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Brain and Spinal Chord Disease Center
Alternative Practitioner assisting patients to reverse the symptoms of brain and spinal chord diseases.

BRAIN & SPINAL CHORD DISEASE CENTER works with such conditions as, but is not limited to, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), migraine headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, shingles, stroke, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, etc. I consider all these conditions to have a common cause and as such, the body, in its infinite wisdom and with the correct assistance, can repair itself.

BRAIN & SPINAL CHORD DISEASE CENTER does not claim to heal or cure anything. We make it possible for the body in its infinite wisdom to heal itself.

John Benson
11620 Old Hwy 76
Morganton, GA 30560-3438
United States
Phone 7063743050

Calm Centered Wellness
Bella offers superlative sessions and consultations of your choice. Allow yourself to experience and enjoy Bella's most helpful modalities for your happiness.

Thai Yoga Massage also called Assisted Yoga is Bella's specialty for relaxing with outstanding stretching techniques that you receive. Bella's gifted divine touch helps you stretch beyond what you may think possible enjoyably. You can also choose clothing optional techniques or 2 to 4 hands in Thai Yoga.

Additionally, Bella shares Tantra Yoga as a path of enlightenment. To do Tantra correctly, one must have an enlightened teacher they have been with for many years. Bella acknowledges the Hugging Saint Amma as her Supreme Teacher for 20+ years. All tantra sessions begin with a consultation.

Similar to maintaining your vehicle, Bella encourages you to regularly tune into being your best in body, mind and intellect. Schedule your session with Bella now at 732-865-3333.

Red Bank
Bella AgamaOm
210 Broad Street
Red Bank, NJ 07723
United States
Phone 732-865-3333

Chinese Energetic Healing
Healing does not have to take time. Chinese Energetic Healing is a healing system that is fast, easy and without side effects. You can achieve successful results in the relief of pain and chronic ailments, sometimes in just minutes. If you were told "you just have to learn to live with it", know that that statement does not have to be true for you. Let Chinese Energetic Healing help you feel better, faster with its gentle ways. Resolve health and emotional issues, financial and family/relationship problems easily. Sessions are in person, over the phone or done remotely. No physical contact is required. The energy is tranmsitted across time and space, and quickly and easily removes the blocks and dimensional influences that are causing your pain. Symptom relief is often immediate. It's the perfect healing system: it doesn't require time, your belief or participation in it or anything beyond your need and desire to get well. Try CEH - I can schedule a complimentary 30-minute session for you at your convenience. See what it's like to be free of that nagging pain, physical or emotional block and feel like you again.

This technique is equally effective for pets. I use it on my own geriatric cat. As a volunteer at Winslow Farms, a sanctuary for abused and neglected animals, in Norton, MA, I have done extensive work on many of the animals there. My most successful story from the farm is the story of Moses, a 17-year old goat. In June 2004, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and given only a short time to live. When I arrived at the farm that day, Moses was curled up in a corner of the barnyard, unable to move and with no appetite. I worked on him 3 or 4 different times on one day and when I left, he was up and around and eating again. I checked on him frequently over the summer and found his energy to be strong. I went back to the farm in October and was met at the gate by Debi, the owner. When I asked about Moses, she responded "Even the vet says it's a miracle!" It took me all day to track him down and when I did, he came right up to me, almost as if he recognized me. Then he leaned over and let me pat him. He had gained weight, his heart was strong and his lungs were doing well. I checked him all over, made some corrections for him and left him for the season. Almost a year later, he is still doing well.

Although I cannot keep Moses from passing on, I can keep him comfortable, I can keep him free from pain and I can extend his life as much as possible. Moses continues to do well.
Maureen Kelley

Natick, MA 01760
United States
Phone 508-655-2257

ChiroCranial Center -- Dr. Arn Strasser
SELF magazine named Dr. Arn Strasser one of the country's most curative chiropractors. The ChiroCranial Center in San Rafael, Marin County, California specializes in adult care of migraines, headaches and "slipped disc" and children's care of ear infections, neck and back pain, sports and school injuries. Dr. Strasser works with other health professionals in providing gentle cranial and chiropractic care for autism,seizure disorders, ADD/ADHD, irritability and other neurological disorders. Dr. Strasser has 20 years experience providing gentle, professional care in a supportive environment.
We are preferred insurance providers.
San Rafael
Arn Strasser
1018 E Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
United States
Phone 415-482-0500

Cottage of Compassionate Hands in Montford
The Cottage of Compassionate Hands in Montford is a special wellness center and spa devoted to health and healing.

