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Aaron Price (aka AP)
Aaron Price is one of Asheville, North Carolina's most recognized and respected musicians. Known as a performer, producer, free-lance multi-instrumentalist for-hire, composer of theater score, few musicians anywhere boast the breadth of expertise, talent, and mojo as the man Asheville's Mountain Express has named "the man behind the Asheville Sound." Having played on or produced numerous local and regional releases from his own Collapseable Studios in West Asheville, Aaron has designated the JukeBox Alive site as his outlet for original musical works in progress and special releases.
Aaron Price
Box 2212
Asheville, NC 28802
United States
Phone 828-255-0502

earthy yet etheral, deeply elemental emotional sitar/guitar epic compositions with all organic drumming and shamanic vocals...mystically dynamic nonpop where each song is well crafted and part of a larger movement giving the album a fluid and cohesive feel.


sala founded Arundas in 1998 after some years of forest dwelling and wandering here and there .. his experiences during those years would later form the concepts underlying the dreamfulaudisea .. in the north kingdom sala met xu cero (su sero) who became sala's friend and joined Arundas as engineer and producer .. later, after finishing a mass of unedited works, sala related the story of his travels to xu cero and asked that he oversee the editing and publishing of his material .. it wasnt long after that conversation that sala disappeared..that was over two years ago and since then none have seen him..


the dreamfulaudisea is a trilogy of works that together form one 3 hour song comprised of 6 movements and divided into 27 tracks (each album is exactly 1 hour containing 2 movements divided into 9 tracks). the trilogy is based on the events surrounding the journey of sala along shores of ifelorum and beyond. its creation began in the climbs of the north kingdom then moved to the golden shore before settling finally into the blue mountains where it was completed..


pathless ways is the second part of the dreamfulaudisea .. it was composed by sala and recorded and produced by xu-cero in and around the blue mountains .. mastering done by Steve Roach in the timeroom (sonoran desert) .. this work, being the second of three, picks up where the first leaves off .. like the first, it is essentially one song travelling in an unbroken stream through two movements that have been divided into nine tracks for your convenience .. total playing time is exactly one hour .. for best results put on a pair of headphones and listen undistracted from beginning to end .. (in a quiet environment a boombox at a moderate volume also works well) .. great for meditation and usable for yoga but may be too dynamic for massage .. human contributors include : ko sion whose voice appears on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, along with the didgeredoo on tracks 3 and 4 and the mtn. dulcimer on tracks 5 and 6 -hanu goldberry whose subconscious poetry appears in tracks 5, 7, and 9 - and neanya whose bizzare fairy blurb appears near the end of track 6..other contributions made by a lesser nighthawk, a hermit thrush, a vireo, a golden crowned kinglet, a green heron, a lark sparrow, a meadow lark, 24 red winged blackbirds, 2 starlings, a white crested sparrow, a hummingbird, the waves on the shores of ifelorum, the nagga river, the heavenly rainsongs of the blue mountains appearing in tracks 3, 6, and9, and the many subtle forces that make everything possible .. "this record is dedicated to vanamali whose encouragment helped bring it and the others to life .." -sala


Reviewer: john jakes

Pathlessways is the best cd ive heard in a LONG TIME. You have to listen to the whole thing to understand it, the samples just cant convey its majesty as a whole. Its mood is deeply spiritual without being trite or cheesy, and its filled with that rare and pioneering artistic integrity present in all truely unique yet beautiful works of creation. Sadly, because they sit in the lonely heights of the music world, where few have the fire or fortune to travel, i cant say that Arundas will ever enjoy the audience size of those working the McMusic scene... But to those lucky enough to discover them: Enjoy the sublime view!

Reviewer: Viela Sparrow

Rich with vision, this beautiful work represents a lot of what I look for in music. This CD has guided me through many meditations. Music like this is hard to come by! I can't listen to just one song, I always listen to the whole CD. I truely hope to hear more from this artist.

Reviewer: D.C

Powerful, exotic, subtley-crafted, and broad in scope. Joyful and bright at times -- deep and dark at others. Stirring, original -- epic. Truly defies any categorization. My first listen created a powerful experience. Finally -- a real breath of fresh air. Highly worthy of a wide audience!

