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9 Coaching - WaveMaker
Under all those layers of conditioning lies the real you, the person who makes decisions from knowing, the person who trusts him/herself, the person who loves without need, the person who has peace of mind, who lives in the zone... Guess what? YOU CAN HAVE THIS! With Core Dynamics coaching and WaveMaker technology, we can remove self-defeating energy - both known and unknown - that has come from a lifetime of conditioning and continue to create barriers, both personal and business.

"The confusion that humans feel is that they think
that they are asking with their words or even with
their action, and sometimes you are, but the Universe
is not responding to your words or your action. The
Universe is responding to your vibrational calling." - Abraham Hicks

Antonia Damiani
2011 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
United States
Phone 916.284.9143

Abstract Art by Winand Staring
Radiant abstract paintings in vibrant colors, inspired by water, nature, and New Spirituality, shown in USA, Asia, Europe and Brasil.

"Behind a painting is my life, my travels through Asia, the Pacific and Latin America -- all those colors, all those impressions, not just beautiful things, I have also seen deeply miserable things and helped to improve them.'"

Born in Venezuela this Dutch economist/diplomat now lives and works as a fulltime artist between The Netherlands and Spain.
Winand Staring
Works in Hilversum and Barcelona
Hilversum, NL-1222PV
Phone +31.651533862

Accent Tattoo
We at Accent Tattoo pride ourselves in providing a professional and excellent service in Tattooing. You will find our Staff and Studio friendly and professional. We are memebers of the APT and keep great standards for a safe and sterile environment.
Gloucester Point
Hal LaFreniere
2060A George Washington Hwy (Rt. 17)
Gloucester Point, VA 23062
United States

234 chemin du Genêt
Sète, 34200
Phone +33467511522

Ajna Henna Body Arts
Experienced and professional, traditional henna artist providing henna body art for individuals and parties in and around the Seattle area.

Maya V
Seattle, WA 98107
United States
Phone (206) 789-3535

Alyse Finlayson
Soul Interconnection, Angel Portraits

Alyse Finlayson views your angels for you and paints the images they present to her. The angels use the paintings to convey their love and support for you as well as mirroring to you your own innate divinity. All of the images and colors have many messages to support through the use of metaphor and symbolism.

An Angel Portrait is a joyful and welcome personal piece of art that you take away with you along with all the messages and support from your angels. You will bring home a touchstone of your angel and a way to connect with your own divinity visually. It gives you a painting you can view along with all the messages of reassurance and confirmation of your value as a humane being living here on earth.

Each Angel Portrait is unique to the person it is being painted for. Please visit the website to view the gallery of Angel Portraits.

The medium used for the portraits is oil pastel and watercolor pencil on acid free, cold press watercolor paper.
Alyse Finlayson
9180 SW Chelan Pl
Beaverton, OR 97008
United States
Phone 503-521-1473

Amaura specializes in Tibetan & Spiritual Meditations, Feng Shui, Reiki, Weddings and other ceremonies, as well as has studied Native American traditions.

So wether you are looking for a healer, teacher or a place to relax and let you mind/heart be guilded to be able to achieve the deeper states of meditation this is the place to just be.

"I honor all religions of Love & Light, my family calls it 'Universal Love Consciousness'! One GOD with many paths!" NAMASTE'

Amaura Delaney
1944 west Devonshire
Mesa, AZ 85201
United States
Phone 480-570-7721

Amirah Hall Designer Jewelry

Chula Vista
Amirah Hall

Chula Vista, CA 91911
United States

Ananda Sangha
Ananda of Seattle & Lynnwood is part of the worldwide family of Ananda Communities, churhes, meditation and yoga teaching centers, and retreats. In the Seattle area, our primary location is in the Roosevelt district, across the street from East West Bookshop (which is also part of Ananda Sangha). The local residential community is located ten miles north in Lynnwood. We offer classes in hatha yoga, meditation, raja yoga, kriya yoga, scriptures of East and West, and practical spiritual living courses. Based on the kriya yoga teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda (author of "Autobiography of a Yogi"), and founded by direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda, Ananda is a dynamic, creative, and multi-faceted spiritual center offering understanding and respect for all people and spiritual traditions.
Ananda of Seattle & Lynnwood, WA
6509 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
United States
Phone 206 523 4343
Fax 425 673 4857

