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Arcanovi Music Group
Welcome to the future of Artist Promotion.

Arcanovi Management brings to the music industry a breath of fresh air in the area of artist promotion. By combining Old fashioned values, going the extra-mile and putting people first, we will lead the world of artist management, promotion and marketing into an all new direction.
Arcanovi Music Group
P.O. BOX 608062
Chicago, IL 60660
United States
Phone (847) 475-3014
Fax 360-252-7463

Arkadia Jazz
Arkadia Jazz aspires to become one of the most influential independent jazz labels of the future, combining a healthy respect and high regard for jazz's glorious past with a vision that looks eagerly toward jazz's bright future.

New York
Bob Karcy
34 East 23rd St.
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone 212-533-0007

Atlan-Dec/Grooveline Records
James Hatcher
2529 Green Forest Ct.
Snellville, GA 30078
United States
Phone 770-985-1686
Fax 877-751-5169

Bad Mojo



Called that because their music has a certain charisma that gets inside you and makes you want to move. Originated in the Ben hill and East Point communities of Atlanta, Georgia in 1998, the duo consists of two lyricists,


(A.k.a. daSauce- because he goes good on everything) and


Are innovators determined to change the rap game. BLINDMAN, born Dameco Floyd, a 27-year-old lyricist, has a rugged and raw talent with a suave lyrical flow. Kato, born Kamasi Mahone, 25, is also a lyricist with a tantalizing flow and producer of BADMOJO for Beatshopmuzik, an independent production company affiliate of Riverflow Entertainment ran by Jihad Mohammad also an artist.

BADMOJO generates a mixed sound, which has often been referred to as “the Elixir” because their music has the capability to cure and sooth the ill-natured soul. Their style can be classified as hardcore hip-hop with a splash of alternative soul. Their influences are OutKast, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, and Scarf ace. because they feel the have had a similar struggle, the will, determination and empowerment of Tupac Shakur, and the styling and long lasting endurance of Driven by the harsh realities of the streets of Atlanta, BADMOJO has a mission to will young minds to become better than just a product of the streets. They want to inspire others and themselves to make a difference through music.

BADMOJO invites you to take a journey into the land of ATL, an underground system of hip-hop that will, one day, rock the universe.

Join us, and let the southwest wizard mix an elixir that will soothe the most untamed beast, the record industry.

http://www.free webs.com/beatshopmuzik
Kamasi Mahone
2471 Ivydale dr
atlanta, GA 30311
United States

Brandon Howard
Charlotte, NC n/a
United States

Brandon Howard
Charlotte, NC n/a
United States

Buckyball Music
Buckyball Records is an up and coming progressive jazz label. The label is in existence for seven years and has an impressive roster of talents whose work is strongly rooted in jazz, progressive rock, and fusion, providing a challenging ear cookie for the discriminating musical palette.

Buckyball Music also offers production and recording facilities.

We also offer private lessons in:
voice (classical, popular & jazz)
percussion (drumset, congas,)
group percussion classes (all ages and levels)
MIDI sequencing (Performer, Pro Tool, Logic Audio, Sonar).
marc wagnon
456 w 49th st #3
nyc, NY 10019
United States
Phone 212333.5812

Carl Ramesses McDonald
The New World Crisis CD is Adventurous,Playful,and Relentlessly Captivating

Listen to an Artist who throughout his years of legacy has

let his originality speak through his music.

Carl Ramesses McDonald latest release entitled "World Crisis" of fourteen Dynamic and Explosive tracks will certainly touch the depths of your heart,soul,and mind.
Anthony McDonald
Sunrise, FL 33313
United States

:CRASHLANDING: is a Bay Area Rock and Blues band that is gathering momentum and a loyal fan base. Watch out for their next shows in a venue near you. The band, is a power trio that incorperates special guests throughout their set. Their guests range from percusionists to harmonica players. The trio consists of the traditional guitar, bass and drum kit. The Bassist (ALEXANDER ZELNICK) is also the lead Vocalist. The Guitar player (ELIJAH RICE) has a deep and rich history with the blues he also does back up vocals. The kit Drummer at the moment is ( JEFF RJEFSKI) he has choosen mentors such as Buddy Rich to enrich his energetic layers and textures. Keep your ears out for :CRASHLANDING:

United States
Phone 415 806 5011

Crimson Forged records
South Bend
tom henry
2702 Hartzer st
South Bend, IN 46628
United States

Dean and Dudley Evenson
Dean Evenson is one of the true visionaries of the Ambient/New Age musical genre--a prolific musician and composer, an entrepreneur, media pioneer and the co-founder of Billboard-charting independent music label, Soundings of the Planet. At every turn, Evenson's life has taken bold steps in new and exciting directions. The success and pioneering nature of his creative work attest to a dynamic personality and a life-long commitment to the positive evolution of life on this planet in relationship with the natural and spiritual world. Evenson's story is that of an artist, technological innovator, broad-minded thinker--a modern-day Renaissance man. Dudley Evenson co-founded Soundings of the Planet in 1979 with her husband Dean. Together, they have produced over 35 albums and she has been the art director and copy writer for all of the Soundings releases.

