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Arkadia Jazz
Arkadia Jazz aspires to become one of the most influential independent jazz labels of the future, combining a healthy respect and high regard for jazz's glorious past with a vision that looks eagerly toward jazz's bright future.

New York
Bob Karcy
34 East 23rd St.
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone 212-533-0007

earthy yet etheral, deeply elemental emotional sitar/guitar epic compositions with all organic drumming and shamanic vocals...mystically dynamic nonpop where each song is well crafted and part of a larger movement giving the album a fluid and cohesive feel.


sala founded Arundas in 1998 after some years of forest dwelling and wandering here and there .. his experiences during those years would later form the concepts underlying the dreamfulaudisea .. in the north kingdom sala met xu cero (su sero) who became sala's friend and joined Arundas as engineer and producer .. later, after finishing a mass of unedited works, sala related the story of his travels to xu cero and asked that he oversee the editing and publishing of his material .. it wasnt long after that conversation that sala disappeared..that was over two years ago and since then none have seen him..


the dreamfulaudisea is a trilogy of works that together form one 3 hour song comprised of 6 movements and divided into 27 tracks (each album is exactly 1 hour containing 2 movements divided into 9 tracks). the trilogy is based on the events surrounding the journey of sala along shores of ifelorum and beyond. its creation began in the climbs of the north kingdom then moved to the golden shore before settling finally into the blue mountains where it was completed..


pathless ways is the second part of the dreamfulaudisea .. it was composed by sala and recorded and produced by xu-cero in and around the blue mountains .. mastering done by Steve Roach in the timeroom (sonoran desert) .. this work, being the second of three, picks up where the first leaves off .. like the first, it is essentially one song travelling in an unbroken stream through two movements that have been divided into nine tracks for your convenience .. total playing time is exactly one hour .. for best results put on a pair of headphones and listen undistracted from beginning to end .. (in a quiet environment a boombox at a moderate volume also works well) .. great for meditation and usable for yoga but may be too dynamic for massage .. human contributors include : ko sion whose voice appears on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, along with the didgeredoo on tracks 3 and 4 and the mtn. dulcimer on tracks 5 and 6 -hanu goldberry whose subconscious poetry appears in tracks 5, 7, and 9 - and neanya whose bizzare fairy blurb appears near the end of track 6..other contributions made by a lesser nighthawk, a hermit thrush, a vireo, a golden crowned kinglet, a green heron, a lark sparrow, a meadow lark, 24 red winged blackbirds, 2 starlings, a white crested sparrow, a hummingbird, the waves on the shores of ifelorum, the nagga river, the heavenly rainsongs of the blue mountains appearing in tracks 3, 6, and9, and the many subtle forces that make everything possible .. "this record is dedicated to vanamali whose encouragment helped bring it and the others to life .." -sala


Reviewer: john jakes

Pathlessways is the best cd ive heard in a LONG TIME. You have to listen to the whole thing to understand it, the samples just cant convey its majesty as a whole. Its mood is deeply spiritual without being trite or cheesy, and its filled with that rare and pioneering artistic integrity present in all truely unique yet beautiful works of creation. Sadly, because they sit in the lonely heights of the music world, where few have the fire or fortune to travel, i cant say that Arundas will ever enjoy the audience size of those working the McMusic scene... But to those lucky enough to discover them: Enjoy the sublime view!

Reviewer: Viela Sparrow

Rich with vision, this beautiful work represents a lot of what I look for in music. This CD has guided me through many meditations. Music like this is hard to come by! I can't listen to just one song, I always listen to the whole CD. I truely hope to hear more from this artist.

Reviewer: D.C

Powerful, exotic, subtley-crafted, and broad in scope. Joyful and bright at times -- deep and dark at others. Stirring, original -- epic. Truly defies any categorization. My first listen created a powerful experience. Finally -- a real breath of fresh air. Highly worthy of a wide audience!

Reviewer: Lindsay

the ebb and flow of this albulm has brought me on many multideminsional journies. everytime i sit down to listen again, i am taken to a new place. The music guides me, and at times follows me into different realms. an unbelievalbe masterpeice.

Reviewer: Don Ponasai

Immense themes, beautifully concieved, dynamic and varied, crossing a wide expance of moods. A deeply imaginative and moving work. A must have for mystics and passionate listeners.

alex caruso
asheville, NC 28801
United States

Buckyball Music
Buckyball Records is an up and coming progressive jazz label. The label is in existence for seven years and has an impressive roster of talents whose work is strongly rooted in jazz, progressive rock, and fusion, providing a challenging ear cookie for the discriminating musical palette.

Buckyball Music also offers production and recording facilities.

We also offer private lessons in:
voice (classical, popular & jazz)
percussion (drumset, congas,)
group percussion classes (all ages and levels)
MIDI sequencing (Performer, Pro Tool, Logic Audio, Sonar).
marc wagnon
456 w 49th st #3
nyc, NY 10019
United States
Phone 212333.5812

Chiwahwa Stud
Chiwahwa Stud ( real name Kenville Thompson ) grew up in Portmore, Jamaica where he began wrtiting songs in 1989 at the age of 12. He continued writing through high school concentrating mainly on talent shows and other local events. His debut single "Classic" was produced by Tristan Palmer on the Father G. label in 1995. The song got a little air play but failed to gain any standard interest.
Kenville Thompson
9 Dalton St.
Asheville, NC 28803
United States
Phone 828.280.6998

chrissie blaze
Chrissie Blaze - international speaker/author/healer gives in-depth monthly horoscopes -- and much more! Visit her popular website for latest astrology news, Your Year Ahead 2005, lunar phases, mercury retrograde periods, online charts, free book contests, articles and latest news and views. Also, read in-depth articles on healing, metaphysics and spirituality, as well as upcoming healing workshops, lectures and events. Purchase books, CDs and online charts via her website. Subscribe to her free monthly bulletin.