Ancient Circles
Ancient Cultures are our interest, we have researched the symbology of many ages and places, and offer them to you as medallions and jewelry. Celtic mythology is our special interest, and we have designed celtic printed clothing, cloaks, drums, wall hangings, even carpets! We also design reproduction and fantasy clothing for medieval reinactment, ceremonial and ritual robes and accessories, and much more. We have been selling our wares at Renaissance Faires all over the USA since 1980, and have been on the web since 1993. You can trust our full satisfaction guarantee for quality and service.
Ann Weller
1250 Blosser Ln
Willits, CA 95490
United States
Phone 707-459-2418
Fax 707-459-0261

Ancient Sun Cults
We offer Spiritual Tours to Sacred Places. Learn about Ancient Civilizations, sacred geometry, symbolism and color therapy. Participate in daily Yoga, evening meditations, poetry and story telling, ceremonies perfomed at Sacred sites. Enliven yourself and awaken your soul awareness to the energies of Mother Earth and our Universe.
Tours take place in Mexico, Pyrenees-France and Ireland

Tony Tippler

Greer, SC 29650
United States
Phone 864 905 4781

Ancient Way Trader " Foxeye woman"
hand-carved fetish and totem animals used in jewelry as representations of healing precesses to be completed, ie. for a client wishing to release fear and cleanse, I might make a necklace of many carved rabbits (releasing fears), frogs (cleansing and purification), with turtle on the symbolic directions (protection, during the healing time.) Wearing the animals is Intent to heal the issue. Other animals: hummingbird (experience joy), horse (be in your power), dolphin (telepathic communication and play), bear (finding your own answers), fox (protection of family or on a journey), ect. Whenever possible I use Native American carved animals.
margie detring
2930 Leatherwood Ford Rd.
Jamestown, TN 38556
United States
Phone 931-879-8844

Art-Fashion-Design that combines original
art with philosophical-spiritual,
social and environmental themes.
T-shirts, Fitted Tees, Tank Tops.
Om, Save Tibet, Butterfly,
Yin&Yang, Shiatsu, Recycle and many more
cool designs.
Custom screen printing and web/graphic design services.
Andreas Gmür
P.O. Box 15420
Boston, MA 02215
United States
Phone 617-331-4722

Angelic Reflections

Susan is a very gifted intuitive artist that is able to see into the angelic realms, to draw a portrait of your personal angels. Connect, communicate and heal with your guardian angels. And more angel inspired drawings, greeting cards and the New - Angel Wish Boxes.

Art is a gift from the Creator
It stimulates our imaginations
It awakens the mind and spirit
It heals the heart and soul of all,
who take the opportunity to enjoy it's beauty.

Blue Springs
Susan Prout

Blue Springs, MO 64015
United States
Phone 816.377.3507

Angelic Reflections

Susan is a very gifted intuitive artist that is able to see into the angelic realms, to draw a portrait of your personal angels. Connect, communicate and heal with your guardian angels. And more angel inspired drawings, greeting cards and the New - Angel Wish Boxes.

Art is a gift from the Creator
It stimulates our imaginations
It awakens the mind and spirit
It heals the heart and soul of all,
who take the opportunity to enjoy it's beauty.

Blue Springs
Susan Prout

Blue Springs, MO 64015
United States
Phone 816.377.3507

Angels by Sharae
Angel Paintings by Internationally recognized intuitive Angel Artist Sharae Taylor, an artist on a Spiritual Journey. God works through her beautiful, ethereal art astonishing most who come into contact with these Angel paintings and their reaction to the Love & Light that projects from these " Living " works of Art. Guardian Angels and Archangels work through Sharae delivering their messages of Light. Her purpose is to deliver artwork that has a " message ". Art your soul responds too.

" Divine energy is at work assisting alternative and spiritual healing through Angel therapy in the form of fine art. "

Personalized Angel paintings ... Guardian Angel, Archangel, Relationhips, Sympathy & Comfort, Family Angel portrait, Indigo Child and the Crystal Child ... each painting is an original created specifically for the individual, individuals or family. Makes an excellent gift ...