Reviewer: Lindsay

the ebb and flow of this albulm has brought me on many multideminsional journies. everytime i sit down to listen again, i am taken to a new place. The music guides me, and at times follows me into different realms. an unbelievalbe masterpeice.

Reviewer: Don Ponasai

Immense themes, beautifully concieved, dynamic and varied, crossing a wide expance of moods. A deeply imaginative and moving work. A must have for mystics and passionate listeners.

alex caruso
asheville, NC 28801
United States

Ash Devine
Ash Has been performing solo for six years, but she performs with other musicians here and there. Ash sings from the heart everytime. Her insightful activist blood driven songs captivates audiences.
ash devine
asheville, NC 28801
United States

Bad Mojo



Called that because their music has a certain charisma that gets inside you and makes you want to move. Originated in the Ben hill and East Point communities of Atlanta, Georgia in 1998, the duo consists of two lyricists,


(A.k.a. daSauce- because he goes good on everything) and


Are innovators determined to change the rap game. BLINDMAN, born Dameco Floyd, a 27-year-old lyricist, has a rugged and raw talent with a suave lyrical flow. Kato, born Kamasi Mahone, 25, is also a lyricist with a tantalizing flow and producer of BADMOJO for Beatshopmuzik, an independent production company affiliate of Riverflow Entertainment ran by Jihad Mohammad also an artist.

BADMOJO generates a mixed sound, which has often been referred to as “the Elixir” because their music has the capability to cure and sooth the ill-natured soul. Their style can be classified as hardcore hip-hop with a splash of alternative soul. Their influences are OutKast, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, and Scarf ace. because they feel the have had a similar struggle, the will, determination and empowerment of Tupac Shakur, and the styling and long lasting endurance of Driven by the harsh realities of the streets of Atlanta, BADMOJO has a mission to will young minds to become better than just a product of the streets. They want to inspire others and themselves to make a difference through music.

BADMOJO invites you to take a journey into the land of ATL, an underground system of hip-hop that will, one day, rock the universe.

Join us, and let the southwest wizard mix an elixir that will soothe the most untamed beast, the record industry.

http://www.free webs.com/beatshopmuzik
Kamasi Mahone
2471 Ivydale dr
atlanta, GA 30311
United States

Chasing Light Recording Studio
A relaxing, contemplative home-based project recording studio where I create my music and you can too.
Francis Tornoe

Hillsborough, NC
United States
Phone (919) 417-5723

Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts is an accomplished classical and jazz guitarist and bassist as well as composer, and has been playing professionally since the age of 16. He has music degrees from Ithaca College and the University of Miami and has played with numerous notable entertainers, such as: Chuck Berry, The Fifth Dimension, The Drifters, Bob Hope, Joan Rivers, Anthony Newley, Maureen McGovern, and the Smothers Brothers, to name a few.

Eric’s own original music encompasses a variety of musical influences, from Paul Winter and David Darling to Ralph Towner, Eberhard Weber and Pat Metheny, as well as the music of Brazil. His own unique sound comes from a melding of instruments - from the classical guitar, fretless bass and guitar synthesizer to the mandolin and the bandura (a Ukrainian instrument akin to the harp).

Highlands Ranch
Eric Roberts
3692 Fairgate Court
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
United States
Phone 303-346-2970
Fax 303-374-5147

Heartsfield / Perry Jordan
“Imagine a southern night with hot, humid air and your paddlin' up to the shore of a moonlit swampy cove. With the frogs and other critters a yackin' just outside, you glide up to the misty lights of an old wooden bar. Then through the night air you hear a soulful down home band commencin' to rippin' it up, with songs dripping from a hillbilly soul. The beer a flowin', ladies a dancin' and cowboy boots a tappin' and you have the flavor of the music from ....

Perry Jordan & Heartsfield”

Perry Jordan

Crestwood, IL 60445
United States

i-potato music
i-potato music is music for the hearing prepared.
Variety is the spice of life and we are ripe. Just give us a squeeze. Find out for yourself why i-potato will make you want to lick your plate.
New York
Even Steven Levee
440 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
United States

Joe Piket
Joe Piket's latest release, "The Waters of Lethe" has been compared to the music of King Crimson, Yes, and Queen. The CD features an updated version of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind", with Joel sideman, Richie Cannata on saxophone, as well as other great new STORM originals. Visit www.joepiket.com for reviews.
Joe Piket
Elijah Records/ PO Box 884
Syosset, NY 11791-0899
United States
Phone 5167311960
Fax 631.544.1199

Kevin Brown
Curse Buster Sound!

