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marian simon, MA
Shamanic practitioner and counselor specializing in spiritual healing and development since 1994. From my experience, whatever issues you may have can be healed on a spiritual level. Shamanic healing for soul retrieval, emotional or physical trauma, depression. Resolve issues from the past. Spiritual advice for divination questions and long distance healing. Remove curses,heal localized pain, connect with spirit guides and ancestors. Learn the shamanic journey method. Clearing for home, office or property of earthbound spirits or negative past. Blessing ceremonies for home or newborn children. Personal, spiritual development.

Membership with Foundation for shamanic Studies, Society of Shamanic Practitioners, Shamanic practitioners list, Sandra Ingerman.

May your soul be guided and your heart content with spiritual light.
marian simon
3050 james howe rd.
dallas, OR 97338
United States
Phone 503-302-6617

Maya Vajra, L.Ac.
Gentle, professional acupuncture services (including cupping, moxibustion and other traditional elements of TCM treatment). Specializing in the treatment of pain, digestive disorders and personal transition.

I also work with flower essences and have additional certification in acupuncture detoxification with an ever-expanding medicinal pallet.

Curiosity is most welcome.

Feel free to call or write: VajraAcupuncture@aol.com

& check out the website: VajraAcupuncture.com
Maya Vajra, L.Ac.
2366 Eastlake Ave E, #239
Seattle, WA 98102
United States
Phone (206) 300-1530

New Jersey Division of Light Workers
Lorraine Henrich represents the New Jersey Division of Lightworkers,a group of like minded individuals dedicated to education, service, and empowerment offering energy work and classes in the Mystery School tradition. Energy work includes, DNA activation, emotional cord cutting,channeling,chakra alignment, house blessings, and much more. Classes include Meditation, Alchemy, Kabbalah, Astral Travel, Sacred Geometry, Stress management, Channeling and more. We also travel throughout New Jersey and the US sharing our teachings and empowerment with all those who wish to achieve their soul purpose.
Lorraine Henrich

Hampton, NJ 08827
United States
Phone 908 537 7597

Quantum Play Transformations
QuantumPlay can be best described as a non-technique and non-system of healing. To wrap parameters around something is to limit it. This is about allowing each being to tap into their Divine intelligence and choose the best possible outcome.

It is also shift in the way a session is perceived. Clients are viewed as an intelligent organization of light and information; as beings. It is this shift in viewpoint that allows me to work on the entire being, rather than feel the need to "fix" subset of symptoms and conditions.

Physical matter has been described as "waves of possibilities" by many scientists. Scientists posture it is consciousness that collapses these possibility waves into actuality. I will ask open-ended questions to bring forth the greatest possibility the "being" is ready to accept to bring about powerful transformations.

Both Science and spirituality have taught us that to focus on a particular issue will only give it more energy thereby re-enforcing the condition.

Because all beings are a different organization of light and information, there really is no such thing as a typical session. Many report entering an "altered state". Altered states are typically necessary to access any subconscious belief patterns and to facilitate amazing transformations.
JoAnn Clinton

Buckeye, AZ 85396
United States

Society of Applied Hypnosis
The Society of Applied Hypnosis is a certification and education organization for modern, professional hypnotists. The trainings and seminars we approve teach practial and effective techniques, and only by proving your skills can a hypnotist be certified. We offer introductory, advanced, specialized and trainer training.
Jeffrey Richards

Columbus, OH 43232
United States

Soul Source Yoga
Svaroopa® Yoga uses hatha yoga poses, teaches students to release the spine stimulating healing in the entire body/mind and opens/strengthens pathways to awareness of the deeper dimension of being; the true meaning of the practice (of yoga) in mind/body/spirit. Restorative/blissful/meditative.

Swarthmore, PA; Wallingford, PA; Rose Valley, PA; Media, PA; Springfield, PA; Morton, PA
Clair Oaks
404 Vassar Avenue
Swarthmore, PA 19081
United States
Phone 610-690-3620

SoulConnection is dedicated to a holistic view of life that recognizes individuals as networks of energy and information, integrating body, mind and spirit. SoulConnection offers coaching to assist you with integrating Life Balance Methodologies(LBM)in your life that will assist you with connecting and staying connected to your soul. SoulConnection uses meditation, yoga, aromatherapy oils, Bach Flower Essences and gems in our coaching practice. We have also created programs using art to help individuals connect. Please visit soulconnection.org for more information.
Washington DC
Deborah Pearsall

