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Santa Clara
Alexis Mercy
Santa Clara, CA 95050
United States

Alison Joy Williams
Alison Joy Williams is a performing songwriter with a very diverse style. She sings a torch song with her heart in every word, and then can rock you out with out slipping gears. Her clear strong vocals gives a unique beauty to her songs as she sings about life as she sees it. Not liking to be labeled, you can call her music what you will, Country, Rock, Folk, Americana. It's just good tunes
Alison Williams
5032 Big Red Street
Kapolei, HI 96707
United States

Angel Recording Studio is run "by musicians for musicians" so at Angel really understanding your project and how you want it to be the best it can be is the norm. We use 24 bit digital recording with warm analog mastering to give a full professional sound not common with digital recording. Also Angel is your one stop shop for making your final mix sound ALIVE and STAND OUT with our superb mastering services. Call for details: (856) 740-9827 or E-mail @ Angel_recording@yahoo.com

Let us show you why Angel should be your

Steve Z.

Sicklerville, NJ 08081
United States
Phone 856 740-9827

Arkadia Jazz
Arkadia Jazz aspires to become one of the most influential independent jazz labels of the future, combining a healthy respect and high regard for jazz's glorious past with a vision that looks eagerly toward jazz's bright future.

New York
Bob Karcy
34 East 23rd St.
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone 212-533-0007

Art Carter
I am a singer, a songwriter, arranger, and producer..... I hope to keep growing in the music business, to write and record more songs, to touch people's hearts, and have my voice and music heard around the world....

Art Carter...
Art Carter

Orlando, FL 32812
United States

earthy yet etheral, deeply elemental emotional sitar/guitar epic compositions with all organic drumming and shamanic vocals...mystically dynamic nonpop where each song is well crafted and part of a larger movement giving the album a fluid and cohesive feel.


sala founded Arundas in 1998 after some years of forest dwelling and wandering here and there .. his experiences during those years would later form the concepts underlying the dreamfulaudisea .. in the north kingdom sala met xu cero (su sero) who became sala's friend and joined Arundas as engineer and producer .. later, after finishing a mass of unedited works, sala related the story of his travels to xu cero and asked that he oversee the editing and publishing of his material .. it wasnt long after that conversation that sala disappeared..that was over two years ago and since then none have seen him..


the dreamfulaudisea is a trilogy of works that together form one 3 hour song comprised of 6 movements and divided into 27 tracks (each album is exactly 1 hour containing 2 movements divided into 9 tracks). the trilogy is based on the events surrounding the journey of sala along shores of ifelorum and beyond. its creation began in the climbs of the north kingdom then moved to the golden shore before settling finally into the blue mountains where it was completed..


pathless ways is the second part of the dreamfulaudisea .. it was composed by sala and recorded and produced by xu-cero in and around the blue mountains .. mastering done by Steve Roach in the timeroom (sonoran desert) .. this work, being the second of three, picks up where the first leaves off .. like the first, it is essentially one song travelling in an unbroken stream through two movements that have been divided into nine tracks for your convenience .. total playing time is exactly one hour .. for best results put on a pair of headphones and listen undistracted from beginning to end .. (in a quiet environment a boombox at a moderate volume also works well) .. great for meditation and usable for yoga but may be too dynamic for massage .. human contributors include : ko sion whose voice appears on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, along with the didgeredoo on tracks 3 and 4 and the mtn. dulcimer on tracks 5 and 6 -hanu goldberry whose subconscious poetry appears in tracks 5, 7, and 9 - and neanya whose bizzare fairy blurb appears near the end of track 6..other contributions made by a lesser nighthawk, a hermit thrush, a vireo, a golden crowned kinglet, a green heron, a lark sparrow, a meadow lark, 24 red winged blackbirds, 2 starlings, a white crested sparrow, a hummingbird, the waves on the shores of ifelorum, the nagga river, the heavenly rainsongs of the blue mountains appearing in tracks 3, 6, and9, and the many subtle forces that make everything possible .. "this record is dedicated to vanamali whose encouragment helped bring it and the others to life .." -sala


Reviewer: john jakes

Pathlessways is the best cd ive heard in a LONG TIME. You have to listen to the whole thing to understand it, the samples just cant convey its majesty as a whole. Its mood is deeply spiritual without being trite or cheesy, and its filled with that rare and pioneering artistic integrity present in all truely unique yet beautiful works of creation. Sadly, because they sit in the lonely heights of the music world, where few have the fire or fortune to travel, i cant say that Arundas will ever enjoy the audience size of those working the McMusic scene... But to those lucky enough to discover them: Enjoy the sublime view!

