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The Rebelles
The Rebelles Burlesque is on a mission.

The Rebelles is composed of 15 dames who don't care! They tease, titillate and rock their way through silly performances designed for a good old-fashioned time. Their multi-faceted performances create an experience for the audience, who is immediately brought to submission by the smart, cutting dishes these ladies serve up. Their plot vignettes and issues are presented with sexy, humorous perspectives. The sexual brevity presented by these incredible performances will energize your spirit and sexuality.

It wasn't their love for g-strings, fishnets, and satin gloves that brought these women together. It was their love of sex, music, pop culture, theatrics and political buffooning. Nothing escapes the sharp tease of the Rebelles. They are Burlesque activists…stripper cum artists. All of the women reside in Asheville, NC and were collectively challenged by the many paradoxes in our society about sexuality and the lack of humor around its context. Wanting to have fun with some creative ideas and engage in some traditional bad behavior, these professional, unique women decided to take matters into their own hands. The result is magnificent and hilarious. Filled with the creative genius of modern, sexy women who have joined together to celebrate the virtues of sexuality, comedy, camaraderie and collaboration in this sizzling performance. Combined, their bust size challenges the size of their personalities…these girls are a riot and their cause is indeed virtuous. Burning at the stake is not an option…taking it to a new level is.

These bad girls are better than good, they're sweet, they're dirty and you'll never want wash off the feeling you get after this show.

The Rebelles will travel for fun and wrongdoing!
The Rebelles
Walnut St.
Asheville, NC 28801
United States