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a 1 absolutely Marshall G. Carbee an artist/aaaaaaaa
Hypnotic expanses of color, other worldly illustraions, organic color therapy works on paper, metaphysical home design, energetic images, sculptural objects that defy classification - We invite you to enter the world of American artist Marshall Carbee.

Marshallcarbee.com provides a look into the imagination of a generous creative talent. Carbee's vision displays a Mediterranean senuality together with a quirky sensibility and a waggish dollop of subversiveness. The New-England-born artist's transatlantic education and individualistic irreverence results in abody of work that is irresistibly engaging. Embracing both figurative and abstact, collage and sculpture, examples of work on display include objects as diverse as handcrafted jewelry, a paper placemat created for Burger King, and paintings made in the ocean surf. With an artistic lineage that can be traced back to Surrealism, Carbee's work resists classification, inhabiting an unique space that alchemizes the familiar into the visionary and fantastic.

Carbee has collaborated on film projects ranging from Julian Schnabel's film., Basquiat, to Michael Jackson's award-winning music video Don't Stop 'Til You get Enough.

Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by his sure grasp of a multitude of media, Carbee's work conveys a genuine sense of wonderment. The unabashed richness of color and texture, the freewheeling touches of humor, the exuberance of his invention--all inspire and immediate response.

Born in Manchester, New Hampshire, Carbee attended the University of New Hampshire, where he introduced into the cirriculum a fine arts degree in the disipline of drawing. Following his time at New York's Pratt Institute, Carbee continued his studies in Paris under Daniel Milhaud. His first film, I'll Be Yours Forever, was honored with a nomination for the Discovery Award, presented by the New Hampshire Humanities Council to an artworking in a new medium. Carbee's work appears in galleries and private collections all over the world.

Currently there is an exhibition at Tufts University entitled, Pardon My French: Art of Marshall Carbee. The show will include over one hundred fifty works in several media. The exhibition runs from April 30 through May 23 at the Slater Concourse Galllery in the Aidekan Arts Center at Tufts University's Medford/Somerville campus. An opening reception will be held May 6 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday noon to 8:00 PM. and Sunday noon to 5:00 PM.

Rye Beach
Marshall Goodhue Carbee, Jr.
P.O. Box 521
Rye Beach, NH 03871
United States
Phone (603) 964-8212
Fax 603-964-6164

Art By Marcia Snedecor
Visionary and spiritual oil paintings and prints inspired by Nature, mythology and the Divine Feminine. Visionary artist Marcia Snedecor uses archetypal symbols as psychic touchstones for spiritual expression. These deeply moving images have emerged as visions from the soul. She believes that the universal language of symbols, created by and uniting humanity, has the power to speak directly to our souls. Her artwork will touch, nourish and inspire.
West Jefferson
Marcia Snedecor
P.O. Box 124
West Jefferson, OH 43162
United States
Phone 614.879.5949

Art Lady
On this website you will find high quality collectors art work. We represent the Puertorrican artist Felix R. Cordero. Born in October of the year 1931, Mr. Cordero is a highly experienced painter.Known in the US as 'El Pintor de los Balcones', his work has been collected by former Governer Luis A. Ferré and Cordero Badillo, among others. The unique use of vibrant colors and texture is his trademark.
Myrna Elias
Urb. Villa Blanca #64 Ave. Jose Garrido
Caguas, 00725
Puerto Rico
Phone 787 593-3155

HI my name is Annie Gibbons, and my businsess name is Art & Bowen, I offer both Bowen Therapy in the Four Corners Area and Art work. The Bowen Therapy is truly amazing! The therapy is based on the therapy developed by Tom Bowen in Australia in the 1970s, and which is now a world wide teaching institution of this body work modality taught by the Australian Bowen Academy, and several other off-shoot groups in America. This therapy re-sets one's immune system, helps one's own body to heal pain by increasing your natural healing energy! I have over 210 hrs. training form The Australian Bowen Acd., was apprenticed to Bowen Therapist for 5 years, and have worked on well over 1000 clients with good results! The client wears comfortable clothing while lying on the padded message table, and the treatment lasts up to an hour. The treamtnet consists of gentle rolling moves over the tendons and muscels which realeases a minute electrical charge in the facia. There are waits in between moves, which allow the body to accept the moves. It is hands on, but not messauge! I can bring my table to your home, with an additional milage fee of .55cents per mile over 35 miles one way. My fee for adults is $50.00, free for children under 12, $45.00 for Seniors ,and I may accept a low income fee upon request. Examples of my paintings for sale are also on this site, under photos.
Annie Gibbons
31335 EE26 RD.
Naturita, CO 81422
United States
Phone 970-865-2306

Azure Inspired
A Journey Within the Flower,
Azure Inspired invites you to travel the journey within 2B, through the reflections of seeing inside out versa (outside in). Within www.azureinspired.com you will find many healing and channel paintings, articles, 2B gear, and the lastest addition is 'The Channel' area where you are invited to post and share.

