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Lorenzo Enrico
I want to share with you the bliss that comes with experiencing being alive wholeheartedly and prepare you as well to receive the many benefits that are already there awaiting that moment when harmoniously your body and mind meet with a single purpose-- creating the suitable conditions that’ll facilitate your fully witnessing yourself within; using understanding and compassion--the eye of love

San Francisco
Lorenzo Mejia
San Francisco California
San Francisco, CA 94117
United States
Phone 415 260 0803
Fax 415 621 4202

Marjorie L. Rand, Ph.D.
I have a private practice in Manhattan Beach CA. (South Bay) and Brentwood, CA. My speciality is Developmental Psychology, object relations, somatic psychotherapy and pre and perinatal psychotherapy and relationship counseling. I have been a licensed psychotherapist for 30 years. I also teach meditation, yoga and consciousness seminars.
Manhattan Beach
Marjorie Rand

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
United States
Phone 310-937-0053
Fax 937-0053

San Rafael
Samantha Sean
880 Las Gallinas Ave. Ste 4
San Rafael, CA 94903
United States
Phone 415-499-7742
Fax 415-499-7742

Mobile Spa Services Serve The Goddess
Serve The Goddess, Mobile Spa Services brings you exquisite pampering with massage & a wide selection of spa services including massage, mini facials, foot and hand treatments, body scubs and more to share with your girlfriends in the comfort of your home/hotel suite.Pefect for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, re unions, office parties, graduations, bachelorette parties, wedding anniversaries, couples massage and more.A mobie spa service company providing services in Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire.
Los Angeles
Helen Hodgson
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90019
United States

N'Gaia Washíkita, White Wolf EarthKeeper
N'Gaia Silver Wolfe (aka Washíkita) is an EarthKeeper and Intuitive Counselor conducting classes, sessions and private tutoring in EarthKeeper Yoga and Guided Meditation, Energy Work & various other services such as Reiki Healing for plants and animals, Raindrop Therapy, and Channeled Readings. Weekly drum circles are held for the Gypsies of the Earth -- community drumming, yogadancing and chanting are conducted in the Prescott area and can be privately scheduled for groups.


~~~*Dancing from the Beli of Eve ~ Tools for Becoming an EarthKeeper and Purple Sage

~~~*Living with Fibromyalgia ~ Tools for Balance

~~~*Massage Therapy Workshops - (Specializing in Fibrositis Massage & Trigger Point Work)

~~~*Acu-Yoga for Bodyworkers

~~~*Stress/Energy/Time Management

~~~*C-R-I Programs (Learn to Cleanse, Replenish, & Improve Your Self)

~~~*Temple Talk about Blood Type Diet

~~~*Natural Nutrition for Me & My doG

(Learn of Nutritional Raw Foods for you and your Canine Child to share)

~~~Weekly & Monthly Newsletters available by subscription (written and published online by Ganai Silver Wolfe) ... submit your request at the top of this Home Page.