Home of saxophonist: Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown
3950 PRVT. RD. 2550
Clyde, TX 79510
United States
Phone 325-893-3398
Fax 5

M-Note Productions
"I write, arrange, sing and produce songs of all genres and guarantee nothing but HITS!! THEY CAN'T TOUCH ME!!"

While specializing in R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop and Gospel, M-Note Productions sets no boundaries on the type of vision that is preferred to be created. BRING IT ON!!

M - Note Productions
1509 Farrington Way Apt C
Columbia, SC 29210
United States
Phone 803-730-3583
Fax 803-233-3331

Missouri City
Garrick Jones
2818 Sandstone Ridge Drive
Missouri City, TX 77459
United States

Round House
Round House plays a strong mix of '80s, 90's, contemporary rock, with a blues influence. Very dancable materials. They also perform a handful of signature originals. Crowds dance, listen, and have fun when Round House comes to town. We provide free demos for interested parties. Thanks!
Gregory D Putnam
RR 1 Box 46
Towanda, IL 61776
United States

Santa Clarita Drum Lessons (scroll down for more info)

Drum lessons in Santa Clarita. Theo's Drum Workshop, Theo's Studio:


Drum, and Hand Drum Lessons to students of all ages, levels, and styles.


I own a very large drum book and drum charts library, so all you have to bring to the lessons are your drum sticks, manuscript paper, and your love for music.

If you like a particular song, I can transcribe it for you so you can learn how to play it note for note.

Half hour or hour long lessons are available.




Theo Mordey
30855 San Martinez Road
Castaic, CA 91384
United States
Phone 661 257 8910

Sharon Drury
For new age, contemporary classical, soothing, relaxing piano music, contemporary, piano/instrumental music, flash audio samples, beneficial music for children, music for educators to improve learning in classrooms, soothing music designed to reduce stress. Royalty free music for restuarants, doctors offices etc. Close your eyes and disappear within the pure sounds of this inspirational and original piano and instrumental music arranged and composed by Sharon Drury.
Each composition will touch you deeply and spiritually.

Barton City
Sharon Drury
PO Box 369
Barton City, MI 48705
United States

I am a very diverse musician and producer. I have a unique style mixing all genres into a collage of quality music. I am currently focusing as producer for the Transcendent Alliance, and creating a Bo Diddley remix album.
Boca Raton
Sam Pohmer

Boca Raton, FL 33486
United States

Steve Riley Band
Steve Riley and Wyman Harrel have recently opened their new record company and studio. Also, the band has just released to radio their new four-song promo EP. The full album will be released this summer.

Like ...Miles From Nowhere", the new album will contain music from several genre's and styles. The CD will include six (6) new songs (four of them included on the EP), one (1) cover song (Cat Stevens), and two (2) songs from the first album mixed with a little "Factor Flair". Enjoy.
Steven Riley
8445 Bennington Way
Sacramento, CA 95826
United States

What We Sound Like:

Str8Jacket is a perfect mix of lyrical insanity and rhythmic rampage that would make you get up just to knock your grandma to the floor. They are a cross between hardcore hip-hop, funk, and Bizkit like rap with a mix of blood curdling screams that will make you think that you are back in the woods of the Blair Witch. With influnences such as Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, System of a Down, and death metal - Str8Jacket has most definately a sound of their own...

seneca falls
jeff barrett
26 chapin st lot 49
seneca falls, NY 13148
United States

The Bump Squad

ALEX Roberts
5507 Madsion st #101
Rivedale, MD 20737
United States

The Great Slide
The Great Slide is a four piece ensemble that operates out of the mountains of Asheville, NC. Through the use of a multi- instrumentalist lineup, the band works from a diverse palette of sounds. This creates a strong musical foundation which allows for creative vocal concepts. The music lives in the place between the song and the experiment. This is where The Great Slide becomes a collective movement.
Silvermine Studio
434 Long Branch Rd.
Marshall, NC 28753
United States
Phone (828)649-0573
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