around the globe, Free Planet Radio consists of :

Chris Rosser - Indian dotar, Turkish cumbus oud, guitars, pianos, melodica, harmonium

River Guerguerian - Middle Eastern frame drums & doumbek, cajon, drumset, congas, gongs, tabla...

Eliot Wadopian - string and electric basses

River Guerguerian
Hollow Reed Studio
Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828-250-0226

The Drum God's is an eclectic percussion and dance ensemble featuring rhythms from West Africa, Middle Eastern and Texas complete with costume and parade dragons interacting with audience participation. We create energy and fun wherever we go, turning spectators into performers.

Our Finale includes a community interactive drum circle.

Contact The Drum God's to perform for your festival, corporate functions, birthday and private parties.

We also can book ensembles for larger projects.

HappyShel Weisman
PO Box 140308
Dallas, TX 75214
United States
Phone (214) 824-2038
Fax 2148870386

Judi Neal
Judi Neal is both a solo artist and also a vocalist and guitar player in the band Acoustic Rainbow. She is a singer-songwriter and has been influenced by folk music, new-age music, spiritual music, jazz, and many other genres.
East Haven
Judi Neal
36 Sylvan Hills Road
East Haven, CT 06513
United States
Phone 203-467-9084

Kimberly Martin
Drummer, poet, and dancer who has previously worked with children and women's groups. Combines mental wellness with art in an attempt to reach individuals by stimulating their souls with creativity.

Beginning in January 2004: Instruction in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga

Can conduct workshops, inservices or informal gatherings.
Kimberly Martin

Indianapolis, IN 46201
United States
Phone 317-809-6388

Marc Wagnon
Marc Wagnon is an innovator on the electronic vibraphone and has studied a wide array of ethnic styles of percussions, he is a world renowned performer, and an experienced teacher, on drums, mallets, midi sequecing and percussions, in particular he has developped a method to teach percussions to kids in an class setting.
New York
Marc wagnon
P.O.Box 2034
New York, NY 10101-2034
United States
Phone 212 333 5812
Fax 333 5812

Missouri City
Garrick Jones
2818 Sandstone Ridge Drive
Missouri City, TX 77459
United States

Mz. imani
Mz. imani is a visionary woman whose voice, spirit and drumming has a way of weaving its way into people’s lives. As a musician and spiritual alchemist, Mz. imani blends respect for the laws of nature with deep faith in spirit’s desire for humanity to live in peace. The outcome of this combination co-creates harmony, the essential gold that the alchemists have sought through the ages.

Mz. imani is the lead instigator of Conscious Collaborations, a production team that sponsors All Night Fire Circle events and local drum and dance events tp help the heart of humanity heal, One Fire At A Time.
imani white

Rockville, MD 20855
United States
Phone 301-977-4547

Nii Tettey Tetteh & the Kusun Ensemble
Steve Cochran

Floyd, VA 24091
United States

Patrick Michaels
A Campaign for Peace BeIsNess Communities
Patrick D'Acre
4-1191 Kuhio Hwy
Kapa'a, HI 96746
United States
Phone 8088229897
Fax 8088229897

Red Clay
Red Clay is a multi-cultural assembalance of men dedicated to the preservation and re-education of world culture. They offer their listeners a unique ethno-fusion of original and innovative world music. Red Clay's music is a blend of jazz, reggae, latin, world and funk. Red clay is available tor perform in festivals, concerts,clubs and in the school systems. We also have music workshops available for people of all ages.
Thomas Bancroft
400 West Ave.
Lockport, NY 14094
United States
Phone 716-523-6941

River Guerguerian
A multipercussionist, composer, and educator, River's music has evolved using knowledge and indigenous instruments gathered from research and from travels around the planet. He conducts rhythm and sound exploration workshops throughout the country. Guerguerian enjoys sharing the deep, creative, and rhythmic space from which sound originates.

River Guerguerian
Resonating Room
Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828-250-0226

Roger J. Geronimo
Noted Italian tenor and recording artist new to Northern Florida area. Performs 2 hour concerts with a soprano and accompanist. Specializes in fund rasing events and charities.
Nicknamed "Doctor of the High C's" all music is performed in original key or higher and is a wonderful mix of aria's, Broadway Music, duets, everybody's Italian favorites.
St. Augustine
Roger Geronimo
33 Alcira Ct.
St. Augustine, FL 32086
United States
Phone (904) 797-2248
Fax 7972248

Sam Bartlett
�Evil Diane� includes all original Sam Bartlett tunes, with astounding cast of musicians�among them: David Greely, Christopher Layer, Jeremiah McLane, Eric Merrill, Sam Amidon, Danny Noveck, and more.

Sam is in demand as a mandolin, banjo, and guitar player, and has played with these folks:

Larry Unger and the Reckless Ramblers

Wild Asparagus

The Monks

Tongue 'n Groove

Fiddle 'n Feet

Rhythm 'n Shoes

Sam Bartlett
333 S. Jackson
Bloomington, IN 47403
United States
Phone 812-330-8731

Sandi Kimmel
Singer-songwriter/music healer Sandi Kimmel writes songs to uplift, inspire and heal. Her two CDs, "Transitions"and "Music In My Soul" are popular around the world, bringing her loving, healing energy to all four corners of the earth. She takes her healing concert, "Spirit, Story & Song," into hospitals and other healthcare settings, as well has using her healing music bedside with individual hospice patients. She's been called "an angelic chronicler of the inner journey," and her songs are "nursery rhymes for the soul." Her many popular programs, lectures with music, uplift and inspire a wide variety of audiences.
Sandi Kimmel
45274 Aguila Court
Temecula, CA 92592
United States

Santa Clarita Drum Lessons (scroll down for more info)

Drum lessons in Santa Clarita. Theo's Drum Workshop, Theo's Studio:


Drum, and Hand Drum Lessons to students of all ages, levels, and styles.


I own a very large drum book and drum charts library, so all you have to bring to the lessons are your drum sticks, manuscript paper, and your love for music.

If you like a particular song, I can transcribe it for you so you can learn how to play it note for note.

Half hour or hour long lessons are available.




Theo Mordey
30855 San Martinez Road
Castaic, CA 91384
United States
Phone 661 257 8910
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