~~~LOCAL DRUM CIRCLES with YogaDancing and Chanting are held monthly at Full Moon during Spring and Summer seasons for the Prescott community (Heart Donations Accepted) -- Call for info and sign up today! Or... just click the events button for the current listings!

~~~Aromatherapy, Reiki Healing, and EarthKeeper Readings are scheduled by appointment only - all sessions are held at the Silver Wolfe Den ~ 1123 West Gurley Street in Prescott. Ask about the Raindrop Technique with Young Living Essential Oils to bring natural balance and alignment into your Holy Temple. Each Raindrop session is only $60.

Reiki is $60 per hour. Numerology and Earth Astrology combined reports are $33 each, with Intuitive Counseling at $33 per hour.

DANCE CLASSES: Tribal Dance Classes will start again this Spring with location to be announced ~ Call Silver Wolfe if interested in forming a class! Become an EarthKeeper & Purple Sage! Join our Wolfe Pack. Call for upcoming events or check Events feature on this page.

To receive announcements by email for upcoming Gypsy events, contact Silver Wolfe and join the Gypsies of the Earth group list.
Gypsy Gaia ~ Purple Sages & EarthKeepers
Silver Wolfe Den ~ 1123 West Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ 86305
United States
Phone 928.717.8250
Fax 928.717.8250

Nadiya Nottingham
Nadiya Nottingham

Yoga & Qigong Workshops Spring Schedule
New York
Nadiya Nottingham
PO Box 0000
New York, NY 10024
United States

Optimal Breathing
Mike is a somatic educator using the breath as a focal point for stress management, emotional balance, self expression, and personal power. He has combined key elements of Hatha, Tibetan and Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Chi Kung, Massage therapy, meditations, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Karate, Reichian Therapy, Radiance Breathwork™, Rebirthing™, Meditation, Chanting, Toning, Operatic and Public Speaking training, and nutrition. He is a founding member of Association Of Humanistic Psychology Somatics Community Steering committee.

Offices in Waynesville NC. 828 456-5689
michael white

Waynesville, NC
United States
Phone 828 456 5689

OxyGenesis Institute - A National Heritage Foundation
We offer true relief from many kinds of physical and emotional pain, using OxyGenesis Breathing(TM), a powerful form of conscious breathing therapy, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, a highly effective form of Energy Psychology that involves tapping on acupoints while focusing on an issue to be transformed. Wholistic in nature, our approach combines the principals and benefits of oxygenation, massage, hypnotherapy, sound healing, psychotherapy, acupuncture, Yoga and meditation. Spiritual, emotional and physical results are astounding.

Here's how OxyGenesis Breathwork works:

We are all born with the innate ability to express (ie., push out) emotions when they become overwhelming. Crying, laughter, yawning, and even singing, all facilitate the expression of feelings. These natural "breathing exercises" cleanse the body, mind and soul, maintaining a healthy balance of energy flow.

As we are conditioned to live in society, however, many of these natural forms of expression are stifled and even shamed. We quickly learn that it is not acceptable to cry, for example, when we feel physical or emotional pain. In order to hold back those tears, we must constrict our breathing and disengage our mind from body and soul. The energy that was meant to move through us on a wave of breath gets trapped in our constricted muscles and stored as tension. If this buildup of pain is not cleansed, the results can be devastating physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

OxyGenesis Breathing is the cleansing process. It is also a reliable, consistently-effective method for retraining the body to breathe more fully and allowing the soul to live more fully. When you are breathing effectively, every breath can ease depression, anxiety, stress, and pain, moving you into consistent health and joy.

EFT (aka Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be used alone or as an adjunct to breathwork or bodywork. It is a simple yet awesome technique for clearing unwanted energy patterns associated with earlier memories, traumas and core decisions. When these are cleared from the subconscious realm of the energy system, we are free to create from the realm of our true heart's conscious desires. Works great on physical pain, because it also clears the underlying emotional components. Emotional pain is cleared much faster with this technique than with psychotherapy or other long-term modalities. Feel significant results in your first session!
West Hartford
Lois Grasso

West Hartford, CT 06119
United States
Phone 860-796-1480

Patricia J. Stout, LCSW
Holistic Counseling with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker;Psycho-Spiritual Integration;Integrative Breathwork (Certified facilitator)

I offer individual, marital, family, and group counseling with a psycho-spiritual focus, which means that we focus not only on the presenting problem but also the opportunity for growth toward full potential and fulfillment of the person's life purpose. I use an empowering approach and often incorporate art, music, meditation, breath relaxation training, archetypal and dream work, and drama.

Breathwork is deep process work, an inner journey done individually or in community, with music, deep breathing, freedom of expression, symbolic imagery and artwork, and a sacred intention for healing both self and the fabric or being of which we all are a part.
Patricia Stout

Mandeville, LA
United States
Phone 985-264-8089

Patty Alessi
Transformational Breath®

Group Workshop Format

Monday Eves...Breathe!

Transform Your Life!

