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Artisan Reflections
Woodburning. The name evokes feelings of another era. A time best suited to legend and fable. And this is the vein of artistry that my work taps into.

The intricate detail, the precision and grace of it are captivating to me. Fire to wood, elemental and creational. It is an inspiring medium, well suited to the images that choose to grace it. A a graduate of the Barbara Brennan College of Healing, I am finding that my art is a part of my healing work. All of who I am expresses as pure creativity flowing into the world.

Original woodburnings are available, some framed, some with custom mosaic frames. Prints are also available in brilliant cream matting, in standard frame sizes of 18 x 24 or 11 x 14.

Please visit my web-site for pricing and additional works at: www.artisanreflections.com

Mosaics of stained glass and semi-prescious bead work are also a passion of mine, fulfilling a deep desire to create beauty with color and precise and graceful order. These creations utilize archetypal patterns that speak of underlying structures. My attempt to define what I feel, in a world that does not readily reflect my knowing.

Meanings for each piece can be read on my web-site. www.artisanreflections.com
Mary Angela Brown

Estero, FL 33928
United States
Phone 239-450-0317

Asheville Touch Therapy
Located in North Asheville at beautiful, historic, Clover Cottage are Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists, Anna Isabela Reality LMBT #3866 and husband David L.Humphreys LMBT #3865. Anna and David describe their massage techniques as Swedish/Deep Tissue. Anna also is certified in Reflexology and is trained in Craniosacral Therapy, and Healing Touch. The treatment rooms at Clover Cottage are in the turret, and provide a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation. Specialties include Couples Massage and massage for Fibromyalgia, Pregnancy, and TMJ. David is also a professional photographer.
Anna and David Reality Humphreys
265 Charlotte Street at Clover Cottage
Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828 252 2662

Chesterwhite & His Orchestra
Chesterwhite & His Orchestra is a rock-n-roll carnival led by tremendous vocalist Donny Dykowsky. This 4-piece gained momentum quickly, playing such venues as The Hammerstein Ballroom, The Roxy, and various Z-100 sponsored events. With Dave Dunn on guitar, Seth Moutal on drums, and Freddy Pastore on bass, Chesterwhite will dare, dazzle, and astonish as they take you on a true-life inspired, science-fiction journey. Their critically acclaimed, self-titled, debut album “Chesterwhite & His Orchestra” (Erroneous Records), is likened to David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, & T-Rex with a splash of George Orwell. The content is an honest look at the world of today and a stranger look of what’s yet to come.
donny dykowsky
3 dakota court
suffern, NY 10901
United States

Coaching for Arts Professionals
GATEWAYS: Coaching for Arts Professionals.

CLARIFY new goals, EMPOWER creativity, OVERCOME obstacles, take ACTION NOW to produce results. I coach professionals to reach goals infinitely faster than they would on their own. Gateways has
guided designers, authors and journalists, ad creatives, artists, photographers, healing arts and media professionals, architects, lawyers and others into deeper alignment with
Creative Calling and new levels of success. Gateways is for those in Arts fields and others who seek greater goals.




Barbara Bowen
31 3rd St.
Brooklyn, NY
United States
Phone 347-661-2936

Darrell Grindstaff
Aloha, my name is Darrell Grindstaff and I am an artist/musician based in Honolulu, Hawaii. My Web site features original fine art paintings of Hawaiian scenes, fine art prints, illustrations, photography, my first poster, some 3D illustrations, one short 3D animation and my screen-printed Mighty Mo, Bad To The Bone T-shirts and tank tops, which commemorate the USS Missouri battleship. (The USS Missouri is now a floating museum permanently located at Pearl Harbor, just a ship's length from the USS Arizona Memorial.)

Visitors to my site can also listen to pre-release audio samples from my upcoming smooth jazz CD, Hearts of Blue. To visit my site, go here:

Darrell Grindstaff

Honolulu, HI 96822-3786
United States
Phone 808 537-6510

United States
Phone 386-672-9950
Fax 386-615-8151

Intuitive, Palmist, Direct Channel Medium, Spiritual Counselor
Kae is a gifted international Clairvoyant,Medium,Intuitive Palmist.Kae places your hands in hers to allow a connection to be made that sends mental energy through the nerve endings in the hand to my receptive emotional body.A transfer or energy exchange as it were.I either see clear images, hear words or feel something deeply.I don't edit and say it as it comes to me. Often times I speak in the voice of the person I hear in my head.

Once this energy transfer is made, the second part commences with you asking specific questions related to Love, Money, Relationships, Career, Business, Family,Life Purpose or anything about your personal journey.I don't need a lot of information but if you want specific answers I need at least an area to start with.Relationship, business,health,family etc.

I need you to be clear.It helps if you have a list of questions. My style of reading is practical spirituality.

