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Abstract Art by Winand Staring
Radiant abstract paintings in vibrant colors, inspired by water, nature, and New Spirituality, shown in USA, Asia, Europe and Brasil.

"Behind a painting is my life, my travels through Asia, the Pacific and Latin America -- all those colors, all those impressions, not just beautiful things, I have also seen deeply miserable things and helped to improve them.'"

Born in Venezuela this Dutch economist/diplomat now lives and works as a fulltime artist between The Netherlands and Spain.
Winand Staring
Works in Hilversum and Barcelona
Hilversum, NL-1222PV
Phone +31.651533862

Art by Victoria Christian, Healing Heart Studio
Victoria Christian is a self taught oil painter whose mission is to create images that deeply move her audience on emotional and spiritual levels. Through her paintings she is attempting to tap into the mystical sensation of “awe” aroused in her while in nature. Victoria received a bachelors and masters degree in sociology and is compiling her thesis research on women artists and identity into a book. She currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona and is pursuing a diverse career as an artist, writer and sociologist.

Victoria Christian
7 E Aspen Ave, #6
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
United States
Phone 928 699-7397

Art Lady
On this website you will find high quality collectors art work. We represent the Puertorrican artist Felix R. Cordero. Born in October of the year 1931, Mr. Cordero is a highly experienced painter.Known in the US as 'El Pintor de los Balcones', his work has been collected by former Governer Luis A. Ferré and Cordero Badillo, among others. The unique use of vibrant colors and texture is his trademark.
Myrna Elias
Urb. Villa Blanca #64 Ave. Jose Garrido
Caguas, 00725
Puerto Rico
Phone 787 593-3155

HI my name is Annie Gibbons, and my businsess name is Art & Bowen, I offer both Bowen Therapy in the Four Corners Area and Art work. The Bowen Therapy is truly amazing! The therapy is based on the therapy developed by Tom Bowen in Australia in the 1970s, and which is now a world wide teaching institution of this body work modality taught by the Australian Bowen Academy, and several other off-shoot groups in America. This therapy re-sets one's immune system, helps one's own body to heal pain by increasing your natural healing energy! I have over 210 hrs. training form The Australian Bowen Acd., was apprenticed to Bowen Therapist for 5 years, and have worked on well over 1000 clients with good results! The client wears comfortable clothing while lying on the padded message table, and the treatment lasts up to an hour. The treamtnet consists of gentle rolling moves over the tendons and muscels which realeases a minute electrical charge in the facia. There are waits in between moves, which allow the body to accept the moves. It is hands on, but not messauge! I can bring my table to your home, with an additional milage fee of .55cents per mile over 35 miles one way. My fee for adults is $50.00, free for children under 12, $45.00 for Seniors ,and I may accept a low income fee upon request. Examples of my paintings for sale are also on this site, under photos.
Annie Gibbons
31335 EE26 RD.
Naturita, CO 81422
United States
Phone 970-865-2306

Acrylic medium on canvas, canvasboard, wood. Main interets, traditional folk art, landscapes, southwestern indians, animals both domestic and wild.
Deborah Rebuck
3 Kipps Run Road
Danville, PA 17821
United States
Phone 570-275-1247

Catherine Becker
Original Paintings - Browse these categories:

By the Sea; San Diego; Santa Monica; Los Angeles; Palm Springs; Tropical Themes; American Cites; Cats and Dogs; Fruit; Drivers; and Floral

Los Angeles
Catherine Becker
1440 S. Centinela Ave., #6
Los Angeles, CA 90025
United States
Phone 310-869-7871

essentially a reformed abstract expressionist doing mostly figurative and plein air landscape work in pastel and acrylic, sometimes rather tight otherwise "loose as a goose". Just being myself as honestly as I can. I like to play so not everything looks the same. My murals have been customer dominated and thus realistic as most of my commission work is, including sculpture commissions. I have work in collections all over the south, both private and corporate.
Punta Gorda
charles peck
po box 511301
Punta Gorda, FL 33951-1031
United States
Phone 9416617429

Original watercolor paintings by Maine Coast artist DJ Eastwood. She has studied with many famous watercolor artist from all over the United States. Her love of painting and color show in all of her paintings.
GORHAM, ME 04038-1937
United States
Phone 207.839.8403

Hendrik Arie Baartman
Hendrik Arie Baartman transforms basic shapes and colors into powerful compositions that depict light, shape, power, and mechanized form. His forms are elemental and mystical. In addition, he uses negative space poignantly to show the absence of form and light. The work depicts environments that allude to feelings or mental states. "The common element", he says, "is perhaps a longing for nature that is absent in huge cities."

