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Abstract Art by Winand Staring
Radiant abstract paintings in vibrant colors, inspired by water, nature, and New Spirituality, shown in USA, Asia, Europe and Brasil.

"Behind a painting is my life, my travels through Asia, the Pacific and Latin America -- all those colors, all those impressions, not just beautiful things, I have also seen deeply miserable things and helped to improve them.'"

Born in Venezuela this Dutch economist/diplomat now lives and works as a fulltime artist between The Netherlands and Spain.
Winand Staring
Works in Hilversum and Barcelona
Hilversum, NL-1222PV
Phone +31.651533862

Adam Sutton
Northern michigan potter specializing in uniquely creating one of a kind ceramic dejembes, hand-drums and many other ceramic instruments and musical oddities
adam sutton
610 seventh st
baldwin, MI 49304
United States
Phone 231-388-0594

Art by Victoria Christian, Healing Heart Studio
Victoria Christian is a self taught oil painter whose mission is to create images that deeply move her audience on emotional and spiritual levels. Through her paintings she is attempting to tap into the mystical sensation of “awe” aroused in her while in nature. Victoria received a bachelors and masters degree in sociology and is compiling her thesis research on women artists and identity into a book. She currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona and is pursuing a diverse career as an artist, writer and sociologist.

Victoria Christian
7 E Aspen Ave, #6
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
United States
Phone 928 699-7397

Artisan Reflections
Woodburning. The name evokes feelings of another era. A time best suited to legend and fable. And this is the vein of artistry that my work taps into.

The intricate detail, the precision and grace of it are captivating to me. Fire to wood, elemental and creational. It is an inspiring medium, well suited to the images that choose to grace it. A a graduate of the Barbara Brennan College of Healing, I am finding that my art is a part of my healing work. All of who I am expresses as pure creativity flowing into the world.

Original woodburnings are available, some framed, some with custom mosaic frames. Prints are also available in brilliant cream matting, in standard frame sizes of 18 x 24 or 11 x 14.

Please visit my web-site for pricing and additional works at: www.artisanreflections.com

Mosaics of stained glass and semi-prescious bead work are also a passion of mine, fulfilling a deep desire to create beauty with color and precise and graceful order. These creations utilize archetypal patterns that speak of underlying structures. My attempt to define what I feel, in a world that does not readily reflect my knowing.

Meanings for each piece can be read on my web-site. www.artisanreflections.com
Mary Angela Brown

Estero, FL 33928
United States
Phone 239-450-0317

Brent Atwater: Medical Intuitive, Healer, Paintings That Heal™
Brent Atwater: Healer, Medical Intuitive
http://www.BrentAtwater.com or
EMAIL: Brent@BrentAtwater.com
HOME OFFICE PHONE: 1.910.692.5206 USA
NC FAX: 1.910.692.5103 USA
Brent Atwater's healing and energy work has been studied by and documented at Duke Center for Integrated Medicine, the ARE Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment, NC State University's School of Veterinary Medicine. In our Atlanta location we can scientifically document the responses of your brain waves (EEG), heart (EKG) et al, to my Energy work
and provide you a computer disk of your response results

Brent participates in medical research. The energy she channels physically repairs, REGENERATES & RESTORES cellular tissue, organs, bone & nerves, it removes pain, repairs & physically recalibrates electromagnetic neurological, neuromuscular disorders, raises oxygen levels & stops bleeding. Brent's client base is usually the "incurable" or those who have not received satisfactory results from traditional or alternative medicine. The Energy provides hope for clients who have exhausted all avenues of modern medicine. The majority of people, depending on the gravity of their illness, respond favorably. Some, however, do not, and a severely degenerated system might not be able to respond to the energy.

She is nicknamed "the Healer's healer" because the Energy also activates, restores, and empowers other "healers" to a higher level of their own abilities and gifts. "I'm honored to be the energizer bunny for phenomenal Lightworkers". The Energy recharges their systems and is a great backup regenerator power source for many on the go Lightworkers, so they can keep on keeping on, doing their job to the max!

Paintings That Heal™
My Paintings That Heal™ activate physical and energetic healing for those with health issues and disorders.

http://www.BrentAtwater.com or http://www.PaintingsthatHeal.com
Southern Pines,
Brent Atwater
PO Box 475
Southern Pines,, NC 28388 USA
United States
Phone 1.910.692.5206 USA
Fax 1.910.692.5103

Brother Francis E. Revels - Bey
Brother Francis E. Revels - Bey has studied Numerology since 1974 and began constructing charts for clients and offering private and group classes, seminars and workshops from 1979 to the present.

Francis has been an intuitive consultant, practitioner and Chief Principal Teacher of Meditation, Tai Chi and the Intuitive Arts since the early 1970s. He was given the honorary title of "Dean of Metaphysics" at the former New Life Institute of Harlem (NYC) back in the early 1980s. Brother Francis has taught at the Wise Man's Bookstore in Pompton Lakes,NJ,Temple of Radiant Light in Bloomfield, NJ, Divine Inspirations Bookstore in Nutley, NJ. He

has offered workshops at the former White Horse (metaphysical store in 2012-2013), Angel of Grace Channelings at Tech Love (2012-2013), as well as, Awaken to Wellness (May 2013-February 2014) all in Albuqueruqe, New Mexico.