Transformational Breath®Workshop

Dates: 1/27,2/3,10

Special Sign up for 3 @$75 paid at first session/ or / $30 per session


Patty Alessi CTBF

East Moriches Home Studio

Please: Bring Mat,Pillows [3],

blanket, water bottle,

dress comfy in layered clothing.

Set Your Intentions for Your Miracles!

Call Patty to register:



Ladies Look Forward To Your Magic Mondays!!!

A Time To Meditate

Progressive Positivity Mondays Series

Contact:Brookhaven's Reid Center Supervisior@

Shoreham Center Today!


Click link to see our Monday Group on News 12-utube



Free Event

Reiki @Hampton Bays Wild by Nature

Monday Dates:

February 10th, March 9th


Reiki & Guided Meditation Seminar

Location: 252-14 West Montauk Highway, Hampton Bays Event Details:

Join Patti Alessi, Reiki Master and learn about the health benefits of Reiki

-followed by a guided meditation and a mini Reiki session.

What a beautiful blend! An hour of edification for body mind and soul.

Instructor Patty Alessi RMT


Location:252-14 West Montauk Highway Hampton Bays

Register: Customer Service Desk

or Call (631) 723-3071



Stress Reduction

Reiki Circle

Progressive Mindfulness Meditation

Public Event!

Every Thursday Evening

Instructor Patty Alessi RMT


Location: Brookhaven's

Mastic Recreation Center

15 Herkimer Street Mastic.NY 11950

Free Event

Hosted by Patty Alessi RMT

Tranquil Source Reiki Founder

Guided Meditation Followed by,

Group Formatted Mini-Reiki Sessions

Guests and Practitioners Welcomed!



This Event is Free:

For those who can contribute $10 it helps keep this available for all.

As we all value this wonderful experience!


A New shift with our Specials

Sunday February 9th 6:30--8:30

Essential Oils Class

My house East Moriches

RSVP/Only 631-834-7066

Class is $65 -includes kit

Students will receive an introductory kit from Doterra.

As instructor, I plan to delve into some video with our group so that the where and the ways of the how crops are grown, distilled into the purer essential oils that we trust. And show the people of various countries that are being un-lifted from poverty as Doterra resources with natives to their own land. The people are not indebted to middle men-Doterra helps the areas grow wisely ,harvest, provides schools, wells, educate and people can know provide for their families.

The essential oils of Doterra are pure.

Come experience and learn some more!


After class, open to those who might want to hear about doterra discounts which is kind of like a costco membership.

Call me to Register

Patty 631-834-7066


Special Therapy Offers:

The Essential AromaTouch® Treatment Session

2 sessions $120

Boost your immune system, relax muscles, feel balanced and re-aligned.

Patty Alessi

Certified Aromatouch® Practitioner

Doterra® Wellness Consultant

East Moriches Home Studio ?631.834.7066

Special *Limited Appointment Times Available

.Migun Jade Treatment Therapy Table Session 2 sessions /$60


Special *

Transformational Breath®

2/$160 one hour sessions

This is a therapeutic breath experience unlike any other!

Recommended for:

.Intro beginners pace.

.Also,For those who have already taken workshop sessions and want

to have private session@ this is a very special price!


Special *

Reiki Energy Balancing Sessions

2/ $120 One Hour Sessions


I am going to begin special brand new pain reduction services using NOA

as an add-on-$20 per unit per session special price

offered as special for clients while they are having Reiki, Migun and/or Aromatouch-

Nano Oxygen Accelerator – NOA Inflammation Detection & Release

or try Tri-Intra-Sound separately or together


All Specials Are to Be Used within 30 days of purchase as it keeps the energy moving

Payments are due at first session.

*Limited Appointment Times Available

Contact Patty Alessi



Eastern Long Island
Patty Alessi
Eastern Long Island, New York
United States
Phone 631.834.7066

Princeton Center for Yoga & Health
The Center offers a variety of yoga (Kripalu, Power, Hot, Astanga, Vinyasa Krama, Vinyasa Flow,Integral,Hatha), meditation, pilates,Pre/Post-Natal,Mom/Baby,Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Rejuvenation, Yoga for Stress Reduction, monthly drumming circles, Yoga for Kids, concerts, kirtan experiences,belly dance, and holistic lifestyle classes and workshops. Yoga Teacher Certification training. The Center also provides community access to various therapeutic and bodywork practitioners, as well as a forum to support those practitioners in their work. Gift certificates and corporate programs available. Office and workshop space available for rental. Ask about our work exchange opportunities.
Deborah Metzger
88 Orchard Road, Skillman
Princeton, NJ 08558
United States
Phone 609-924-7294

Reiki Learning Center
The goal at Reiki Learning Center is to promote healing on all levels- Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical. Reiki is a tremendously supportive therapeutic technique, facilitating deep relaxation which reduces the resistance to healing. Discussion before and after Reiki allows the transition into healing to solidify, often accompanied by breathwork to help with the home meditative process.

Reiki, developed in Japan in the early 1900s, increases the vibrational frequency of the body which can free one's energy of the heaviness and negativity that may keep one feeling "stuck." Reiki sessions are offered for 60-90 minutes. More or less time is your option also.

Reiki classes are offered, as our ability self healing leads to the most powerful transformation possible. This energy work leads to a deep meditative process, without the draining of one's own energy as can happen in other healing arts. Classes are offered with Barbara for Reiki I, II, Master, and Master Teacher, helping students become healers at their own pace. Former students of Reiki can repeat classes or receive booster attunements.