Newly added "Ask Your Angel a Question"

Sharae Taylor

Aberdeen, NC 28315
United States

Anna Means Grace
Rainbow colored images of mystical impressions of the people,places and spirits I love. Many of my images are of the Angel realm. Some them are a record of my understanding of a spiritual reality... lots of movement and lots of color,there are acrlic paintings, drawings in colored pencil, charchol and pastels.Giving lessons,drawing people and experiences.

Please visit my Profile and you will find five galleries of my work.
Anna Raimondi
PO Box 253
Hanapepe, HI 96716
United States
Phone (808)335-3442

Arrachme Art



The Global Village Women promote random acts of kindness. The purpose is to show appreciation, which creates a chain reaction of active demonstration of more love and more kindness in the world. Resulting in revealing the hidden door to our positive nature.

Our world is shifting back to a place where we are “one”. Frequencies are rising. Automatically, many people are choosing to end dead-end relationships and surrounding themselves with other like-minded people. People are able to access what they call gifts which is simply a natural process of consciousness. When one becomes more “awake” they can see. More and more, people all over the world are experiencing incidences of oneness to the extent that the instances can no longer be considered coincidence.

Those that choose to follow the negative people and negative things, like sheep, will be left behind, meaning we experience what we expect, positive or negative. Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com As the shift is happening, humans are experiencing a DNA upgrade. The activation sequence or bridge to ascension causes people to awake to what is real and help guide others to a new way of living, into a greater love. This is the difference between what you “know” and what you “believe possible”. Knowing is constant like consciousness. That which changes is not real. Beliefs can change, they are rooted in what might be possible but you are just not sure. Fear and love can not exist at the same time. These two words are opposite. One pushes the other out of a given space.

For years and a lack of a better word, we have used the term, light-workers. These people are awakening rapidly to lead the way though there discovered personal skills, whether it is art, music, nursing, healing, humanitarianism, a mom kissing a child an extra time, a sister calling up a sister to say thank you, and the list goes on. More love in the world creates more peace. This passion to create selfless-service in ones life, will continue to grow. Gratitude is a parent to positive action. Do not worry about making a mistake because when coming from a place of true love there are no mistakes. Guaranteed, you will find the strength to speak the truth and the language of kindness.

In the new world, strife and suffering which are man made will disappear, if it has not already done so in your world. As the vibration continues to lift more and more positive experiences will emerge for all. The Global Village Women use words and kind eyes to help the spark of inspiration for family love and a positive personal spiritual journey of love.

Those that are activated will be more inclined to give, be kind, help and live in the grace of gratitude. Your can count on the Global Village Women to always have a kind word to say to one another. The sole creation of these women is for more people to come to a conscious place where they can take part in the positive side of the planetary vibrational shifts.

Please click on the newsletter then click on subscribe. You will find articles on lifesytle, spiritual travel, art, inspiriation messages, recipies, and you can ask a question. The Global Village Women will answer you in the subsequent issues. it's alot of fun and we can't do you withot you. You are important to the girls. The girls are middle aged and have alot of wisdom. Could you be a Global Village Woman?



The Villages
Arrachme Art
2221 Derringer Ave
The Villages, Fl 32162
United States
Phone 828-230-6613

Art By Marcia Snedecor
Visionary and spiritual oil paintings and prints inspired by Nature, mythology and the Divine Feminine. Visionary artist Marcia Snedecor uses archetypal symbols as psychic touchstones for spiritual expression. These deeply moving images have emerged as visions from the soul. She believes that the universal language of symbols, created by and uniting humanity, has the power to speak directly to our souls. Her artwork will touch, nourish and inspire.
West Jefferson
Marcia Snedecor
P.O. Box 124
West Jefferson, OH 43162
United States
Phone 614.879.5949

Art by Victoria Christian, Healing Heart Studio
Victoria Christian is a self taught oil painter whose mission is to create images that deeply move her audience on emotional and spiritual levels. Through her paintings she is attempting to tap into the mystical sensation of “awe” aroused in her while in nature. Victoria received a bachelors and masters degree in sociology and is compiling her thesis research on women artists and identity into a book. She currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona and is pursuing a diverse career as an artist, writer and sociologist.

Victoria Christian
7 E Aspen Ave, #6
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
United States
Phone 928 699-7397
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