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Trompe l oiel - Art
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FOLKLAND paintings by Evgenyia
Evgenyia has highly sensitive vision, feeling, and technique in painting. In her "Folkland" series, the iconic gaze of her portrait subjects reflects a fusion of American Primitive with Evgenyia's Russian and Polish heritage.
New York City
United States

Commissions accepted for original oils, paintings, drawings, pen&ink, or sculpture.

Illustration & design for book covers, political illustration, boardgame designs, posters and notecards.

See the website for images.

San Francisco
Jim Kirwan

San Francisco, CA
United States

Lanis Loveday Chidel/LaPaChi Art & Design
Feng Shui Art, Hand painted furniture and home accessories, Faux finishes and decorative painting,

Licensed Florida Realtor- Feng Shui for buying and selling a home, Home Showcasing Feng Shui style

Feng Shui Workshops
Lanis Loveday Chidel
5007 Melrow Ct
Tampa, FL 33624
United States
Phone 813-966-9926
Fax 813-969-1468

Psychic messages in channeling from Ascended Masters. Books channeled from Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and guides.

Private channeling sessions available, books and watercolors of Princess Diana.
Marcia McMahon

Taylorville,, IL 62568
United States
Phone 217 824 2722
Fax 217 824-0418