Washington DC, DC 20013-2458
United States
Phone 202-439-7581

Southern Dharma Retreat Center
Southern Dharma Retreat Center is a 501 C (3) educational facility, welcoming a variety of spiritual paths, whose purpose is to offer meditation retreats.
Hot Springs
Dagmar Nickerson
1661 West Rd
Hot Springs, NC 28743
United States
Phone 828-622-7112
Fax 828-622-7112

The Phoenix Institute of Feng Shui
The Phoenix Institute of Feng Shui is dedicated to the following goals:

First of all, to educate the residents of Arizona and the Southwest in:

(1) Classical Feng Shui

(2) Four Pillars Astrology

(3) the I Ching

(4) Bau-Biology (Healthy Homes) and Ecology

Secondly, we are interested in the development of Feng Shui instructors and Feng Shui consultants who, through proper study and training, are qualified to teach and complete consultations in the science and art of Feng Shui.

Mark Singer
4747 E. Elliot Road, #29-446
Phoenix, AZ 85044
United States
Phone 888 804 6888
Fax 480 496 5936

Universal Force Healing Center
Divine Spiritual Wisdom at taught by Joseph Michael Levry

“We acquire knowledge of the higher worlds via that

spiritual body. These higher worlds of soul and spirit,

are just as real as the world we see with our physical eyes

and touch with our physical hands. However, one can

only receive guidance as to how to go about awakening

the advanced powers of spiritual perception by those who

already possess these gifts. The method of safe awakening

within the soul is exact, and can be found in our sacred

science. Moreover, those who have been initiated into

the nature of the divine spiritual wisdom know that only

those who have been experientially exposed to it can truly

gain understanding. You must live the truth to experience

it as your personal truth. Spiritual wisdom is not something

acquired through casual spiritual window shopping.

Rather, the divine spiritual wisdom will find you under

all circumstances if you provide the universe with proof

of your earnest and worthy desire to attain this higher

knowledge in order to heal yourself, uplift others, and serve

humankind.” – Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)


“Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I make changes

gracefully in my life? Why do the same issues keep coming up?”

The fact is that there are immutable Universal Laws which order

and regulate all aspects of our lives. This includes our karmic

patterns, our identity, career choices, health issues, unconscious

behavior patterns, relationship issues, hobbies, idiosyncratic

likes and dislikes, and even our fulfillment. These fundamental,

yet all-encompassing laws can be learned and worked with in

order to raise your consciousness. When mastered, the Laws of

Nature can assist us to overcome any challenge in life. Through

this science, one can learn how to create prosperity, beautiful

relationships, health and fulfillment. Taking actions without

understanding which way the immutable forces of nature are

going is like getting behind the wheel of your life completely

blind. When you cannot see the unseen, getting into an accident

is inevitable. The Divine Spiritual Wisdom teaches you how

to see the unseen. It teaches you who to work with, when to

act, when not to act, where to do it, and the motive to apply to

the situation, so that you know before you begin that you will

achieve your goals! Our science makes the unseen visible, the

unheard audible, and the unknown able to be perceived.



Our work contains a real science; it is founded on pure and

genuine truth. This golden path is for those who want to achieve

self healing, serve others, and contribute to a positive evolution

of humankind. The practice of our divine spiritual wisdom

is the fulfillment of the divine union with the children of

man. The divine spiritual wisdom which flows from Universal

Kabbalah is of a nature which can improve one’s life, restore

one’s health, solve the many problems of one’s existence, and

lead one to happiness; that is why it is authentic.

Those who work with our divine spiritual wisdom are

linked to the invisible community of light, which has a school

in the higher world in which the spirit of wisdom itself teaches

those who thirst for light. In this school all the secrets of God

and nature are kept for the elect of light. Perfect knowledge of

God, perfect knowledge of nature, and perfect knowledge of

man are the knowledge of instruction of this school—from it

comes all truth in the world.

New York
Chris Merrill
7 W. 24th St
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone 646-240-4221

Vancouver Island Healing Arts Network
The VIHAN consists of mainstream and complementary (alternative) health care providers who meets once per month per location to share skills, knowledge, and resources in a professional and friendly atmosphers. The VIHAN helps health practitioners market their products and services through our network meetings, our website, and through several marketing initiatives.

The VIHAN also serves the public by helping them locate health services which may be of interest to them. It is also a vehicle for addressing local and global health care issues.
Jennifer Bird
1950 Robb Avenue
Phone 250-339-3334
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