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I've set up this web sight in an attempt to make myself and my artwork more availible to the public. For along time I sold prints of my work all over the country, each one personally by hand. The web offers a much more convenient and extensive communication base for me to reach people. The websight consists of images I've created throughout the past ten years. I have also included some music that I wrote recently. I also play the guitar and write.
Blais Bellenoit

Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828-552-0370

Dave Hill - The World's Greatest Hypnotist
Dave Hill is called "The World's Greatest Hypnotist" for his hilarious and awesome Comedy Hypnosis Show.Dave is in demand as a public speaker for his Hypnotic Selling, Persuasion, Motivation, Wealth - Building, and Fire - Eating Seminars. Dave is also the founder of the famous "Success Coach School of Hypnosis."
Dave Hill
25800 Industrial Blvd. Suite C223
Hayward, CA 94545
United States
Phone 510-785-8152

Deano the Clown
New games, story telling, balloons,
juggling, magic, unicycles, stilts,
kites, face painting, songs, fiddle,
skits, improv, mime, puppets,
roller skating, ice skating,
comedy swimming, acrobatic snow skiing,
sky diving, nonsense

Dean Petrich
2131 Middle Drive
Freeland, WA 98249-9516
United States
Phone (360) 730-7992
Fax (240) 250-5895

Harry Potbelly Lord of the Onion Rings
What happens when you cross The Jerky Boys, Bob Newhart, song, satire, dance, nutty phone calls, entertainment, anchovy hunting, mysticism, peace activism, education material and an irreverent sense of humour? Harry Potbelly is an unusual artiste and his unprecedented double album of 36 tracks is written in code. There's even a mystical last track that optionally helps the listener understand the deep meanings behind what on the face of it may be seen as puerile antics.

Jon Fess
My name is Jon Fess, born in Akron, Ohio. I moved to Florida to play professionally. I have received the opportunity to be a part of many musical styles, ranging from jazz and rock, to swing and gospel. With years of developing my own sound and style, I am ready to share my soul and sound with the rest of the world.
St. Petersburg
Jon Fess
11601 4th St. North #1804
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
United States

Kevin Brown
Curse Buster Sound!

Home of saxophonist: Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown
3950 PRVT. RD. 2550
Clyde, TX 79510
United States
Phone 325-893-3398
Fax 5

Kimberly Martin
Drummer, poet, and dancer who has previously worked with children and women's groups. Combines mental wellness with art in an attempt to reach individuals by stimulating their souls with creativity.

Beginning in January 2004: Instruction in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga

Can conduct workshops, inservices or informal gatherings.
Kimberly Martin

Indianapolis, IN 46201
United States
Phone 317-809-6388

Marc Wagnon
Marc Wagnon is an innovator on the electronic vibraphone and has studied a wide array of ethnic styles of percussions, he is a world renowned performer, and an experienced teacher, on drums, mallets, midi sequecing and percussions, in particular he has developped a method to teach percussions to kids in an class setting.
New York
Marc wagnon
P.O.Box 2034
New York, NY 10101-2034
United States
Phone 212 333 5812
Fax 333 5812

Nicholas d'Amato
“Nullius In Verba”, the 2005 debut release by Nicholas D’Amato and His Royal Society on Buckyball Records. Keeping in the grand tradition of great jazz musicianship, “Nullius In Verba” is a collection of songs whose themes, written by Nicholas D’Amato, were all expanded upon in an improvisational manner. The experimentation and interplay of the three extraordinarily talented and much in-demand musicians give the disc a personality that transcends beyond the limits of jazz and turns it into something fresh and exciting.
New York, NY
Marc Wagnon

New York, NY, NY 10019
United States
Fax 212 333 5813

I am a very diverse musician and producer. I have a unique style mixing all genres into a collage of quality music. I am currently focusing as producer for the Transcendent Alliance, and creating a Bo Diddley remix album.
Boca Raton
Sam Pohmer

Boca Raton, FL 33486
United States

Sonya, from Chicago IL, is a full-time Oriental dance instructor, performer and choreographer who has mentored under Jasmin Jahal since 1996. Recently named Golden Navel Champion in Chicago’s first open-call belly dance competition, Sonya strives to elevate the public’s perception of this art form, promoting the dance with beauty, dignity & grace. As a featured dancer in 3 weekly venues, she captivates her audience with her skills of improv, although prefers the disciplines of choreography for the theater stage. Sonya teaches beginning, intermediate & advanced level students in 6 weekly classes as well as bi-monthly workshops, annually judges the MEDINA competition, hosts monthly dance hafla’s and travels the US furthering her education while also performing & teaching her style of Raks Sharki.
Sonya Hohmann
P.O. Box 18175
Chicago, IL 60618
United States
Phone 773.742.5250

The Rebelles
The Rebelles Burlesque is on a mission.

