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Devin Kelly

Seattle, WA 98105
United States
Phone 206-406-7815

Santa Clara
Alexis Mercy
Santa Clara, CA 95050
United States

Chesterwhite & His Orchestra
Chesterwhite & His Orchestra is a rock-n-roll carnival led by tremendous vocalist Donny Dykowsky. This 4-piece gained momentum quickly, playing such venues as The Hammerstein Ballroom, The Roxy, and various Z-100 sponsored events. With Dave Dunn on guitar, Seth Moutal on drums, and Freddy Pastore on bass, Chesterwhite will dare, dazzle, and astonish as they take you on a true-life inspired, science-fiction journey. Their critically acclaimed, self-titled, debut album “Chesterwhite & His Orchestra” (Erroneous Records), is likened to David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, & T-Rex with a splash of George Orwell. The content is an honest look at the world of today and a stranger look of what’s yet to come.
donny dykowsky
3 dakota court
suffern, NY 10901
United States

Chiwahwa Stud
Chiwahwa Stud ( real name Kenville Thompson ) grew up in Portmore, Jamaica where he began wrtiting songs in 1989 at the age of 12. He continued writing through high school concentrating mainly on talent shows and other local events. His debut single "Classic" was produced by Tristan Palmer on the Father G. label in 1995. The song got a little air play but failed to gain any standard interest.
Kenville Thompson
9 Dalton St.
Asheville, NC 28803
United States
Phone 828.280.6998

Classic Touch
Donna performs with Celtic harp, pedal harp or hammered dulcimer as a soloist. David Stevenson on classical guitar and Donna Germano on hammered dulcimer comprise the duo of Classic Touch. Together they provide music for a variety of occasions. Classic Touch frequently performs for corporate events, weddings, and special events such as the Christmas season at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.
classic touch
PO Box 436
Weaverville, NC 28787
United States
Phone 828-658-2103

Dr. Judith Alstadter
Spirit on Wings of Music

Experience the power of music to heal, inspire, calm, uplift and thrill us. It brings us closer to our inner selves, to God and to one another.

Workshops and Retreats on Spirituality, Meditation and Music.

Guided musical meditations, piano performances, group singing, journaling, quiet time and sharing.

Half and full day retreats and weekend retreats available.

Judith Alstadter
25 Red Maple Drive North
Wantagh, New York 11793
United States
Phone 516-735-7596

Drive-By Truckers
Brian Spett
160 Barber Street #2
Athens, GA 30601
United States

Eddie Hazel
Somewhat of a mythical figure, original Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel pioneered an innovative funk-metal sound in the early '70s, best exemplified on his mammoth classic instrumental jam "Maggot Brain." This mythological status arises from his brief, mysterious era of productivity, a shadowy three-album cycle capped by Maggot Brain.At the time, Hazel seemed a clear successor to the deceased Jimi Hendrix, one of the few black guitar players merging an acid rock approach with an R&B aesthetic. Furthermore, Hazel took things a step further, integrating a heavy dose of funk into his fiery guitar work as well, setting the precedent for successive Parliament/Funkadelic guitarists, as well as later generations of funk-metal guitarists.

Though born in Brooklyn on April 10, 1950, Eddie Hazel grew up outside the city in Plainfield, NJ, since his mother, Grace Cook, didn't want her son growing up in a negative, drug-littered environment (though, ironically, Plainfield wasn't much better in regard to drugs). While his mother commuted back and forth to Brooklyn to work as a silk presser, the young Eddie spent most of his time playing the guitar his brother had bought for him as a Christmas gift. In addition to his self-trained guitar playing, Eddie also sang in church and eventually met Billy "Bass" Nelson when he was only 12 -- the two instantly began playing together, teaching each other to sing and play guitar. Once they met up with yet another local youth, drummer Harvey McGee, they began jamming together as a trio, trying to learn all the early-'60s Motown hits. In 1967, another much more established Plainfield group, the Parliaments, had suddenly found themselves experiencing a considerable level of success and wanted to mount a tour. They needed a backing band, though, and looked to Nelson for help. Unfortunately, Hazel was nowhere to be found, supposedly in Newark, NJ, working with producer George Blackwell. When Nelson returned from a short summer tour in August, the first thing he did was hunt down Hazel in hopes of beefing up the Parliaments' rhythm section. There was one problem, though -- Eddie's mother. She wasn't crazy about the idea of letting her 17-year-old son head out on a tour with George Clinton's ensemble of wild musicians. Yet after a little begging and some convincing on both Clinton's and Nelson's part, Ms. Cook agreed to let her son follow his ambitions.

