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Split Tree Farm Studio
Our first CD, "the split tree recordings: the waltzes" was recorded, designed and produced in 1999-2000 by one of Split Tree's founding artists, composer/guitarist/vocalist Walter Parks of New York City. He recorded most pieces live, some improvised, with dancers dancing in the STF studio. "Lovely music," says Prof. Richard Powers of Stanford University's dance division. A renowned social dance historian and teacher, Powers provided strong leadership and encouragement that starting in 1996 first made Split Tree's ambience and fine floor known nationwide for his popular waltz balls, workshops and other dance weekends.

Walter Parks has been a part of farm happenings since he and former partner Stephanie Winters, who named the farm, performed at the first Split Tree 1994 spring festival as The Nudes, a guitar and cello duo singing original songs. One of their waltzes from their second "Boomerang" CD was donated for this CD. Walter wrote it after waltzing with Powers' teaching partner, Angela Amarillas, at the first Split Tree Viennese Ball in 1997. Parks has written a fine new original waltz for guitar and cello after waltzing with former Stanford dancer Tara Rishko at one of Richard Powers waltz weekends at Split Tree. Both waltzes will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart and set your bodies twirling into waltzing heaven. Alan Dynin was at the Steinway piano with Walter Parks, improvising a Viennese waltz and other pieces.

Other original and traditional waltzes from the popular dance bands "Misbehavin'" and "Atomic City Rhythm Rascals" (see song list) in additional to pieces by Parks and Alan Dynin, Robert Jamison, and Mary Jo Strickland, will have you out of your chair and up and dancing before you can count to three. Some of the waltz rhythms are subtle and require close listening.
Sidney N Hetzler Jr
597 West Cove Road
Chickamagua, GA 30707
United States
Phone 706-539-2485