* Relax, calm and nurture your whole self

* Nourish mind & body

* Improve flexibility and coordination

* Relieve stress-related symptoms and restore the mind- body balance

Call 828-255-7556 or email us for more information or to schedule a massage and/or spa treatment

Therapies offered at the Cottage:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Craniosacral
  • Facilitated Stretching
  • RUIT Repetitive Use Injury
  • Massage for TMJ
  • Energy Work
  • Chinese Cupping Therapy
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Ear Candling
  • Massage for Cancer/Breast Surgeries
  • Basic Lymphatic Drainage
  • Referrals for Cancer Support
  • Spa Treatments
  • On Site Chair Massage
  • Outcall Massage

  • Asheville
    Catherine Classen
    15 Zillicoa St
    Asheville, NC 28801
    United States
    Phone 828-255-7556 or 828-279-7007

    Dana Peterson, LCSW
    Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A body centered approach to psychotherapy using breath, imagery, meditation and body/mind techniques.Techniques used: centering meditation, body scanning, client centered dialogue, guided inner journey work, simple yoga postures supported by the practitioner &/or props, and integration of the somatic experience into your daily life.

    EMDR: (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing): Bilateral stimulation

    Cognitive Therapy

    Spiritual approach

    Bowen Family Systems approach

    See website for more details: www.dana-yogatherapy.com
    Dana Peterson
    Pennington area
    Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
    United States
    Phone 609 896 2031

    David F. Cuccia, D.C.
    Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

    Upper Cervical Specific and Full Spine Techniques

    M3D™(Multi-Directional Disc Decompression) utilizing

    EXTENTRAC® ELITE for Low Back Pain,

    Sciatica and Disc Herniation

    David F. Cuccia, D.C.
    227 Jackson Ave.
    Syosset, NY 11791
    United States
    Phone 516-364-1717
    Fax 516-364-1998

    David M. Frederick RN, CMT
    Myofascial Release treats the whole person releasing the cause of problems not just your symptoms.

    Myofascial Release is a hands on therapy. Gently stretching and pressures create the internal environment that allows the fascia to soften and return to its normal size, shape, consistency, and function.

    We are a honeycomb of fascial tissue from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. The fascia is the "stuff" that holds us together. The membrane under the skin of a chicken breast is a crude example of the fascia. The fascial tissue holds and supports all of our organs and muscles.

    Any form of trauma or injury can cause a restriction in the fascia. In response to trauma, the muscles spasm and fascia shortens causing myofascial restrictions. These restriction may adhere to nerves (causing pain), to bones (causing structural and postural mal-alignment), or to organs (causing dysfunction).

    For more information please see my website at davefrederick.com
    Port Huron
    David Frederick

    Port Huron, MI
    United States
    Phone 810.987.9544

    Daybreak Health Systems
    Chair massage in your office.

    Daybreak provides chair massage to corporate offices. the massage is a Japanese acupressure massage technique, Amma, which is about 1,300 years old.

    Therapeutic table massage is available at our Erin Drive location.

    Deep tissue and acupressure techniques are combined in one hour sessions.

    Online scheduling available.
    Steve Citty
    318 Erin Drive
    Knoxville, TN 37919
    United States
    Phone 865-212-4800

    Dr. Anthony Calzaretto
    Dr. Anthony Calzaretto graduated from New York College of Chiropractic located in Seneca Falls NY, in December of 1991. Dr. Calzaretto specializes in family care, sports injuries, work and auto related accidents. He is an active members of the American Chiropractic Association, The New Jersey Chiropractic Society along with other professional and community organizations.
    Cherry Hill
    Dr. Anthony Calzaretto
    401 Cooper Landing Rd. Ste C-17
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
    United States
    Phone 856-667-0505
    Fax 856-667-8083

    Dr. Dan Schultz
    Greater Lansing Chiropractic Clinic’s award winning chiropractic team, delivering gentle, specific adjustments from chiropractor Dan Schultz. Fifteen years of experience in caring for the Greater Lansing public. Find out for yourself how truly amazing your body is; we facilitate healing by relieving the obstacles that hinder it from self-healing and self-cleansing. This is the single-most powerful paradigm in which to restore health and vitality.
    Dan Schultz
    15694 S US 27
    Lansing, MI 48904
    United States
    Phone 517 267-9888

    Dr. Elizabeth Guimont, Chiropractic Physician
    www.thechirostore.com carries vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies, braces, pillows, aromatherapy and essential oils. Get the free report on NATURAL FLU AND COLD REMEDIES and another report on MAKING YOUR OWN NATURAL MOISTURIZER.

    Elizabeth Guimont
    6284 NE Brighton St.
    Hillsboro, OR 97124
    United States
    Phone 503/640-8032
    Fax 503/640-6901

    Dr. Mary
    Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)is a safe, effective, elegant, and natural way to resolve long-standing health or personal problems with an emotional component....and don't they all? Using NET,find those stuck, negatively charged emotions stored in your body and release them. It's fast. It's fun...and it can dramatically improve your health and success.