Azure Inspired 2B
Azure Inspired
P.O. Box 16
Cainsville, MO 64632
United States

Catherine Becker
Original Paintings - Browse these categories:

By the Sea; San Diego; Santa Monica; Los Angeles; Palm Springs; Tropical Themes; American Cites; Cats and Dogs; Fruit; Drivers; and Floral

Los Angeles
Catherine Becker
1440 S. Centinela Ave., #6
Los Angeles, CA 90025
United States
Phone 310-869-7871

Darrell Grindstaff
Aloha, my name is Darrell Grindstaff and I am an artist/musician based in Honolulu, Hawaii. My Web site features original fine art paintings of Hawaiian scenes, fine art prints, illustrations, photography, my first poster, some 3D illustrations, one short 3D animation and my screen-printed Mighty Mo, Bad To The Bone T-shirts and tank tops, which commemorate the USS Missouri battleship. (The USS Missouri is now a floating museum permanently located at Pearl Harbor, just a ship's length from the USS Arizona Memorial.)

Visitors to my site can also listen to pre-release audio samples from my upcoming smooth jazz CD, Hearts of Blue. To visit my site, go here:

Darrell Grindstaff

Honolulu, HI 96822-3786
United States
Phone 808 537-6510

Erica Frank
Kentucky / Costa Rica

Greg Vineyard
I AM CONTINUALLY UPDATING MY WEBSITE AND GALLERIES, stay tuned! The "photo galleries" at the top of this page are a mix of newer illustrations, clay work and various promo.

(I post most of my works on my "Creative Wayfinding by Greg Vineyard" Facebook page; after you've enjoyed the ByRegion network, check me out there. And you can contact me anytime via the "Contact This Artist" feature on this website.)

Also find my illustrations on: www.gregvineyardillustration.com.

In the arts, life is an ever-evolving, joyous journey. "Creative Wayfinding" covers a wide range of artistic activities in my life! Illustrator, Artist/Branding Consultant, Writer, Conceptual Clay and Tile Artist... Many hats, all interwoven by a lifetime of working with concepts related to communication due to overlapping professional corporate creative and visual artist careers.

ILLUSTRATION: conceptual, connective, inspirational:

FIND MY ILLUSTRATIONS AT ZAPOW ILLUSTRATION GALLERY, the only gallery of this kind in the Southeast. They specialize in narrative, from comic to sci-fi/fantasy to digital to inspirational to children's. They also work with artist development, marketing and design services.

I'm so pleased to show and sell here, and they carry my Original drawings, high-quality Giclee prints, digital prints and greeting cards in the gallery, as well as a selection of items in their on-line store. www.zapow.com

I am also available for editorial and children's assignments, and licensing.

Open seven days a week, they are located at 21 Battery Park Ave., Suite No. 101, in Asheville's fabulous downtown scene, NC 28801.

828 575 2024


CERAMICS for Contemplation & Connectivity:

Broken Road Studio, in Asheville's River Arts District

21 Battery Park Ave, Suite 101

downtown, just across the street from Chai Pani restaurant

WRITING: see my monthly art/lifestyle column in Rapid River Arts & Culture Magazine - www.rapidrivermagazine.com. I have been a monthly contributing writer with them since August of 2009, and it has been such a wonderful gift to get to write for them.


My career in corporate design in a wide variety of areas both large and small has allowed me to consult with artists on their personal branding/identity, as well as on select marketing and PR functions. My desire is to help folks establish their brand, and a creative plan, and then refer them to local resources for their next needs in the pipeline, such as design, photography, marketing, printing and PR. Contact me any time to discuss your project!

Gregory Vineyard
Asheville, NC
Asheville, NC 28715
United States

Harmonic Designs
T-SHIRTS FOR THE SOUL! Native American and Mayan Indian artwork on 100% cotton t-shirts. The images honor the spiritual depth and wisdom of shamanic traditions and tribal cultures. Truly magical wearable art, all beautifully illustrated by renown spiritual artist, Sushila Oliphant.

Scroll below for online ordering.
Sushila Oliphant
9709 Hammocks Blvd., Studio 203
Miami, FL 33196
United States
Phone 305-408-7118
Fax 305-574-7940

Isis Rising
Visionary art that evokes the internal spiritual power of the eternal Isis within us.

May the Isis within be awakened: in the Meditation series by our communion with the sacred earth; in the Blue Lumina series by communion with our holy body; in the Mandala series by communion with the Cosmic Energy.
kimberly berg
489 East Rd
cadyville, NY 12918
United States
Phone 518 293-8294

Joe Ray
Colorful monoprints dealing with Chicano and Southwest themes and imagery. Series of work include Angels (Angeles), Dreams (Sueños), Hearts (Corazones), Gallos/Romanticos, Luchadores (wrestlers), Pepe (semi-perverse spiritual guide) and The Cisco Kid. The work is influenced by the desert heat, the colors of the desert, dreaming, proximity (or lack of) to the ocean, border towns and Spanglish. Subtle humor with a delusional macho and spiritual twist.