Reviewer: Viela Sparrow

Rich with vision, this beautiful work represents a lot of what I look for in music. This CD has guided me through many meditations. Music like this is hard to come by! I can't listen to just one song, I always listen to the whole CD. I truely hope to hear more from this artist.

Reviewer: D.C

Powerful, exotic, subtley-crafted, and broad in scope. Joyful and bright at times -- deep and dark at others. Stirring, original -- epic. Truly defies any categorization. My first listen created a powerful experience. Finally -- a real breath of fresh air. Highly worthy of a wide audience!

Reviewer: Lindsay

the ebb and flow of this albulm has brought me on many multideminsional journies. everytime i sit down to listen again, i am taken to a new place. The music guides me, and at times follows me into different realms. an unbelievalbe masterpeice.

Reviewer: Don Ponasai

Immense themes, beautifully concieved, dynamic and varied, crossing a wide expance of moods. A deeply imaginative and moving work. A must have for mystics and passionate listeners.

alex caruso
asheville, NC 28801
United States

Ash Devine
Ash Has been performing solo for six years, but she performs with other musicians here and there. Ash sings from the heart everytime. Her insightful activist blood driven songs captivates audiences.
ash devine
asheville, NC 28801
United States

Ash Riot
If you happen to like rock n' roll, and are inspired by the rebellion of punk rock, past and present, if you like to dance and jump, have a broken heart or one on the mend, Ash Riot has something that you can relate to ...... This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again is the full length album from Vancouver Canada singer-songwriter Ash Riot."This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again" is the story of a 21 year-old artist with true rock ‘n roll spirit whose poetic lyrics could stitch the wounds of any hungry soul, rising from one experience to another, whether it be painful, beautiful, pensive or observant.

Ash Riot

Surrey, BC V3S8V6
Phone 604-306-7540

Aviva Mitchell
1711 W. Cornelia Av. #1
Chicago, IL 60657
United States

Bera Dordoni
Singer/songwriter with focus on inspirational music; 3rd cousin to the famous Al Jolson; performed with late great jazz grammy winner Blue Mitchell; with the late world-famous vibes player Lionel Hampton; records for gospel children's hour "The Puppet Factory" and performs in churches, synagogues, and in concerts. Strong jazz voice.
Bera Dordoni

Bernalillo, NM 87004
United States
Phone (505) 867-5616

Brian Ashley Jones
Brian Ashley Jones is a versatile americana singer and songwriter with a variety of influences... rock, blues, country, and bluegrass. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, B.A.J. averages 225 live shows a year as a solo artist, member of Donna Hopkins Band, and sideman for others.(guitar, bass, and mandolin)

2005 finds B.A.J. hard at work writing and recording songs as well as producing demos for other singer/songwriters in Nashville, TN. and Atlanta, GA.

Brian Ashley Jones

Nashville, TN 37206
United States
Phone 404-277-1744

Chris White
HIDEAWAY CD released by Contemporary jazz Guitarist Chris White.
15 catchy yet unique songs, ala Earl Klugh, Ernie Watts and Pat Metheny. Soulful vocals of Joe Jordan and Janet Planet top off this excellent CD. A work that the listener will come back to again and again.
chris white
3792 Candlish Harbor
Oshkosh, WI 54902
United States
Phone 920-203-6078

Dan Carrigan
"Dan Carrigan's a resolutely obtuse cat, who cloaks his keen eye for observation and abstraction in angular guitar lines and a type of self-aware vocal delivery that either works or doesn't - but even when it doesn't, it's at least as fascinating as when it does." Jim Reed, Connect Savannah.

"...Brilliantly complex, yet accessible dittys that infuse themselves into your brain with relentless facundity, impossible to ignore while rejoicing in their own metaphysical gaiety." James Cassara, Rapid River.
Dan Carrigan

Woodfin, NC 28804
United States

Eddy Berrymore
I stop in for a bite and that's what I got.
Edward Mooberry

Irving, TX 75061
United States

Ela Gold
We believe that is important to take responsibility for our own life. This does include our Health. We know that there is ample information on alternative medicine, internal cleansing and detox available for everybody. As we are all totally individual, we all have to find our own way and what works best for us to keep our natural cellular defense activated.