    St. Petersburg
    Mary Lowther
    160 Ricardo Way NE
    St. Petersburg, FL 33704
    United States
    Phone (727) 823-5331

    Dr. Rugani
    Our goal at Rugani Family Chiropractic is to help our patients attain true health by using holistic, non-invasive therapeutic approaches. By holistic, we’re referring to treating the body as a whole, through nutritional and wellness programs. We have a relaxed, warm, friendly atmosphere which is designed to accommodate our patients' individual needs. We develop individual treatment plans based on each person’s health care needs and provide ongoing support to patients as they encounter life changes.
    Clifton Park
    Silvio T. Rugani
    1733 Route 9, D&G Village
    Clifton Park, NY 12065
    United States

    Dr. Thomas Cristello, Chiropractor
    Dr. Cristello takes his time with each patient, in order to administer a thorough treatment and to give his patients the attention they need. Dr. Cristello supports his patients in their desire to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. His specialization is in getting to the cause of the problem and not just getting rid of pain. He helps patients to achieve their goals and live a healthier, happier life. Dr. Cristello is committed to his patients’ full well being.
    New York
    Dr. Thomas Cristello
    928 Broadway, Suite 304
    New York, NY 10010
    United States
    Phone 212-375-9802
    Fax 212-375-9931

    Edith D. Johnston PhD LPC
    Services Provided to meet the needs of clients dealing with chronic illness, chronic pain, and disability in their everyday lives. Client's needs are met through individual, couples, families, and group processes. Services are based on empowerment of the individual with the "How To" in life, embracing the integration of the individual's body, mind and spirit within a social environment.

    Techniques include: Flower Essences, Jin Shin Acupressure, Self-empowering classes, workshops and individual sessions.
    Edith Johnston
    107 W 11th St Suite 6
    Delta, CO 81416
    United States
    Phone 970-216-5753
    Fax 874-4193

    Eldridge Family Chiropractic
    "Adjusting the quality of your life."

    Eldridge Family Chiropractic wants you help you heal yourself from the inside out. Only you can access your healing potential. We can help you make the connection through proper spinal alignments, allowing clear information transportation within your body.

    Feel run down? Lost the passion for life you had when you were young? Sick often? Chiropractic could be the missing piece in your life and health. Modern and gentle chiropractic techniques are used to help you get everything out of life you were meant to. Chiropractic is about more than bad necks and bad backs. It's a complete science, art, and vitalistic philosophy.

    Services we offer also include adjustments during pregnancy, at birth and immediately after birth for both baby and mom. Working with our midwife partner, homebirths and delivery alternatives can be explored. Chiropractic adjustment services are available for adults, children and animals.
    Johnson City
    Brad Eldridge
    908 E. Watauga Ave.
    Johnson City, TN 37601
    United States
    Phone 423-232-9600

    Excellence In Touch, Inc.
    I use Reiki, Massage and Integrated Energy Therapy to design a session that will be a healing experience for you. I am happy to spend time discussing back care or recommending stretches. Try Hot Stone Massage or experience the Raindrop Technique for the ultimate in relaxation. Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring, all natural hair removal. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and offer training in all Levels Usui and Karuna Reiki. Chair Massage and Outcalls and Gift Certificates available.
    Kathy Casey
    2525 Wallingwood Drive #702A
    Austin, TX 78746
    United States
    Phone 512-415-9691
    Fax 288-3403

    Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(R)
    A Feldenkrais(R) Practioner helps people to overcome pain, discomfort, and difficulties in coordination by gently introducing new movements into the system. The work is hands-on, non-intrusive, and is done slowly and gently. Except for shoes, the client remains fully clothed at all times.
    Adam Cole

    Atlanta, GA 30315
    United States
    Phone 404-627-7308

    Hot Body Yoga
    Hot yoga is recommended for everyone, from first day beginners to advanced students. The magic of these classes is that everyone is practicing the same posture at different levels of ability and there is an exact position for everyone at every level, which we will help you find. The yoga asanas are designed to offer physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

    The room is intentionally heated. It is heated to warm and lengthen your muscles, prevent injuries and allow for a deeper release in your body. Perspiring will also help flush toxins and poisons from your body and cleanse your systems.

    Hot Flow is a 90 minute class in a room that is intentionally heated. systems. This class combines vinyasa (flow) with long holds and lengthening, bringing focus to breath, core and hips. The magic of this class is that everyone is practicing the same postures at different levels of ability.

    In the vinyasa and hot flow classes, students will experience the flowing breath and synchronized movement and the principles of alignment. Beginning students will be able to develop a strong practice while more advanced students will enhance their existing practice.

    VINYASA/POWER yoga is a challenging flowing form of yoga that heals, detoxifies and electrifies the body and mind. Emphasis is placed on flowing movement coordinated with breath. Be prepared for more upper body work with sun salutations.

    HOT MUSIC is a hot yoga class practiced with music. There is minimal instruction in this class so students may wish to attend a few Hot Flow classes prior to attending this class.

    IYENGAR yoga focuses on the dynamics of alignment. Enjoy building strength in your body with each practice. This level one class will build a foundation from which you can confidently move into any yoga style. The room is NOT heated for this class.

    San Antonio
    Kathleen Curry
    Terrell Plaza, 1201 Austin Hwy, Ste. 113
    San Antonio, TX 78209
    United States
    Phone 210-829-0088
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