United States
Phone 602-840-1580
Fax 602-840-1507

Commissions accepted for original oils, paintings, drawings, pen&ink, or sculpture.

Illustration & design for book covers, political illustration, boardgame designs, posters and notecards.

See the website for images.

San Francisco
Jim Kirwan

San Francisco, CA
United States

LaurieL Photography
Ultimately, Portland, Oregon's Finest Maternity Photographer.

In addition..beautiful Newborn, Child, and Family photojornalistic fine art photography is available. LaurieL offers a line of custom birth announcements that carry over her clean line, black & white photographic style. Custom Holiday cards and Graphic Design services are also available. LaurieL Photography studio is located in Vancouver, WA, adjacent to Portland, Oregon. LaurieL also services a large client base in Orange County California, traveling there every few months to service clients.
Laurie Ludes

Vancouver, WA 98684
United States
Phone 360.253.4142
Fax 360.883.1742

Linda McCracken
Linda McCracken is a versatile woman who helps to bring peace, loving kindness and healing with her work. She has worked with spiritual energies for over half a century, but also has an artistic and scientific side.

She is Tarot reader, psychic, dowser, medium, space clearer, spirit artist and spiritual healer. In Tarot, she uses the Shapeshifter deck which is a very beautifully illustrated shamanistic Tarot deck for doing spiritual readings. As a medium, she channels Spirit drawings of your loved ones on the other side or your spirit guides. These are pencil drawings, and may be sketches or full-fledged illustrations as Spirit dictates. She also does workshops on training others to do spirit art.

She has cleared spaces of negative energy and spirits and has also done spiritual healing to help with pain and other negative energies in the body and emotional fields for both people and pets.

Linda McCracken is a multi-talented, versatile and creative commercial artist, writer, editor, researcher, and publisher.

Spiritual Web Communications, LLC, Linda's publishing company has published a book on sacred geometry called "Messages of Universal Wisdom: a Journey of Connection through the Heart" by Barbara Evans. The next book to come out is "How to Get Up When Life's Got You Down: Life Lessons Learned” by Linda McCracken followed soon by “Pets are People, Too.”

Linda also does graphics design and copy writing for individuals and businesses as well as editing of books and other materials.

Linda does PowerPoint presentations on animals and mountain lions in New Hampshire as part of her research is to prove the existence of mountain lions and other big cats in New Hampshire.

Linda McCracken
PO Box 235
Marlow, NH 03456
United States
Phone 603-446-3918

Marilyn Hager
Graphic design, web site design and animation, corporate branding, illustration, publications and software classes created with conscious consideration for a higher purpose in communication.
Redondo Beach
Marilyn Hager
409 N PCH #680
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
United States
Phone 310-376-3840
Fax 310-798-6352

MC Reality
Rachael Paulick, 23 years old from Buffalo, NY is the creator, producer, promoter, event coordinator, and MC. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY she started younger always inspired by hip-hop. All day carrying the boom box and listening to old school Onyx, House of Pain, Run DMC, Doug E Fresh, Fresh Prince, Queen Latifah, FLava Flav, MC Lyte, Jam Master Jay, Qbert and other old school artists she was inspired by, she would go home and remix tapes on her tape deck or small mixer all day and made some of the dopest beatz and lyrics …. As she kept on flowing and traveling and seeing more hip-hop, and jungle and got into electronic music, she realized how hard it was and how hip-hop started to send out the wrong message as it got more mainstream., and electronic was dominated. She strived to open the youths mind from all the poison in the mainstream hip-hop and only men being on the mic, and bring positive energy through the words and the beatz ; she found the loophole. Then it was still hard as women are not as respected as men in the hip-hop or electronic culture. Now Mastering freestlye to all genres of music performing more and more with some of the greatest artists in the world. She is stationed in Asheville, NC and Tampa, FL - she brings you Realyst Productions with a whole new outlook from gangster, hip-hop,unity,political, old school, Jungle, electronic all genres, jazz, folk and more she is starting a movement by the people for the people


Asheville, NC 28806
United States

Limited Edition digital artworks of a spiritual and metaphysical nature. This body of artworks is meant to be experienced as visualization tools, creating integration between the imagery and you in contemplation. Each artwork is synergy of color and poetry, which resonate in harmony, as a rythmic mantra. By contemplating and meditating both on visual and words, a desired state of "be-ing" manifests. Individualized visualization artworks are available. An art print created specifically for you with a personal affirmation message, both written and encoded within the artwork. Images also available without the message, by request.

All works Metaserph © 2001-2012.

Houston, TX
United States
Phone Request by email

Missouri City
Garrick Jones
2818 Sandstone Ridge Drive
Missouri City, TX 77459
United States

Mystical Reflection
Custom-made spiritual/mystical art created for each individual. This art can act as a catalyst to help you recall your essential nature. These pictures reflect the inner beauty of the soul. People who have received these pictures report that the pictures are benefical and assist them in centering within and to remember that they are spiritual in nature.
Stewart Hill
1627 W. Main Street #343
Bozeman, MT 59715
United States
Phone 406 570-6291
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