Punta Gorda
Hendrik Arie Baartman

Punta Gorda, FL 33950
United States
Phone 941 637 1085

Joan Maxcy
Employing the tools of astrology, intuition, and a unique spiritual vision evolved in a journey of 55 years, Joan uses art and astrology to connect and empower. She is available for portrait and landscape commissions, executed on individual canvases or in a mural format in your home, as well as offering a range of astrological services.
Joan Maxcy
19 McDade Street
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
Phone 828-350-0433

Judy Gelfert
Judy Gelfert's paintings depict colorful scenes in broad brushstrokes inspired by her travels.
Judy Gelfert
2715 Golden Creek Lane #806
Arlington, TX 76006
United States
Phone 817 277 8691

Karen Barton
Karen Barton is a professional Wyoming portrait artist whose portraits in pastel, oil, pencil, charcoal, and watercolor, of children, families, and pets are found in South Dakota, Montana, Washington state, Gillette, Casper, Rapid City, Billings, and many other regional cities. Karen also sells prints of her western style art and photographs of cattle on the ranch where she lives. A children's book, Butch and the Rooster, was illustrated by Karen and is available on her website. Also see her web gallery of beautiful portraits and prints.
Upton WY
Karen Barton
P.O. Box 711 Upton, WY 82730
Upton WY, WY 82730
United States
Phone 3074682888

Lovetts Fine Arts
Lovetts Fine Arts & Design is a sole proprietership that caters to business owners seeking art for their establishment, art collectors and art enthusiasts that need a personal artist to provide unique custom art for them from an idea or a photograph they may have or artistic renderings of model homes for real estate companies. Douglas R Lovett of Lovett's Fine Arts & Design has art for sale and is dedicated to excellence and satisfaction with a "money back' guarantee. I can do the following:

paintings of fine art, custom art, abstract art, acrylic, oil & watercolor, landscapes, portraits, pen and ink drawings, architecutral renderings, and murals.
Douglas Lovett
1834 Snake Hill Road
Chepachet, RI 02814
United States
Phone 401-556-8781
Fax 401-764-0526

Lynda Pontzer
International artist specializing in portraits from life and landscapes on location. Work can also be done from photographs. Style is realism with fresh, lively color which breathes life into the painting. Art work can be oil, any size, handmade pastels, conte, or charcoal. All work is done professionaly with heirloom quality materials. Prints are available by request for most of my work.
Lynda Pontzer

, PA
United States

Nature Photographer _ Sunsets, Flowers, Scenics, Butterflies.

Almost anything you find in Nature, I probably have a photograph or two for you to chose from. Special requests considered. Please contact me for more information.
Don Miller

Lexington, KY 40515-5686
United States
Phone 502-680-1800

enjoy panoramic views, incredible vistas, and lovely still lifes, wildlife, beautifully rendered old machinery and more with exquisite, representational art offered to you in museum quality gicles and prints in many sizes; signed and numbered by Alaskan artist MARALI

mary smith
2750 sterling hwy
homer, AK 99603
United States
Phone 907 235-5383

Marion Bernardine



A selection of Marion's paintings can be enjoyed in greeting card format.
The designs are beautifully printed on 5X7 inch (13x18 cm) single fold cards, suitable for thank you notes or any other correspondence that calls for an elegant presentation.

The cards are priced at $4.00 (Canadian) each for single cards or $2.50 each for orders of 12 or more. Instructions for ordering these cards is below.
The following designs are available:

Painting affords me
the opportunity
to express my
deepest emotions.
It is a statement
as to how I internalize
my life experiences
and the expressions
of my hope and joy.
It is deeply introspective
and self conscious
more often than not
on my own sensitivity
and conceptualization
of the world.
It is the sum
of all my sorrows
and achievements.
It is the genetic blueprint
of how I relate
to the world
around me.

Marion Bernardine
35 Walmer Rd., #505
Toronto, ONT M5R2X3
Phone 416-924-9402

Marion Corbin Mayer, MA / RMT
Marion Corbin Mayer & Creative Catalyst Studio provide a home for your "Inner Artist" by offering unique courses, coaching and connections in the Cincinnati, OH area.

Whether you choose to participate in courses, one on one creative coaching, Reiki sessions or training, you will feel energized and creatively renewed by the experience. Marion is also available for speaking engagements or retreats. You can reserve Creative Catalyst Studio for your next “Girls Night Out” as well.
Marion Corbin Mayer
P.O. Box 26194
Cincinnati, OH 45226
United States

Selling orginal Dandelion artwork on lawn signs, hats, t-shirts and decals.

Tom Boisvert
15 Cherry Street
Hyannis, MA 02601
United States
Phone 1-877-207-6236
Fax 508-775-0126

New World Creations
New World Creations hosts the visionary, digital art of Atmara Rebecca Cloe. The gallery includes over 150 images, available as archival prints, posters, gifts and cards. Subject matter includes angels, dolphins, mandalas, goddesses, landscapes, abstracts, feng shui, crystals and more. Licensing is available, as are commissions. Spirit Portraits are a specialty. Online wholesale catalog also available.
Atmara Rebecca Cloe
284 W. Hersey St, #10
Ashland, OR 97520
United States
Phone 541-488-9494
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