The Rebelles is composed of 15 dames who don't care! They tease, titillate and rock their way through silly performances designed for a good old-fashioned time. Their multi-faceted performances create an experience for the audience, who is immediately brought to submission by the smart, cutting dishes these ladies serve up. Their plot vignettes and issues are presented with sexy, humorous perspectives. The sexual brevity presented by these incredible performances will energize your spirit and sexuality.

It wasn't their love for g-strings, fishnets, and satin gloves that brought these women together. It was their love of sex, music, pop culture, theatrics and political buffooning. Nothing escapes the sharp tease of the Rebelles. They are Burlesque activists…stripper cum artists. All of the women reside in Asheville, NC and were collectively challenged by the many paradoxes in our society about sexuality and the lack of humor around its context. Wanting to have fun with some creative ideas and engage in some traditional bad behavior, these professional, unique women decided to take matters into their own hands. The result is magnificent and hilarious. Filled with the creative genius of modern, sexy women who have joined together to celebrate the virtues of sexuality, comedy, camaraderie and collaboration in this sizzling performance. Combined, their bust size challenges the size of their personalities…these girls are a riot and their cause is indeed virtuous. Burning at the stake is not an option…taking it to a new level is.

These bad girls are better than good, they're sweet, they're dirty and you'll never want wash off the feeling you get after this show.

The Rebelles will travel for fun and wrongdoing!
The Rebelles
Walnut St.
Asheville, NC 28801
United States

Theo's Studio. Recording Studio and Post Production Sound
PROFESSIONAL RECORDING STUDIO FOR MUSIC, AUDIOBOOKS, AND FILM. Music Recording Studio, Post Production Sound, Pro Tools Lessons in Santa Clarita, CA. Near the Los Angeles, Hollywood, Burbank area.

Online Post Production Service Available

URL for this website: http://www.tinyurl.com/theosstudio





Read Yelp Reviews Here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/theos-studio-castaic

FREE CONSULTATION. I think it is very important to have a good understanding of what my clients are looking for before producing their projects. I offer a free consultation over the phone or in person at my studio to discuss what your creative vision is and how to approach it in the studio so that we make the most effective use of the studio time.



POST PRODUCTION SOUND: Dialogue Editing And Recording, ADR Editing And Recording, Voice Overs, Foley Editing And Recording, Sound Effects, Backgrounds, Editing, Mixing(Stereo or 5.1 Surround), Sound Design, Pro Tools Lessons.

MUSIC RECORDING: Recording Musical Instruments And Voice, MIDI Recording, Music Editing, Sound Effects, Mixing(Stereo or 5.1),Mastering, Sound Design, Transfers From DAT, Records, Or Cassettes To CD Or Files.

ONLINE POST PRODUCTION SERVICE I can work with you on any editing, mixing and mastering services you need no matter where you live. I have links so you can upload your files for FREE and payments can be made online.

KARAOKE DEMO: If you are a singer without a band, or you are on a budget but you would like to have a demo of your vocal expertise, I can record a Karaoke demo for you.

DRUM TRACKS/SESSION DRUMMING: If you are looking for a drum track for your project, look no further. I am proficient in all styles of music, and I have an extensive music theory and musical composition background. I can offer great advice about your musical project, and help it reach its fullest potential. You can hear sound samples of my drumming at http://www.reverbnation.com/theomordeydrums

STUDIO MUSICIANS: If you are a song writer, but you don't have the musicians to play on your song, I know many professional musicians who are available to contribute their expertise to your project.

AUDIOBOOKS: I am an Audible approved engineer so I can get you the sound quality that ACX is looking for. Dialogue Editing, And Recording, Mixing And Mastering, Sound Effects, Sound Design, Finished Hour Rates. http://www.acx.com/narrator?p=A2DFHRSV8CJ2MP

FORENSIC AUDIO: Clarify, Analyse, Enhance, Edit, And Detect sounds that were recorded onto magnetic tape, digital or other media. Transcriptions, Authenticating Recorded Audio.

FILM RESTORATION: Take out pops, clicks, and hiss in Vintage film. Mixing, Editing, and Mastering

PRO TOOLS AND DRUM LESSONS: I also offer Pro Tools and Drum Lessons for those of you who want to widen your horizons creatively and gain a deeper knowledge of music and sound.

Theo Mordey
30855 San Martinez Rd.
Castaic, CA 91384
Phone 661 257 8910
Fax 661 257 8910

Ucandanc African Healing Arts
Facilitating Healing and Creating Peace with African Dance, InterPlay & Storytelling classes, workshops & Retreats. Based in Oakland most of my work is in the Bay Area but workshops and retreats are held all over the United States and in Europe and Africa.

Intergenerational, Multicultural, experiential are all words that are used to describe my classes and retreats. No prior experience necessary just a willingness to play, learn and grow. Visit my website for details.

Masankho Banda

Oakland, CA 94606
United States
Phone 510 773 7328
Fax 800 201 4932