The Parliaments went back on tour in September 1967, with Nelson and Hazel anchoring the rhythm section. In Philadelphia during a show at the Uptown Theater, Hazel met Tiki Fulwood, who was the Uptown's house drummer. The two instantly became close friends, going out partying after the show together. Furthermore, since both Nelson and Hazel were unhappy with their drummer at the time, they argued with Clinton about replacing the Parliaments' inadequate drummer with Fulwood. By the time they left Philadelphia, the Nelson/Hazel/Fulwood rhythm section was finally in place, a tight squad that spawned Funkadelic.

In essence, Funkadelic was just a continuation of the Parliaments. With group member Calvin Simon gone off to the war, and with Hazel and Fulwood now in the group, the Parliaments abandoned their uniforms, donned extravagant costumes or street clothes, and began playing increasingly rock-influenced music driven by Hazel's dirty fuzz tone and Hendrix-influenced acid rock approach. The change to Funkadelic then became official with the introduction of Tawl Ross on rhythm guitar and Bernie Worrell on keyboards, resulting in a series of three landmark albums: the group's self-titled debut (1970), Free Your Mind...and Your Ass Will Follow (1970), and Maggot Brain (1971).

Maggot Brain ended up being one of the group's more essential albums, thanks primarily to Hazel's guitar playing. In particular, the title track has become his legacy, an epic instrumental piece fashioned as an emotive eulogy that has become a perennial staple of the group's live shows over the decades. The song's origins are supposedly rooted in a recording session where Clinton told Hazel to envision the saddest thought possible, his mother's death, and use that vision as inspiration. Other myths involve Hazel's voracious drug intake, a characteristic that led to the nickname "Maggot Brain." Either way, the song made Hazel famous and secured his legacy for successive decades.

While Hazel's role in Parliament/Funkadelic had diminished by the late '70s, Clinton did grant him the opportunity to record a solo album for Warner Brothers, 1977's Games, Dames and Guitar Things. The album featured covers of "California Dreamin'" and "I Want You (She's So Heavy)," along with a few songs written by Clinton and Bootsy Collins. The nine songs all prominently feature Hazel's lead guitar work, along with a considerable amount of backing vocals courtesy of the Brides of Funkenstein. Incredibly rare and highly collectable for years, the album remains one of the better P-Funk albums of the late '70s, highlighted by its guitar-heavy sound.

Following this album, Hazel continued to play with Clinton in successive years, but his contributions were never major, and he slowly descended further into oblivion, eventually suffering from chronic stomach problems and ultimately dying on December 23, 1992, from internal bleeding and liver failure. In the wake of his death, two posthumous collections of unreleased material were released. Jams From the Heart surfaced first in 1994, a brief four-song EP that eventually was eclipsed by a second import release, 2000's Rest in P. This latter collection compiled the material from Jams From the Heart along with a few other leftovers dug up from the vaults. In 2004 Rhino Homemade finally reissued Games, Dames and Guitar Things, appending the Jams From the Heart EP as an added bonus.

Brenda Hazel
Cali, CA 88888
United States

Girls on Film
Dancetronic Glam Wave - the signature sound of Florida’s Girls On Film - is a fashion fueled combination of high-energy stage antics and synthpop beats.
Julie Todd
405 McKeithen Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304
United States

Harry Potbelly Lord of the Onion Rings
What happens when you cross The Jerky Boys, Bob Newhart, song, satire, dance, nutty phone calls, entertainment, anchovy hunting, mysticism, peace activism, education material and an irreverent sense of humour? Harry Potbelly is an unusual artiste and his unprecedented double album of 36 tracks is written in code. There's even a mystical last track that optionally helps the listener understand the deep meanings behind what on the face of it may be seen as puerile antics.