He has been directed by The Holy Spirit to add his artwork and has included one of his "Celestial I AM Portraits" which captures the energetic essence he sees in one's aura with colored pencils.These pieces are a part of his "Eye Of The Spirit" art collection showcased here and several will be for sale. Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey's art incorporates 'Old School Drawing, Digital & Acrylic Painting,and soon shall add Mixed Media'. He acquired his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bard College located in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY in 1974.

E-mail Brother Francis at iam.circleofgrace1@yahoo.com

Call him at-(Skype#)505-349-4722...Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm MST.

Brother Francis is now teaching through his original webinars, webcasts, teleseminars & teleconferences.

Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey was led by The Angels of Divine Providence, His Ancestors, Spirit Guides & Ascended Masters under the aegis & the anointing of The Angel of Grace to relocate to ABQ, New Mexico as of Fall 2011 to serve and anchor into a broader spiritual realm.

Francis E. Revels - Bey

United States
Phone 505-349-4722
Fax n/a

Carmela Cattuti
Artist’s Statement

My paintings are about what is underneath the cityscape, landscape, and still life. I explore the subterranean world by representing what sits on top. My work questions what holds objects in place; what stabilizes form. Even the most watery of landscape, such as Venice, Italy, is held in form by energy. In my paintings I explore the substance behind the form and how it directs movement. Through the purposeful application of paint movement can be uncovered.

Over the past twenty years I have explored the use of color and its affect on the body and mind. I have found that mixing and applying color on a canvas permanently alters one’s perceptions of the world. I bring a blend of curiosity and movement to my canvases. Vitality can be created by the action of applying paint.

Cities inspire me, particularly Boston, Venice, Florence and Paris. The Renaissance painters have had a dynamic influence on my work. Their curiosity, adventurousness, unique perspective, and spirituality are revealed in their paintings in a way that is palpable on the surface.

I am a practitioner and teacher of yoga. Through a daily practice of movement I am able to access what lies under the surface of places and objects. This awareness is what I capture on canvas. I also do this for clients who commission works for their home or business.

I also explore the theme of footwear through time. Shoes represent how we walk through life and our feet help us move forward. They record our life experiences. I also examine the feminine through objects that are closely related to the concept of femininity. I am also interested in putting inanimate objects in cityscapes such as vintage shoes to make it part of the flow of the buildings and streets.

I work in oils and pastels and use a glossy medium. At times I use oils on decorative paper to represent a certain element or mood. The Venice paintings are an example of the use of paper and oil. I use a palette knife and small beads to create texture. My vintage shoes are an example of this technique.

Carmela Cattuti
160 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02116
United States
Phone (617) 970-5320

Cheryl Finfrock
"Clarabell the Clown" 2004,

Framed Mixed Media on Paper. 32" x 22"

Cheryl Finfrock
302 Alabama St
Vallejo, CA 94590
United States
Phone (415) 845-4088

Cheryl Finfrock
"Clarabell the Clown" 2004,

Framed Mixed Media on Paper. 32" x 22"

Cheryl Finfrock
302 Alabama St
Vallejo, CA 94590
United States
Phone (415) 845-4088

Chrysalis Personal Development
The arts are therapeutic, in and of themselves....used as a vehicle for communication of thoughts, feelings and for the purpose of developing insight and resolving emotional conflicts. Art in this way is process-oriented...the product and technical ability to make art are less important than the experience of making art. Our lives gain meaning through the creative experience. The arts used for personal growth experience at Chrysalis Personal Development is open to individuals, couples, groups, workshops. Please subscribe to my newsletter on the Phoenix Healer pages with The By Region Network. ....first issue out now.

Please enter your email address:

Carolyn McDonald, M.A., ATR
Surprise, Arizona
Surprise, AZ 85374
United States
Phone 623-876-1790

Specializing in airbrushing, portraits, landscapes. custom built models of all types, including science fiction, fantasy, space craft, all types. all mediums, acrylics,oils,enamels,water based and others.
george corona
5640 Riverside dr #
Chino, CA 91710
United States
Phone 909-627-5122

Daniel B. Holeman
Awaken Visions is a domain of Truth, Beauty and Inspiration. Visionary Art - dolphins, whales, angels, mandalas, sacred spaces and landscapes of imagination that speak the language of the soul. Quality prints on canvas, posters and art merchandise, web design and graphic services, free art e-postcards, recommended movies. Themes of awakening and coming home to the True Self.
San Rafael
Daniel B. Holeman

San Rafael, CA 94901
United States
Phone 415-482-8209

Darrell Grindstaff
Aloha, my name is Darrell Grindstaff and I am an artist/musician based in Honolulu, Hawaii. My Web site features original fine art paintings of Hawaiian scenes, fine art prints, illustrations, photography, my first poster, some 3D illustrations, one short 3D animation and my screen-printed Mighty Mo, Bad To The Bone T-shirts and tank tops, which commemorate the USS Missouri battleship. (The USS Missouri is now a floating museum permanently located at Pearl Harbor, just a ship's length from the USS Arizona Memorial.)

