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Santa Teresa
César Aendino
Mail pais-Santa Teresa-Costa Rica
Santa Teresa, 88888
Costa Rica

George Hunter
Raised in the Mohawk healing traditions of my father's people, I offer an authentic experience of healing. Combining Sound Healing, Native Chanting, Energy Work, and Intuitive guidance, I help people to embrace their power, voice, and physical health. I am the Founder of the BlueStone Institute for Healing Arts where we offer a 2 year Certificate Program for healers, blending both ancient and modern approaches to healing. As a singer and artist, I combine glasswork with Native Chanting for transcendent experiences and spontaneous ceremonies. Clients seek my help for emotional clearing, chronic pains and conditions, finding a sense of purpose, manifesting healthy relationships, intuitive guidance, and for embracing their innate gifts.

Valley Cottage
George Hunter
1133 Broadway, suite 1020, NYC
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
United States

Georgia Piedmont Art Center
Mission Statement: “To foster creativity an appreciation of fine arts and fine crafts in the community through classroom instruction, working studios, and gallery exhibitions.”

We have a gallery as well as private studios. We offer classes in pottery, painting, drawing, ceramics, drawing, watercolor, etc.
Paul Handy
105 E Athens St
Winder, GA 30680
United States
Phone 770-855-2058

Healing Stones Jewelry
I'm a Storyteller/Jewelry Designer using myth, legend, fairy tales, tarot, astrology, New Thought, I Ching,Feng Shui,ancient symbols and more as my gemstone design themes. My art jewelry inspires and motivates women. Soulmate, Diva, Star, Goddess, Leadershp, Dream are just a few of the ancient truths that become wearable art designs. These designs (basically short stories in gems) resonate with your soul and call forth your divine DNA. The soul is always trying to get our attention and when we are drawn to a stone or a symbol or a color, or the combination, there is a myth and legend that tells the story of what that means to you personally. My one-of-a-kind spiritual jewelry comes with a Theme Card and an affirmation affirming that theme.
Los Angeles
Elaine Maginn Sonne, PhD
105 N. St. Andrews Place
Los Angeles, CA 90004
United States
Phone 323-469-8098
Fax 323-860-7929

enjoy panoramic views, incredible vistas, and lovely still lifes, wildlife, beautifully rendered old machinery and more with exquisite, representational art offered to you in museum quality gicles and prints in many sizes; signed and numbered by Alaskan artist MARALI

mary smith
2750 sterling hwy
homer, AK 99603
United States
Phone 907 235-5383

Nicky Painter has traveled extensively throughout the globe seeking inspiration for her art. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, her designs evolved to an embodiment of the diversification found in this picturesque cultural center.

Beginning early in her career with custom finished furnishings and murals, Nicky later began producing specialized glassware designs catering to the specific markets of the California wine growers and coastal communities. Nicky still continues to work closely with the local vintners from Napa, Sonoma, Monterey, Santa Clara Valley and throughout the Central Valley growing regions, making guest appearances at special events.

The expansion of her hand painted glassware business has not slowed her down. Nicky takes on special assignments with local designers throughout Silicon Valley in producing custom murals, wall textures and furnishing enhancements through her TRANSFORMATIONZ interior services and recently shared a sampling of some of her techniques that can be seen in Sterling Publications’ NEW IDEAS IN GLASS PAINTING. From traditional grape and harvest designs to contemporary vibrant uses of bold colors and metallics, the NIXNAX inventory has grown to include a wide range of motifs that enhance virtually any occasion. ~ CHEERS!

San Jose
nicky painter

San Jose, CA
United States
Phone 408-347-8523

Other Options Custom Pedestals
Other Options specializes in custom, individually handcrafted sculpture stands and pedestals in a variety of designs, materials, and finishes.
Simple and elegant, our styles compliment both traditional and contemporary interiors. They add an elegant accent for proudly displaying your finest art objects.

Design options include:
• swivel and lighted tops for illuminating glass and lucite sculptures.
• satin laquer finishes in a variety of colors.
• laminates in a wide selection of colors and patterns.

Should you decide on a custom color, we provide exact color matching. An art consultant will personally assist you in choosing the right finish, sizes and models to enhance your treasured pieces.

Along with custom colors and sizes, which include table top models, we provide elaborate architectural accents such as: stepped tops, kickbases and beveled edges. All of our pedestals are durable, and easy to care for.
San Francisco

San Francisco, CA 94102
United States
Phone 707 775-2407

Our Creative Spirit
Arts, Crafts and Gift items that celebrate the creative spirit in us all: Ceramics, Candles, Angels, Aromatherapy,Jewelry,Original Glass Art,Poly Clay crafts and more.From the whimsical to the practical,unique items for body and soul.
Irma Hernandez
Phoenix, AZ 85041
United States
Phone 602-268-0803
Fax 602-268-0803

Santa Teresa Vitrofusion
I am a glass artisan based in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. I specialize in glass jewelry, stained glass windows, decorations, dishes (plates, glasses, etc.), and much more.
Santa Teresa
Lucia Munoz
3 KM North of Frank's Place
Santa Teresa, 88888
Costa Rica

team estate sale and appraisal
We offer complete estate sale and appraisal services for the Memphis and mid-south area. Art and antique prints,antiques, glass, pottery, silver, jewlery, books,and sculpture are often offered for sale at resonable prices. Collectors your "wants"--let us "host" your sale.
edward tuten
7007 mcvay place dr.
memphis, TN 38119
United States
Phone 901-758-2659
Fax 758-2659

The Daily Terminal Zenith Man
Custom handcrafted Pagan altars created from felled wood of many types including oak, maple, cherry, black locust and osage orange. All our work is uniquely and individually crafted on a commission basis. We work closely with you to help you achieve your spiritual vison. We also craft unique ritual tools, including handcarved Osage Orange ritual goblets, mortar and pestles, rattles,small serving trays and spirit canons.
We also offer Pagan, Celtic and metaphysical stained glass art, from suncatchers, scrying mirrors, glass rune sets to large custom panels.
We also feature an art gallery and selection of petroglyph drawings.
Rosemary Griffith
153 Ryerson Ave.
Manorville, NY 11949
United States
Phone 631 874-4810

Vitrum Gallerie
Located in one of the country's major studio glass centers, Vitrum is committed to presenting the best in local and regional glass art, as well as work by carefully selected artists from other parts of the US. The gallery also showcases paintings and prints by innovative two-dimensional artists.
vitrum gallerie
10 Lodge Street
Asheville, NC 28803
United States
Phone 828-274-9900