Other Healing Arts activities are offered as well, including Chakra Balancing Class, a 4-part series to explore and understand the meaning of dysfunctions of imbalanced chakras. Also, Meditation With Compassion: a series of meditation classes that includes a lot of discussion, full of eastern philosophy, Buddhist meditation methods, pranayama, and practice time. Meditation is such a vital part of our spiritual self-development process, that your commitment to "sitting" can create immediate shifts in your awareness.

Barbara also paints and has her artwork hanging at classes and featured on her website. She has drawn all her life, but began painting in 1997. Creative pursuits make us human. She is always happy to discuss what others are doing artistically.
Barbara Lee

Phoenix, AZ 85086
United States

reko shizuku seno
PHONE CONSULTATION: A private and confidential Consultation of your subject matter using the Ancient Wisdoms and their contemporary significance. Also, Conscious awareness of body mind connection to help move through pain, emotional as well as physical. We will recall Archtypes which guide us through Purification and Neutralization of memories that you wish to be liberated from. With Interactive Visualization we gain assistance in re-patterning old reactions with new actions. You choose the new visions.

PRIVATE & GROUP "Movement Meditation" CLASS: Here, we can bring in the physical aspect of Yoga and Movement with quiet awareness for Stress Reduction, Postural Alignment, Joint Mobilzation and Strengthening. With Ambient/Sacred Sounds, this work can help everyone Relax. Bring your meditative awareness into the realm of karma/action and create a spiritual bridge of peace from your seated practice to your daily life.

reko seno

Honolulu, HI 96813
United States
Phone 888-255-9655x0043
Fax 808-550-2644

River Canyon Retreat
River Canyon Retreat is more than 500 acres of wild and beautiful land ….. meadows, hills, cliffs, ponds and a mile of private South Yuba River above Bridgeport State Park, Nevada County, N. California. Our service is to provide retreat space in a natural environment. We facilitate groups and individuals for celebrations, ceremonies, workshops, seminars and retreats providing an environment that promotes physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Shamanic Breathwork sessions are offered for groups and individuals. During the summer on most Saturday evenings we do "Breathwork under the Stars". It is quite spectacular to come out of a session and watch the full moon rising or a sky full of stars. River Canyon Retreat is a way to reconnect with yourself in nature and experience the Ceremony of life.

Eric Botner

, CA 95960
United States
Phone 530 292 0171

Rosemary Overman
Massage/ bodywork (by appointment only)
Workshops- Achieve your dreams, Breathwork (rebirth)
fall classes:
"Love yourself & heal your life"
Hay House books, audiotapes, CD's; Temperpedic pillows etc.

Rosemary Overman

Lafayette,, IN 47904
United States
Phone 765-447-2094

Sacred Moon & Earth Holistic Wellness Center
Sacred Moon & Earth Holistic Wellness Center

Where healing is still an art

Be Empowered Be Inspired Be Well! Also the home for the University For Holistic Arts
Karema Bright
4609 Franklin Ave.
Wilmington, NC 28405
United States
Phone 9104318026

Sacred Space Healing & Retreat Center
Sacred Space is a Holistic Health practice that supports your journey towards health and success in life. We are located in Historic Anderson Springs California about 2 hours north of San Francisco.

Sacred Space is our way of expressing our love for life, health and happiness. You were born with a right to perfect health.

Often however we may have been given less then adequate support for accomplishing that.

Give yourself the healing you deserve. Not in some cramped quarters of an institution, stuck in a city. Come to nature to bring yourself to your most relaxed and natural state. Here you will find yourself; amongst the birds, the trees, and the tranquil sound of our mountain stream.
Anderson Springs
Anusha Amen-Ra

Anderson Springs , CA 95461
United States
Phone 800-914-6360

Sobulnow Natural Health at Golden Temple Yoga
At Sobulnow Natural Health we help our students and healing clients develop a natural, active, "live"style based on the ancient widom arts of Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism.

We offer Classes, Workshops, and Retreats focused on experiencing deep peace and meditation. We also offer Private Healing Sessions as well as Life Energy Revitalization Sessions. Our community activities include various meditaion groups that meet on Tues. evenings twice a month. To find out more please call Philip Sobul at 845-821-3699

Philip Loveless
223 Katonah Ave.
Katonah, NY 10536
United States
Phone 845-821-3699
Fax 203-791-3801

Adam Gainsburg is a practicing sound healer, professional astrologer and the founder of an integrally-informed body of work known as Soulsign. He continues to travel throughout the US and UK teaching classes and offering personal sessions on a remarkable variety of Soul-focused skills. www.Soulsign.com
Adam Gainsburg
PO Box 10517
Burke, VA 22009
United States
Phone 323.761.6449

Tahra Singh
Life Vision Empowerment

Tahra Singh’s Gong Meditation awakens an energy force beyond consciousness, rooted in the seed of each person’s life passion. This unique energy that comes through the Gong is a seamless spectrum of tones, a vehicle of sound, that carries you through your life's patterns to the present moment of empowerment.

Los Gatos
Tahra Singh
780 Dharma Ridge Road
Los Gatos, CA 95033
United States
Phone 831-234-5000
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