Los Angeles
chrissie blaze
Los Angeles, CA 90038
United States

Cynth hand makes the flutes she plays and brilliantly captures the musical subtleties of many cultures with her unique style and approach. In a complicated world filled with pressures and demands, Flute Medicine is a musical experience that mirrors simplicity, stillness, beauty and sublime. The artist warmly invites you to drift up and away on the healing tones of her bamboo flutes and more.
Las Vegas
shopbodysense. com
4213 Dover Place
Las Vegas, NV 89107
Phone 1-877-816-3615

Dirty City Entertainment
Kareem Ellis
P.O. Box 4151
Steubenville, OH 43952
United States

Elijah Records, Inc.
Licensing and online distribution of various styles of music created by independent artists from around the world.
Maria Cuccia, Pres.
PO Box 884
Syosset, NY 11791-0899
United States
Phone 631.544.9596
Fax 631.544.0605

Good As New Music
We buy, sell, and repair used CDs and DVDs. Want to turn your music or movie collection into quick cash? Fill out a brief form on our website, and we'll send you an offer within a day!

Have some discs that don't work because of a few scratches? Let us repair your discs and restore them to their original shine!

We also offer eBay Trading Assistance. As an experienced eBay seller, we can help you sell your stuff to the world without having to create an eBay account.
Good As New Music
PO Box 18831
Asheville, NC 28814
United States

Isaiah Toran
Dedicated to providing the best in original music•video•art; that is designed for theurepetic relaxation•meditation and self awareness.
Isaiah Toran
P.O Box 141382
Cincinnati, OH 45250
United States
Phone 513-478-9381

Michael lucarelli
Michael has been performing as a classical guitarist for Resorts, weddings, conventions, and concerts since 1985. He received his Bachelors in music from the University of Utah and his Masters in music from the University of Arizona. Mr. Lucarelli's repertoire is a blend of Classical, Spanish, South American, Jazz, new age, and popular arrangements including music from his 6th CD “Michael Lucarelli plays the Beatles.”
salt lake city
michael lucarelli
5107 westmoor
salt lake city, UT 84117
United States
Phone 8012742845

Missouri City
Garrick Jones
2818 Sandstone Ridge Drive
Missouri City, TX 77459
United States

Turiya Nada is a powerful yoga/meditation/tantric music compiled of sacred chants of the Siddhars (the enlightened yogis who are journeying beyond) mystical mantras accompanied by the didgeridoo, the harp, singing bowls, djembe,udu,gongs and other instruments.

“Turiya Nada” is the name chosen for our music, as it is this divine causal sound beyond the mantra through which the Siddhars convey their blessings.

The Siddhars are enlightened Sages who journey beyond the realms of the limited mind state. They are in the state of higher consciousness that is beyond sleep, dream and wake. It is this divine state called Turiya that they sing and chant and dance in the higher resonance with sublime bliss.

Nada is the primal causal vibration that resonates within the mantra as the perpetual OM. Nada creates, sustains and destroys and yet it is eternal. Nada is the sacred sound vibration.

Santa Monica
Adi Bose
825 Wilshire Blvd #333
Santa Monica, CA 90401
United States
Phone 310-4517377

Patrick Shea
PO Box 8521
Burlington, VT 05402
United States

Reality Entertainment


All online orders get a FREE CD sampler and more

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Forest Hill
Chuck Thompsen
Po Box 91
Forest Hill, CA 95631
United States
Phone 866-585-1355


United States

Mystic Wolf Press is a multimedia production company dedicated to helping others reach a high level of personal empowerment through meditation, spirituality and martial arts.

Visit our website for a FREE meditation CD.

Visit our Online Community at www.mysticvillage.org

Robert Morgen

Golden, CO 80401
United States

Seven73Three Entertainment
Missouri City
Garrick Jones
2818 Sandstone Ridge Drive
Missouri City, TX 77459
United States

Smoke & Mirrors
Atmospheric electronic soundscapes
Dave Wade-Stein

Boulder, CO 80303
United States
Phone 720-936-7783

Souleye is a positive and energetic lyricist with poetic phrasing and flowing styles. He was given the name Souleye on a vision quest at the age of 21. Born in Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts to a Native American Father and an Italian Mother, he grew up listening to hip hop and was influenced early on by rappers such as Talib Kweli and Tupac. By the age of 14, he was rapping, freestyling, and writing his own songs. By the age of 20, he was making his own beats, performing and producing his own music. His musical style can best be described as eclectic, experimental hip hop with a spiritual focus. His beats weave together an intricate mix of deep bass and beautiful rhythms that include anything from jazz riffs to chanting Tibetan monks. His innovative rhyme schemes incorporate heart-felt messages about higher consciousness, soul searching, positivity, self-acceptance, socio-political commentary, and transcendental meditation. To date, his biggest inspirations are God, birds, family and friends, and everyday life. His unique lyrical approach and ingenious freestyle skills allow him to share insightful positive messages that are both motivational and mind opening.

Souleye has performed at:
The Palladium, Worchester, Massachusetts
The Iron Horse, North Hampton, Massachusetts
Pearl Street, North Hampton, Massachusetts
The Middle East, Boston, Massachusetts
Western New England College, Springfield, Massachusetts
The Red Herring, Williamstown, Massachusetts
Americas, West Palm Beach, Florida
Elite, West Palm Beach, Florida
The Bamboo Room, Asheville, North Carolina
Tribes Club, Asheville, North Carolina
Dartmouth College, North Hampton
And numerous other venues and events.
Mario Treadway

, CO 80477
United States
Phone 1-561-251-0162
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