Internal cleansing and detox is one of the most important things one can do for oneself. People often say that it is not natural. The question is what is natural anyway. We were not born with a toothbrush and still everybody is cleaning their teeth. We were not born with soap and creams and still everybody is using them. It is not a question about good or bad or right or wrong. It's about keeping our natural cellular defense up for optimum performance.

Internal cleansing and detox is a must for good health and vitality. In this de-naturalist world with de-naturalist foods and de-naturalist living to cleanse the body inside and out becomes natural. The best way to clean ourselves internally of course is by eating natural foods like fruits and vegetables. A person living on raw food and in a very clean environment (which doesn't exist anymore as we can't filter the air) from childhood on does not need to do any internal cleanses. But even if you have done a lot of cleansing in the past and now live on raw food chances are that your system still needs more internal cleansing, depending on your environment. Internal cleansing is a live long process, similar to cleaning teeth and detoxing is a vital part in it. Yes you can get away with a few weeks of not cleaning your teeth, but sooner or later problems will show. On the outside these problems are easier to see.

But inside, nicely tucked away, our sewer system can rot for years and years before we get serious signs diminishing our natural cellular defence. If we would be a little more tuned in we would very quickly see the little signs with which our body is trying to tell us that it wants us to clean it out and detox, give it some rest and do some internal cleansing. For most people 10 years of internal cleansing and detox will remove most of our mucoid plaque, worms, parasites, and other things that our body is trying to get rid of in an attempt to stay healthy. Health is not a get rich quick scheme, it requires constant awareness in body, mind and spirit.

To cleanse is to treat this body as a 'temple'. Or treat this body 'temple' like the house of God by keeping it as clean as possible, look after it inside and out. Don't just sweep the floor and hope that nobody will look at the ceiling or inside the cupboards. The rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams as you live a very very long life without dis-ease and full of energy and joy.

Ela Gold

Kyogle, New South Wales 2474
Phone 02 6633 1488
Fax 02 6633 1421

Evans and Coppola
About Evans & Coppola

We use the term modern jazz. By that I mean not only standards as sung by Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, or even Frank Sinatra, but songs normally relegated to instrumentalists, from Charlie Parker through post bop Miles Davis.

Our duo format is Tom Coppola on piano and keyboard bass, and myself Lucianne Evans on vocals and conga. We have a quartet and a quintet that includes tenor sax, drums, and for our quintet, bass. We choose our repertoire nightly from 400 songs from 'The Great American Songbook,' and standard style originals. It is a highly charged performance in any configuration, one which is highly suited for dancing.

The jazz styles we move through nightly include swing, scat, blues,
bossas, and ballads, (and some funk, but don't mention it). I (Lucianne) specialize in vocalese, which is the jazz art of immortalizing an existing jazz solo by singing it with lyrics.

All our music is brought to you with consideration for the beauty of the mountains we live in and the people who live here, and we never forget our sense of humor. We feel the time is right for high quality, earnest jazz to come from every corner of our country to finally be accesible to all. Over three years ago we met in Asheville, a new age mecca, both from highly professional backgrounds, just in time for the 'post new age.' Thus the commitment to duo in name and performance. I personally hope (and Tom too), the secret language of jazz, our subtle message of love and romance, helps people.

Bat Cave, NC
Laurie Scheid
PO Box 322
Bat Cave, NC, NC 28710
United States
Phone 828-625-9669

World fusion artist Gerardo Maza is a multi-instrumetalist composer and producer who works with many other talented musicians, singers, dancers and film makers.

His primary focus is in creativity and musical exploration through the spirit of expression. Listen to his work at Juke Box Alive or visit the Earth Wave site for more indepth info, including a variety of creative texts as well as a related artists pagel.

Honolulu, 96826
United States

Girls on Film
Dancetronic Glam Wave - the signature sound of Florida’s Girls On Film - is a fashion fueled combination of high-energy stage antics and synthpop beats.
Julie Todd
405 McKeithen Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304
United States

Gun Hill
GUN HILL is Hip-hop from da BX baby!, the Gun Hill section of the Bronx.

To Eat is To Live.

The Help Us Eat EP is the first release from Gun Hill.

WARNING: Parent Advisory

This 5 song EP is street ready. There is some adult content so please don't get caught off guard, you're hangin' with the Hillaz!!

We really want to know what you think of our tracks so HOLLA AT US!
New York
Even Steven Levee

New York, NY 10001
United States

Upper Darby
Robert Barthelemy
89 s state rd @e31
Upper Darby, PA 19082
United States
Phone 267 228-1735
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