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Still Life - Art
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Accent Tattoo
We at Accent Tattoo pride ourselves in providing a professional and excellent service in Tattooing. You will find our Staff and Studio friendly and professional. We are memebers of the APT and keep great standards for a safe and sterile environment.
Gloucester Point
Hal LaFreniere
2060A George Washington Hwy (Rt. 17)
Gloucester Point, VA 23062
United States

Anna Means Grace
Rainbow colored images of mystical impressions of the people,places and spirits I love. Many of my images are of the Angel realm. Some them are a record of my understanding of a spiritual reality... lots of movement and lots of color,there are acrlic paintings, drawings in colored pencil, charchol and pastels.Giving lessons,drawing people and experiences.

Please visit my Profile and you will find five galleries of my work.
Anna Raimondi
PO Box 253
Hanapepe, HI 96716
United States
Phone (808)335-3442

Art Lady
On this website you will find high quality collectors art work. We represent the Puertorrican artist Felix R. Cordero. Born in October of the year 1931, Mr. Cordero is a highly experienced painter.Known in the US as 'El Pintor de los Balcones', his work has been collected by former Governer Luis A. Ferré and Cordero Badillo, among others. The unique use of vibrant colors and texture is his trademark.
Myrna Elias
Urb. Villa Blanca #64 Ave. Jose Garrido
Caguas, 00725
Puerto Rico
Phone 787 593-3155

Acrylic medium on canvas, canvasboard, wood. Main interets, traditional folk art, landscapes, southwestern indians, animals both domestic and wild.
Deborah Rebuck
3 Kipps Run Road
Danville, PA 17821
United States
Phone 570-275-1247

Carmela Cattuti
Artist’s Statement

My paintings are about what is underneath the cityscape, landscape, and still life. I explore the subterranean world by representing what sits on top. My work questions what holds objects in place; what stabilizes form. Even the most watery of landscape, such as Venice, Italy, is held in form by energy. In my paintings I explore the substance behind the form and how it directs movement. Through the purposeful application of paint movement can be uncovered.

Over the past twenty years I have explored the use of color and its affect on the body and mind. I have found that mixing and applying color on a canvas permanently alters one’s perceptions of the world. I bring a blend of curiosity and movement to my canvases. Vitality can be created by the action of applying paint.

Cities inspire me, particularly Boston, Venice, Florence and Paris. The Renaissance painters have had a dynamic influence on my work. Their curiosity, adventurousness, unique perspective, and spirituality are revealed in their paintings in a way that is palpable on the surface.

I am a practitioner and teacher of yoga. Through a daily practice of movement I am able to access what lies under the surface of places and objects. This awareness is what I capture on canvas. I also do this for clients who commission works for their home or business.

I also explore the theme of footwear through time. Shoes represent how we walk through life and our feet help us move forward. They record our life experiences. I also examine the feminine through objects that are closely related to the concept of femininity. I am also interested in putting inanimate objects in cityscapes such as vintage shoes to make it part of the flow of the buildings and streets.

I work in oils and pastels and use a glossy medium. At times I use oils on decorative paper to represent a certain element or mood. The Venice paintings are an example of the use of paper and oil. I use a palette knife and small beads to create texture. My vintage shoes are an example of this technique.

Carmela Cattuti
160 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02116
United States
Phone (617) 970-5320

Original watercolor paintings by Maine Coast artist DJ Eastwood. She has studied with many famous watercolor artist from all over the United States. Her love of painting and color show in all of her paintings.
GORHAM, ME 04038-1937
United States
Phone 207.839.8403

FOLKLAND paintings by Evgenyia
Evgenyia has highly sensitive vision, feeling, and technique in painting. In her "Folkland" series, the iconic gaze of her portrait subjects reflects a fusion of American Primitive with Evgenyia's Russian and Polish heritage.
New York City
United States

Judy Gelfert
Judy Gelfert's paintings depict colorful scenes in broad brushstrokes inspired by her travels.
Judy Gelfert
2715 Golden Creek Lane #806
Arlington, TX 76006
United States
Phone 817 277 8691

Lisa Ernst
These floral and still life paintings explore the beauty of nature's brevity. The theme of impermanence has been central to my life and my art, perhaps because both of my parents died when I was a teenager. I found solace in embracing that all of life is constantly changing. In my art I am most often drawn to express the beauty that exists in the midst of life's impermanence by painting subjects that are short-lived. Whether a flower, a piece of fruit, or foliage, these offerings of nature spend only a short time in their fully alive form. Lately I have been exploring the way light and shadow can drastically change the appearance of shapes and forms in architecture. Through studying and painting all of these impermanent images, I am constantly reminded that life is brief and the time to appreciate my own life is right now.
Lisa Ernst
P.O. Box 41745
Nashville, TN 37204
United States
Phone 615-371-0757

PAKC is an Award winning Acrylic painter of abstracts and representational work. Large canvas paintings to suit your needs, whether it is for residential or corporations. Commission work also available. Watercolor florals another specialty. Member of MGAL. Donations to Orpheum and other charity organizations. Exhibitions Red Clay Survey Huntsville Museum of Art. 10th National Exhibition GPAC. Experience Art in Memphis ArtSee Gallery. Commissioned are work by Jack Belz Peabody Place Entertainment Center
pam craig
119 South Main
Germantown, TN 38103
United States
Phone 901-758-0806

Rose Hohenberger
Rose Hohenberger is a Houston-based, award-winning, studio and plein air oil painter. Her works range from very large, textural canvases to smaller works – including field studies completed on location. Her subjects include landscapes, beachscapes, birds, animals, still life, and figures. Her Houston studio/gallery is located in The Resource Center. See web site to view paintings.
Rose Hohenberger
7026 Old Katy Rd., Ste. 233
Houston, TX 77024
United States
Phone 713-862-2332

Sean Siverly
I create fine art paintings using a variety of mediums (predominantly oils) and incorporate various techniques and styles: figure and portrait, landscape and still life, abstract and non-objective, assemblage and collage. I also do drawings, small scale sculpture and some photography. I am currently working on a series of "extreme portraits" based on close-up photographs.
Grand Rapids
Sean Siverly
144 Knapp St. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
United States
Phone (616) 262-5421

Suzanne Grieves
Original watercolors and limited edition art prints. Pen and ink drawings. Realistic landscape and scenic country art. Barn art. Winter snow scenes.
Suzanne Grieves
6215 Grand River Ave.
Saranac, MI 48881
United States
Phone 616-642-6688