Visitors to my site can also listen to pre-release audio samples from my upcoming smooth jazz CD, Hearts of Blue. To visit my site, go here:

Darrell Grindstaff

Honolulu, HI 96822-3786
United States
Phone 808 537-6510

Designhead Studio
Santa Barbara artist Judith Geiger Donlon blends photography, drawing, collage, and painting techniques to create unique, fine art note cards suitable for framing.
Santa Barbara
Judith Geiger Donlon
5142 Hollister Ave., PMB16
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
United States
Fax 805-681-0009

Greg Vineyard
I AM CONTINUALLY UPDATING MY WEBSITE AND GALLERIES, stay tuned! The "photo galleries" at the top of this page are a mix of newer illustrations, clay work and various promo.

(I post most of my works on my "Creative Wayfinding by Greg Vineyard" Facebook page; after you've enjoyed the ByRegion network, check me out there. And you can contact me anytime via the "Contact This Artist" feature on this website.)

Also find my illustrations on: www.gregvineyardillustration.com.

In the arts, life is an ever-evolving, joyous journey. "Creative Wayfinding" covers a wide range of artistic activities in my life! Illustrator, Artist/Branding Consultant, Writer, Conceptual Clay and Tile Artist... Many hats, all interwoven by a lifetime of working with concepts related to communication due to overlapping professional corporate creative and visual artist careers.

ILLUSTRATION: conceptual, connective, inspirational:

FIND MY ILLUSTRATIONS AT ZAPOW ILLUSTRATION GALLERY, the only gallery of this kind in the Southeast. They specialize in narrative, from comic to sci-fi/fantasy to digital to inspirational to children's. They also work with artist development, marketing and design services.

I'm so pleased to show and sell here, and they carry my Original drawings, high-quality Giclee prints, digital prints and greeting cards in the gallery, as well as a selection of items in their on-line store. www.zapow.com

I am also available for editorial and children's assignments, and licensing.

Open seven days a week, they are located at 21 Battery Park Ave., Suite No. 101, in Asheville's fabulous downtown scene, NC 28801.

828 575 2024


CERAMICS for Contemplation & Connectivity:

Broken Road Studio, in Asheville's River Arts District

21 Battery Park Ave, Suite 101

downtown, just across the street from Chai Pani restaurant

WRITING: see my monthly art/lifestyle column in Rapid River Arts & Culture Magazine - www.rapidrivermagazine.com. I have been a monthly contributing writer with them since August of 2009, and it has been such a wonderful gift to get to write for them.


My career in corporate design in a wide variety of areas both large and small has allowed me to consult with artists on their personal branding/identity, as well as on select marketing and PR functions. My desire is to help folks establish their brand, and a creative plan, and then refer them to local resources for their next needs in the pipeline, such as design, photography, marketing, printing and PR. Contact me any time to discuss your project!

Gregory Vineyard
Asheville, NC
Asheville, NC 28715
United States

Hendrik Arie Baartman
Hendrik Arie Baartman transforms basic shapes and colors into powerful compositions that depict light, shape, power, and mechanized form. His forms are elemental and mystical. In addition, he uses negative space poignantly to show the absence of form and light. The work depicts environments that allude to feelings or mental states. "The common element", he says, "is perhaps a longing for nature that is absent in huge cities."

Punta Gorda
Hendrik Arie Baartman

Punta Gorda, FL 33950
United States
Phone 941 637 1085

Hand built expressive ceramic arts. Whimsical wall clocks, plates, bowls, mirrors and more. These colorful and whacky designs are embellished with glass beaded wires. Special orders may be available. Private parties, school projects and summer Kids Kamps!
Shelly Brack
Sammamish, WA
Sammamish, WA 98074
United States
Phone 206-619-3680
Fax 425.868.0852

Isis Rising
Visionary art that evokes the internal spiritual power of the eternal Isis within us.

May the Isis within be awakened: in the Meditation series by our communion with the sacred earth; in the Blue Lumina series by communion with our holy body; in the Mandala series by communion with the Cosmic Energy.
kimberly berg
489 East Rd
cadyville, NY 12918
United States
Phone 518 293-8294

Asheville based Internationally Certified Henna Artist. Henna, Zardosi, Harquus, Face and Body Painting. Available for Parties (birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, showers, anniversaries, haflas), Festivals, Religious Events, Ceremonies (blessing way, naming, croning), Weddings, Corporate Events, Seasonal Celebrations or just for the fun of it.
Jill Carrigan
38 Mt Carmel Drive
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
Phone 828-776-0947

Joe Ray
Colorful monoprints dealing with Chicano and Southwest themes and imagery. Series of work include Angels (Angeles), Dreams (Sueños), Hearts (Corazones), Gallos/Romanticos, Luchadores (wrestlers), Pepe (semi-perverse spiritual guide) and The Cisco Kid. The work is influenced by the desert heat, the colors of the desert, dreaming, proximity (or lack of) to the ocean, border towns and Spanglish. Subtle humor with a delusional macho and spiritual twist.

United States
Phone 602-840-1580
Fax 602-840-1507
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