Andrew Kamchi

United States
Phone 914-924-0790

Emerald Rose
Celtic Music That Rocks! Emerald Rose plays an eclectic blend of traditional and original Celtic-inspired music, mixing pennywhistle and vocals with power chord guitar, mandola, Irish bodhran, electric bass, and world percussion.
Brian K Sullivan
396 Starbridge Rd
Dahlonega, GA 30564
United States
Phone 706/864/0882

World fusion artist Gerardo Maza is a multi-instrumetalist composer and producer who works with many other talented musicians, singers, dancers and film makers.

His primary focus is in creativity and musical exploration through the spirit of expression. Listen to his work at Juke Box Alive or visit the Earth Wave site for more indepth info, including a variety of creative texts as well as a related artists pagel.

Honolulu, 96826
United States

Upper Darby
Robert Barthelemy
89 s state rd @e31
Upper Darby, PA 19082
United States
Phone 267 228-1735

i-potato music
i-potato music is music for the hearing prepared.
Variety is the spice of life and we are ripe. Just give us a squeeze. Find out for yourself why i-potato will make you want to lick your plate.
New York
Even Steven Levee
440 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
United States

Killer Mike
Ask Killer Mike about the message he wants t6o impart on Monster, his debut album on Aquemini/Columbia Records, and his answer is two-fold: "I want them to know that this guy is totally in love with poor people - Black, Latino, White, the sick, the shut-out - and their plight. This music is their music and I want them to know that my album is reflective of the love that I feel for those people.
Kiera Lytle

Atlanta, GA 30318
United States
Phone 404.350.3332

Loud Dust Recordings
Patrick Shea
PO Box 8521
Burlington, VT 05402
United States

Our new roster includes R&B, Avalanche is a hip hop artist that has been seen eating MC's up on BET 'Battle of the MC's" on 106 & Park. He is recently combined his freestyle capabilities and our music production skills to create a new opening for New Jersey hip hop artists. Next up we have Du Kelley from the old classic group Lords of the Underground, who has such hits as 'Chief Rocker', who will be releasing his solo album under our production company. And last but not least... Melky. This will be our R&B female soloist, with a new sound combining soul, hip hop, and Real Sa'ngin', with Real words.
south orange
Sedeck Jean

south orange, NJ 07079
United States

motoe blizzid
Motoe Blizzid

Born to a mother from Louisianna & a father from England, Motzart had it a little rough. Though the fastlane of quick paper had its versitile benefits, he knew a greater calling was paging him at 5:46 in the morning. An acomplished emcee and producer, duel citizen, and ex-hustler. Motoe has been consistantly tearing up tracks for the last 5 years. Having released his debut record ''Detinator'' two years ago, and radio singles ''2 live again'', "Homegrown'', and Loaded Gunn Productions video for "Hip Hop Metropolis" (as seen on Much Music & BET) the Blizz has been locked in the labratory cooking the next hot meals for those hungry 4 true top drawer quality urban music. Easily comparable to the best urbanpop producers of today, Motoe Blizzid has blessed heat for such talents as Toronto's Ghetto Concept, & Suni Clay, Vancouver's Jafus, Big Sleeps, O.S.C, EhmoN & Knolij, Monze, Curtis Santiago, langdon AUGER & Noble. L.A.'s Triune, Black, RahRah & Niu, Sacremento's Kazhualte, Miami's B-kay, and Chicago's P.J. (Soul-R&B artist currently recording debut "Issues" with Motoe & Heatrocks). All while recording 30 or so new solo songs for Mots' next release. Accliamed for his vivid storytelling and lyrical wordplay reminiscent of the most notable rappers, this talented young man as a force 2 b rekoned within the entertainment industry. Motoe Blizzid the fire storm is coming.
motoe blizzid

vancouver, BC v6b 6b7
Phone 7788637739

One Tribe
myspace contact for zion eye, gaia blue, one tribe, blount street
san fran
1271 43rd ave
san fran, CA 94122
United States
Phone 9708879495
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