Holographic Records
James Sfarnas
5658 Kirby Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45239
United States
Phone 877-HOLOREC1

Hot Duck Soup
HOT DUCK SOUP, Burnsville, North Carolina's own great little old-time jazz swing ragtime blues jugband performs their toe-tapping, finger-snapping, fly-swatting, knuckle-busting, head-scratching, hip-swiveling music on banjos, guitars, ukuleles, cornets, kazoos, slide whistles, animal calls, assorted trash, and a washtub bass.
John D. Richards
264 Clear View Lane
Burnsville, NC 28714
United States
Phone 828 682-6567

i-potato music
i-potato music is music for the hearing prepared.
Variety is the spice of life and we are ripe. Just give us a squeeze. Find out for yourself why i-potato will make you want to lick your plate.
New York
Even Steven Levee
440 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
United States

First Female Country Duo in over a decade!

Nashville, Tn 37153
United States

James Barr
209 JD Trail
Candler, NC 28715
United States

Joe Piket
Joe Piket's latest release, "The Waters of Lethe" has been compared to the music of King Crimson, Yes, and Queen. The CD features an updated version of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind", with Joel sideman, Richie Cannata on saxophone, as well as other great new STORM originals. Visit www.joepiket.com for reviews.
Joe Piket
Elijah Records/ PO Box 884
Syosset, NY 11791-0899
United States
Phone 5167311960
Fax 631.544.1199

June De Toth

June de Toth performs Bartok’s greatest piano works with an intensity, tonal color, and understanding that are unforgettable.

A history making event that is creating international attention. June de Toth is the first woman to record a cycle of Bartok’s greatest piano works in a 5-CD box set. Volumes I through V contain the 7 Sketches, Sonata 1926, 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances, 4 Dirges, Allegro Barbaro, Suite, 42 Hungarian Folk Songs, 3 Burlesques, 6 Roumanian Folk Dances, 10 Easy Pieces, 14 Bagatelles, 3 Rondos, Sonatina, 43 Slovakian Folk Songs, Petite Suite, 10 Roumanian Christmas Carols, 2 Elegies, Improvisations, 9 Little Pieces, and the Out of Doors Suite.

Santa Fe
June De Toth

Santa Fe, NM 87507
United States
Fax 505-471-1003

Mary Lemanski
Singer, songwriter, & musician, Mary Lemanski, has a unique, eclectic style that combines elements of pop, alternative, rock, blues, jazz, funk, and hip-hop.
Mary Lemanski-Dougherty
P.O. Box 13383
Tempe, AZ 85284
United States
Phone 602-369-8678
Fax 480-496-8885

Turiya Nada is a powerful yoga/meditation/tantric music compiled of sacred chants of the Siddhars (the enlightened yogis who are journeying beyond) mystical mantras accompanied by the didgeridoo, the harp, singing bowls, djembe,udu,gongs and other instruments.

“Turiya Nada” is the name chosen for our music, as it is this divine causal sound beyond the mantra through which the Siddhars convey their blessings.

The Siddhars are enlightened Sages who journey beyond the realms of the limited mind state. They are in the state of higher consciousness that is beyond sleep, dream and wake. It is this divine state called Turiya that they sing and chant and dance in the higher resonance with sublime bliss.

Nada is the primal causal vibration that resonates within the mantra as the perpetual OM. Nada creates, sustains and destroys and yet it is eternal. Nada is the sacred sound vibration.

Santa Monica
Adi Bose
825 Wilshire Blvd #333
Santa Monica, CA 90401
United States
Phone 310-4517377

Round House
Round House plays a strong mix of '80s, 90's, contemporary rock, with a blues influence. Very dancable materials. They also perform a handful of signature originals. Crowds dance, listen, and have fun when Round House comes to town. We provide free demos for interested parties. Thanks!
Gregory D Putnam
RR 1 Box 46
Towanda, IL 61776
United States
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