It's about getting answers and putting them to use.I think it isn't much help if you don't take home something practical that makes sense to you.

On the other hand I work with people who just want to understand what is going on in their lives.Maybe most of the time, life makes sense, but sometimes it doesn't and it helps to talk with someone.I work best with people who come to me with a sincere wish to explore their options.

I feel I am divinly guided to do the work I do and it is a priviledge when people trust me with the emotional part of their lives.I take the responsibility seriously and only want to do my best at helping people achieve peace of mind and healing.

Another aspect of my Intuitive/Psychic Reader/Channeled Guidance/Medium readings is the ability to do remote distance healing where I feel you energetically and pick up images,hear words or get strong emotional feelings as if it were a video playing at great distances.

Do you have unresolved issues in your life?

My readings bring healing,insight,resolution and clarity to your situations or questions.

"You are a precious child of Light and I welcome the chance to share in your Divinity" Namaste,K
Palm Springs
Kae Schreiber

Palm Springs, CA 92264
United States
Phone (760)992-9197

JD Marston
Ansel Adams Award winning, Spiritually uplifting, visually healing, and centering, black and white and color fine art photography of the landscape and outdoor subjects - portraying a wide variety of emotional/spiritual archetypes that create and foster positive emotional/spiritual response
JD Marston
PO Box 294
Crestone, CO 81131
United States
Phone 719-256-4162
Fax 719-256-4162

Patricia Kirk
Central Oregon
Terrebonne, OR 97760
United States
Phone 406-396-1379

Lightsong Wolters

Centennial, CO 80122
United States
Phone 303.730.1451

Magic Photo-Video
Magic Photo-Video is an exciting new Photography and Fine-Art practice in Memphis, owned and operated by British photographer Nigel Merrick ARPS.

Magic Photo-Video offers high-quality portraits, headshots, commercial photography, fine-art and abstract photography, Giclée prints and image restoration services. Also offers video for the legal profession.


Nigel Merrick
372 Winding Wolf Place, #103
Memphis, TN 38120
United States
Phone 901 251 0691

Nature Photographer _ Sunsets, Flowers, Scenics, Butterflies.

Almost anything you find in Nature, I probably have a photograph or two for you to chose from. Special requests considered. Please contact me for more information.
Don Miller

Lexington, KY 40515-5686
United States
Phone 502-680-1800

Mystical Reflection
Custom-made spiritual/mystical art created for each individual. This art can act as a catalyst to help you recall your essential nature. These pictures reflect the inner beauty of the soul. People who have received these pictures report that the pictures are benefical and assist them in centering within and to remember that they are spiritual in nature.
Stewart Hill
1627 W. Main Street #343
Bozeman, MT 59715
United States
Phone 406 570-6291

Penny Kaela Bauer
Imagine a cirlcle of elders' hands in black and white phototgraphs from different cultures offering gifts of support as we pursue our dreams. It is my great pleasue to collaborate with wise women and men in the creation of gifts now being offered to you. They remind us that we are never alone. Prints, Notecards, Poscards, and free ecards are available.
Penny Bauer
PO Box 1636
Langley, WA 98260
United States


Lemon Grove
Jennifer Graham

Lemon Grove, CA 91945
United States
Phone 619-303-7944

Casey Vowell
311 Montford Ave
Asheville, NC 28801
United States

Travel Pics Pro
Travel Photography of Spain, Gibraltar and Ireland. A Professional Travel Photography Resource offering Stock Images to Photo Buyers in all Media.

Travel Pics Pro for all your Travel Photography needs. High quality professional travel photography for you. We have many stock photos of Spain, Gibraltar and Ireland (other locations coming soon). Whether you need images for advertising, promotion, magazine publication or internet use, we have the pictures you need. Improve the look of your website, fliers or posters with these great travel photos.

We have lots of professional photographs

for immediate license and shipment.

Great stock photos of Europe.

Create powerful marketing messages on your website, brochure, presentation and mailings.

All these High Resolution images can be supplied in a wide

range of sizes and formats to meet your requirements.

Some Stock Image Libraries only supply Rights Protected images.

You have to pay these libraries

each and every time you use their image.

All photos at Travel Pics Pro are "Royalty-Free".

This means that you pay only once for a lifetime, nonexclusive, worldwide license.

You can then go on using the image for different projects, for an unlimited time period, for just one modest payment.

Jack Cox
P.O.Box 42
Fuengirola, 29640

Votaw Photography
Nature photographs taken on four continents - landscapes, exotic birds, butterflies, big cats and other mammals. Prints and greeting cards available for purchase. View galleries at http://www.VotawPhotography.com.
Melanie Votaw
358 St. Johns Pl., #F
Brooklyn, NY 11238
United States
Phone 718-230-1927
Fax 360-361-3850