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Ancient Way Trader " Foxeye woman"
hand-carved fetish and totem animals used in jewelry as representations of healing precesses to be completed, ie. for a client wishing to release fear and cleanse, I might make a necklace of many carved rabbits (releasing fears), frogs (cleansing and purification), with turtle on the symbolic directions (protection, during the healing time.) Wearing the animals is Intent to heal the issue. Other animals: hummingbird (experience joy), horse (be in your power), dolphin (telepathic communication and play), bear (finding your own answers), fox (protection of family or on a journey), ect. Whenever possible I use Native American carved animals.
margie detring
2930 Leatherwood Ford Rd.
Jamestown, TN 38556
United States
Phone 931-879-8844

Santa Teresa
C├ęsar Aendino
Mail pais-Santa Teresa-Costa Rica
Santa Teresa, 88888
Costa Rica

preciouse metal seed beads,sterling silver & 24kt gold and other types. Vintage center pieces & beads & crystals, beaded onto soft glove leather to make necklaces & bracelets, earrings, pins. Elkskin & Deerskin & velvet beaded purses & pouches, custom orders always welcome.
cherie kreidel
2310 Domino Ln
amarillo, TX 79108
United States
Phone 806-381-0514
Fax 806-381-0514


Baton Rouge Directory of Artists. COYOTE SILVER & TURQUOISE GIFT SHOP. Contact Coyote Silver & Turquoise Gift Shop in Loranger, Louisiana, for Native American jewelry and gifts from Indian reservations as well as jewelry and handcrafted gifts

COYOTE SILVER & TURQUOISE GIFT SHOP, Loranger, LA, Handmade jewelry, turquoise, Crystal, gold jewelry, Sterling Silver, native american bracelets, Necklaces, collectibles, Pendulums, Gem Stones, Gifts , Loranger Louisiana, La, dowsers, divining rods, pendulums, divination, jewelry, natural products, gifts, crafts.

Andria Wascom
21367 Hwy 40
Loranger, LA 70446
United States
Phone 1-985-320-5301

Crystal Ascension
Hello ... and Welcome to Crystal Ascension! We are an Internet store offering beautiful crystals, minerals, and gemstones (including many varieties of Quartz, and a wide range of minerals from Amethyst to Zircon), as well as chakra tuned quartz crystal singing bowls, chosen with love for their beauty and energy for you to enjoy

Thank You ... from Charlie T. Cat, and from all of us at Crystal Ascension!
Darlene Mallich
P. O. Box 926
Camarillo, CA 93010
United States
Phone 805-388-1126

Neil Mehra
Home Design is one of the largest area rugs manufacturer, importer and distributor in Los Angeles, California. With over 20000 Sqft of just rugs and bronzes, we are also one of the biggest suppliers to almost 90% of the dealers in town. Because we don't buy these rugs from middle men who have their share of profit, we are able to help customers save an average of upto 70% every single time, making my store the best discount area rugs store in the city
Canoga Park
Neil Mehra
8381 Canoga Ave
Canoga Park, CA 91304
United States
Phone 818 727 7836
Fax 818-727-0227

Wambli Nunpa (Two Eagles)
Wamblinunpa (Two Eagles) uses the gifts provided by Mother Earth to create a variety of Native American related objects, including drums, rattles, medicine bags, shoulder bags, medicine staffs, dance sticks, talking sticks, pouches, dream catchers, smudge pots, prayer feathers, and more.
Delray Beach
Walter Smith
P.O. Box 480673
Delray Beach, FL 33448-0673
United States
Phone 561-832-4326